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Ex-Juul executive sues over allegedly contaminated pods l ABC New

Siddharth Breja is accusing the e-cigarette company of knowingly shipping out 1 million contaminated pods earlier this year without telling customers.

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  1. Currently juuling while watching this

  2. big tobacco bought juul because it was the industries leading company and they did exactly what they intended to do which is run the company to the ground and be the front runner of the "youth vaping epidemic" to eliminate the vaping industry. If vaping was harmful why would Canada and United kingdom publicly announce to their citizens vaping is safer then smoking. U.S is a buisness and big tobacco their top seller is lacking in sales.

  3. I smoke nothing but the mint flavored juul pods and I have for a long time has not negatively affected me at all.
    Except for the fact that I'm now addicted to the nicotine in the pods😂

  4. Looks like big tobacco companys are pretty pissed about juul taking all their customers. That's really what it is. All the younger kids are using juuls now and lots of people have quit smoking and turned to either juuls or some other electric nicotine device.

    What I want to know is:
    what is the juul liquid allegedly contaminated with?

  5. Fuck juul. I vape, but I'd never buy from that big tobacco company. I buy from legit vape shops, and legit vape shops dont carry juuls.

  6. Notice how the compuny put 10 mounths of working there like hes a newbie that dont know there produtions

  7. Juul is like the tobacco industry that withheld the dangers of cigarettes until after the fact.

  8. So the CEO, the WHITE man, "fired" the Indian man because he didn't want the truth to be out that the pods are contaminated with toxins?

    Sounds about white.

  9. 69 : Your Honer, I know what the contamination is

  10. Sounds like more garbage IMO

    According to the court documents, Breja spoke out in an executive team meeting in early February against the company's intentions to resell "expired or nearly expired pods." He also claims he suggested that the company include an expiration or "best by" date on the packaging, or at least a date of manufacture.

    "Contaminated pods", now they're just "old" pods.

    It's not food for christ sake.

    edit: Here's the important takeaway

    While the cause of vaping injuries hasn't been determined, and no single product has been linked to the lung injuries or deaths, the majority of people affected vaped products containing THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Nicotine has not been eliminated as a possible culprit in the outbreak, because some of those sickened reported using only nicotine devices.

    Conspiracy theory time: Juul sees the market potential of their product, and they want that 35% stake back at a much cheaper price. Run the hit job articles!

  11. You mean the former executive is being paid to lie to help destroy juul.

  12. Juul is a fu**ing joke!!! My step daughter came home last year for a visit she saw that her dad had a juul. He asked her how she even knew what a juul was. She went on to say that people that worked for juul were are her school and talking too the kids about juul. "They didn't want students to start smoking juul but if they were smokers already then juul was the way to go. When I heard that they were at the junior high talking too students about there product they obviously went after the youth market.

  13. 1:11
    So you have to make a complaint when getting fired for a complaint?
    Good business ethics.

  14. What are they contaminated with?

  15. I believe this, you can tell if the pod is longer then a year old When the E-liquid is dark. This can also make side affects worse. I gave up this crap after I lost it and it’s Ben the best thing I can do. I can breath better, no longer wheezing, I eat better. This stuff is poison and worse then cigarettes

  16. Hahaha… Stick a pod between them teef

  17. C.E.O. Kevin Burns ~" Half our customers are drunk and vaping like hell, who the fuck is going to notice the quality of our pods."

  18. Money grab nothing more

  19. At the end of the day giant corp rich people need to be in prison immediately instead of
    Killing millions. Big companies are literally worse than hitler when u combine them.

  20. Who ever juuls is a bitch in the first place 😂

  21. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 f JUUL will never buy now shame on them

  22. Glycerin, flavoring, Nicotine, what else could they have added to Contaminate it ?

  23. Juul is shipping this shit out when they are drunk and vaping. Who gives a fuck about the quality of their profits? Bahahhaha. Paybacks a bitch.

  24. Well… I definitely use the Virginia tobacco flavor…. I went from smoking just over a pack of cigs a day to 1 cigarette a day… I still think it’s better than cigarettes… for me

  25. but imagine that all this shit is made up and they're arguing over all this made-up shit and you all are consuming this made-up crap in your body for nothing literally for nothing absolutely nothing it's the same as coffee you physically do not need anything that is in a cigarette a juul pod or a vape pen none of it helps you in any way you idiots also I quit smoking 3 years ago so I used to be an idiot as well 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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