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Ex-Biden adviser says Americans should have sacrificed more during pandemic

Reason’s Robby Soave reacts to Andy Slavitt’s comments on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FoxBusiness #EveningEdit

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  1. Really tell me what more. Tell me what did you sacrifice I bet none

  2. We are currently sharpening our guillotines…..

  3. He has no gd clue what the people sacrificed. What an ignorant man.

  4. Who is this Andy fool ,he probably did not loose his job ,and by looking at his face he is not married ,his date to the prom was a blow up doll ,give up more ,how about if I give up more of my lunch all over your flip flops you clown ,who do you think you are telling us we should have given up more ,tell that to the people that lost a family member to the China flu ,I bought your book 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴I'm using it for toilet paper since in short supply ,your books in the book stores are also in the restrooms and for door stops and for starting bar b qued on Fridays when hard working Americans can unwind .I'm putting some of the pages in my bird cage and some in my cats litter box ,and some I use to swat mosquitoes ,you know them pesky relatives of yours ye ha

  5. My nephew committed suicide during the pandemic he lived in California and was forced to stay home by the rediculas rules placed on them. While the governor parties with friends at high priced restaurant. But it's no surprise to see this crap come from a biden deusghbag lacky. Who didn't have to sacrifice anything. On behalf of my nephew's wife and children I think they sacrificed more than enough.

  6. Don't ever let the government scare you and take away your constitutional rights and fight the communist government in America

  7. America should have attacked China for their act of war with biological warfare

  8. And the gov should proscute all that didn't fallow
    The lock down why

  9. Nobody voted for Biden , don’t you think that’s enough sacrifice? America has turned into a third world country, no police protection and criminals coming over the border. That’s a sacrifice!

  10. It should be obvious to every American co-vid was intentional

  11. Funny, in Florida we wore our mask and worked through the pandemic…Now our economy is still strong despite Biden/Harris… Our housing market is strong, and people are working… True Americans do not need handouts, we work, we are a strong people… We survive and move on…

  12. Just to be clear…. Americans were NOT asked to sacrifice or "give up" things, they weren't asked to wear masks or even socially distance themselves. They were TOLD to, it ALL was demanded of the American people. All on the heels of confusing messages. Wear masks, don't wear masks. 3 feet apart, 6 feet apart, absolute chaos as it was clear that those "in charge (Dr. Fauci and orhers)" were just winging it. But steadfast that they NEEDED to keep the fear alive. But the American people had had it, and were done. So now they have NO CHOICE than to open back up. We chose to open back up, period!!!

  13. And what did that Jerk sacrifice

  14. What a disgusting statement, you know he didn't sacrifice anything, who do these weirdos think they are!

  15. I know what American's are going to do now , you have created a rebellious culture, government's/ media has become the citizens Pinocchio, fairy 🧚‍♀️ tale , nothing can be believed

  16. Is that Lester Holt's sister?

  17. Worse than that, the American people worked for every single dime. And the world is standing around waiting for the Americans to hand over our money and provide them with comfort. I want to feel compassion but it's getting old. Every adult in the world should be responsible for their lives. If you ask yourself, can I support a child. If you cannot afford to feed, clothe, house, educate or give them the life they didn't ask for, you should not have a child. Just being responsible would solve most of the worlds poverty. Too many people have children and expect the rest of the world to support them.

  18. We sacrificed enough screw politicians

  19. What an out of touch comment

  20. He probably meant that REPUBLICANS coulda done.

    REPUBLICANS & Their leader

    Mr. LOSER FRAUD TRUMP did everything to not follow the CRITICAL request of Scientist, Health Departments & Medical Professionals from Day1.
    Instead of protesting Governor's to open states and NOT wearing masks.

    The X PRESIDENT not telling people the seriousness of the virus that we later heard on taped interview of.
    The X PRESIDENT never wearing a mask & making fun of people who did instilling in his constituents not to wear one at every event he held.

    This Pandemic was made Political and because of that
    600,000 AMERICANS DIED!

    So stop acting all HEROIC that you did everything possible.

    Had you done your part we would have been out of this faster, things wouldn't have gotten so pretentious, we wouldn't have been pitted against each other & as AMERICANS we woulda got thru this as ONE UNITED PEOPLE AGAINST A VIRUS!

    REPUBLICANS are still not doing their part by not getting Vaccinations to stop New Variants from coming!


  21. Hmmm….. Just how much more could we have sacrificed? Give me a break. How many politicians and others were caught breaking the COVID rules? Were they sacrificing all they could?

  22. I work in a health field. I couldn't understand why they were saying you couldn't go outside in groups. If i was to speak to you i would have to be exactly in your face for you to get my virus. We are outside not inside. Being inside the air is contained in one area. Outside you couldn't keep anything like a virus contained to someone unless it would be in there faces. I knew it didn't make sense

  23. This is war…..wake up and smell the treason .

  24. I had a brother who was very ill, and the last 2 times I got to see him I kept my distance. I wish I hadn't. He died without the hugs, or kisses on the forehead. I wish I had known he was going to die the next day or two after the last visit. I would have broken that distancing rule. 🙄😒😥😢😭

  25. It's easy for politicians to tell others to sacrifice when they wouldn't think of doing it themselves. People sacrificed enough since they lost their jobs, some their homes and in many states their freedoms. This video speaks truth.

  26. remineded me of 1933 war soon after run by SWINE stock market crash soon

  27. 616,150 deaths 34,365,985 covid cases, 400 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after his WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  28. The US is heading down lthe trajectory like the Romans fell off the cliff. Country and economy went kaput because of stupid leaders and free loaders lazy and horny…

  29. 600,000 people died and the country was destroyed and children suffered thanks to you demons from the depths of hell.

  30. He's right!! We should have sacrificed him!!

  31. "Many of you will die, but that's a risk I'm willing to take".
    – Lord Farquad

  32. What an insulting agenda 21ist

  33. We already sacrificed enough allowing him to be in office when he didn’t win.

  34. This made me actually MAD! I would have squared up with him. Maybe made some more sacrifices. 🤔

  35. Another tyrant talking trash about what they think is best when they know the rules will not apply to them.

  36. Bet this jerk didn't miss one paycheck.

  37. What 4ge hell did Pelosi Schummer and Biden give up
    Damm that guy is stupid

  38. The entire pandemic was wrong and weird

  39. Biden is so white ,his is blinding to the eyes and should have 2 black eyes under his glasses

  40. Democrats should be accountable for deaths lawlessness freed inmates that are dangerous

  41. Democrats were losing a Fake "impeachment". Poof… Along comes The Chinese Bio Weapon to save them. Such Convenient timing. Almost like it was planned. Glad it worked out for the democrats. Because they would have bought something from Iran if the bio weapon failed to do what they wanted it to. Something far worse. That Obama helped them get.

  42. Yeah. Just like the Mayans used to do.

  43. Yup, that fool DEF had something to do with creepy uncle joe

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