Thursday , December 2 2021
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Ex-Walmart CEO: Biden supply chain is a ‘mess from start to finish’

Former Walmart president and CEO Bill Simon argues Biden should start by focusing on alleviating the labor shortage. #FOXBusiness

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  2. Watch the stock market carefully

  3. Could be great depression coming

  4. If we can fix American Schools we can fix this site

  5. Sounds like a global economic crash

  6. This should not be about the Holiday Season, This Is About Biden's Evil Blunders And Also Newsom's, this is about inhumane treatment they are doing and Biden Needs To Be Stopped And Pushed Out And Newsom, It's The California Ports period and the 5(AB5) law put in while these ships have been out there for more than a Month, Biden Knew Exactly what He Was Doing, Gotta Go Now!

  7. Do not have labor…. people filed unemployment and vaccine mandates.

  8. Paying people to stay home, and you want stuff on the shelf ? 🤔🤡

  9. Good great perfect it’s only china counterfeit garbage on those ships send them back ASAP!

    How many of the 80 million idiots want to take their vote back now!

  10. He's complaining that poor people are getting money. No complaints about billionaire bailouts.

  11. Everything trump did …these dumb ignorant democrats are doing the opposite…no border…shitty economy…inflation

  12. After 4yrs of trading partners destruction by the stable genius no wonder we are left with a mess that needs to be fixed President Biden is the only man that can fix it back up.

  13. The answer is: drum roll……… Put the military on the ports to unload. Problem solved… But noooo put the military to jab all oh yes that is possible . But not to unload at ports let that sink in. … Smfh…

  14. Yeah…manufacture everything from toilet paper to race car in one country- China! Diversify the manufacturing locations.

  15. There’s no shortage of truck drivers. california banned owner operator truckers from operating in their “state” They struck a deal with trucking corporations and unions to squeeze out the honest hardworking taxpaying American citizens who own their own trucks

  16. I keep saying that Biden has to go impeach and Harris Pelosi

  17. Take away the money from people, then have no money for business, then have no money for new product and hiring.we need a huge cash flow surge now if not it's recession time.

  18. Why didn’t these managers on the docks start working 24/7 and weekends. Millions are unemployed, so hire more drivers . Stupid man made mess. The stores just raise the prices and hire less people and still make more money. Just like the oil companies

  19. What exactly is the Biden administration actually doing specifically to negatively impact supply chains??

  20. Congress with just outlaw Christmas.

  21. Labor shortages? Hmmm! Lock everyone up , print free money, shut small business's down, fire people who have been working because of mandates…….did I forget anything?

  22. Labor shortage will be greatly helped when unemployment benefits aren’t so incentivizing.

  23. I miss45, he’s an economic master! save america!

  24. All part of the big plan to wreck america.

  25. Stop firing people for not getting jabbed!!!😠

  26. Just in time is not going to cut it now.

  27. The Biden regime is beholden to the People's Republic of China.

    Let's go Brandon!!!

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