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Ex-White House aide testifies in impeachment inquiry l ABC News

President Trump’s former Russia adviser Fiona Hill told congressional investigators that Rudy Giuliani and his allies in the administration went around the usual foreign policy channels.
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  1. Is this footage from a shooting range in Kentucky?

  2. The facts are as follows: The Dems are doing the Impeachment thing to get out ahead of the FBI/DOJ/Prosecutor/IG Reports and Indictments coming soon because:

    -. The Barry Administration, Intell/DOJ/FBI/DNC/Hillary meddled in the 2016 election

    -. They abused FISA warrants

    -. They spied on the Trump campaign and Administration

    -. They conspired with foreign countries to help them perpetrate the effort to overthrow Trump from the time he was elected.

    -. Many from the Barry holdover FBI/DOJ have been fired and/or were forced to resign.

    -. McCabe was referred for Indictment.

    -. Report on Comey was very damaging.

    – What they've accused this President of doing are the very things they've done themselves.

    -. Pay attention, much more is coming soon.

  3. They decided not to proceed with impeachment because Giuliani is exposing the Briben's and calling them out.They know that by law President Trump was required to investigate Joe Briben and Hunted Briben for extortion and bribery on Ukraine. Creepy Joe has his own video where he admits to it, and even brags about having the prosecutor in Ukraine fired for investigating his cocaine head son Hunted Briben. Hunted Briben resigned in China as middle man for Creepy Joe, but hasn't let go of his 10% interest in the Chinese Company, as greed is still a horrible addiction as well. Their investigator Mueller admits no collusion as the investigation into the Briben's involving Ukraine is required by law. The democrats, Creepy Joe Briben, Pocahontas, Walking Dead Heart Attack taxer Bernie, Buttigag, Beto Dirt Eater and Green Poop Trickster, just don't have their crap together, and don't know crap from apple-butter. What a banded fool crew of misfits democrats have to choose from as if they are having an apple bobbing contest is in a commode, but it isn't actually apples they are trying to choose from.

  4. Testifying to what exactly …she wasn't working at the WH when the call occurred. She stopped working there days before the call. This is a Schiff fishing trip, squeezing her girl any juicy tit bits on anything at all. She can't testify on the call, she wasn't there.

  5. so what you going to do about that trump!

  6. This entire administration makes Nixon and his crew look like choir boys. Congrats Trump. You actually redeemed one of the worst scandals of the twentieth century. I think you've even made Clinton (that's Bill) look good because that whole Lewinsky thing? Pales in comparison to pressuring a foreign government to dig up dirt on your opponent's son.

  7. There is trust ONLY in truth.. dictators and manipulation is so easy for the NEWS MEDIA because all they have to do is set you up for what they want you to here. WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE TO HEAR THE TRUTH HOLDING EVERYONE IN THE MEDIA 100% ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVERY WORD THEY SAY ..

  8. Fiona Hill is married to a Deep State high level British spy, Charles Farr. This is all important is considering that the Intel Community is the driving force to outs Trump as a duly-elected president.

  9. Now the truth is unclear. Swamp mud everywhere.

  10. Yupp…When people start facing prison time, everybody start pointing fingers!😂

  11. These idiots have no imagination, no self-awareness, and they are so exhausted by their own bullshit, so demoralized by loss after loss after loss, they can’t even come up with some fresh ideas or a new way to scream THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN ON THE ORANGE BAD MAN!

  12. Nobody believes a leftwing democrat. Is Obamacare affordable? Nancy wants to Tax the American worker but she says it in a way that only very smart people can understand. Democrats are blackmailing Mexico and Canada.

  13. Vote for impeachment or shut the hell up

  14. Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, chaired by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), are using the same tacit they used in 2017 to silence then-chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) with a phony ethics investigation. They are having witnesses testify in deposition, rather than in public or by transcription, which invokes ethics rules that prevent members from sharing any details publicly. Democrats then leak selective bits of testimony — and any Republicans who dare respond risk an ethics investigation that will silence them and damage them politically.

  15. "I'm gonna drain the swamp!" 🤣

  16. Are these "former" officials revenging? No wonder they came out to lie against the President.

  17. All the rats are going against tRUMP. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  18. Pelosi states that there is evidence to impeach, she has the majority so how come she won’t vote to a formal hearing? Because the evidence is a lie, Shiff is a liar and if she holds no vote the other side is kept in the dark while they fabricate what they need to impeach

  19. Republican Party patriotism ends with President Ronald Reagan's term. Like Trump, all they care is their personal interest.

  20. No other administration in history has hired & Fired as many cabinet/staffers as this POTUS. As soon as they DONT do his dirty work or exactly what he wants, their ‘traitors’. He’s incompetent everyone knows it but too embarrassed to admit it. Stop drinking the Peach Kool-Aid people!


  22. John Bolton is one funny looking guy. Then again so is Donald, Rudy, McConnel, Sarah Huckabee, Conway. Plenty of others on the Republican side that look like comic-book goons.


  24. Lies lies lies! Unbelievable!

  25. Ghouliani the walking Walking Dead

  26. I honestly think these foreign countries involved must have detail knowledge of Joe Biden well before Trump was elected president of the USA. Everything flare out into the open after leadership changed.Joe Biden is absolute silence. At least he can speak up for himself.

  27. Dirty tricks gets don kicked out of whitehouse

  28. So thats it !! Bolton is all mad that he got fired

  29. abc another fake news channel…….

  30. Only the dumbest crooks, liars and traitors need apply to be a trumpturd.

  31. so the woman who has extensive connections with the Hillary Clinton clan is testifying for the Democrats??.. hmmm that doesn't say much… does it?.. bout her intentions??? ya there's absolutely zero people in Washington that have any integrity… on both sides… and all u sheep continue to follow every word that the "news media" gives u as gold… wake up u blind sheep… or don't… idiot's…

  32. Fiona Hill looks like a man. Not joking. Actually think it's "transitioned".

  33. Giuliani's drinking heavily and it's not because he's celebrating

  34. Tired of the bullshit of the continuing coup headed up by the Clinton Crime Cartel and the corrupt communists like Brennan. shut it all down . #phuckthedemocrats

  35. Impeachment is a coup by the Dems. Ring leaders Schiff, and Pelosi. They are treasonous and need to be put in jail.with Biden, and Hunter. ABC news is fake news just as CNN. https://en-volve.com/2019/10/14/watch-project-veritas-delivers-drops-the-damning-video-cnn-doesnt-want-you-to-see/

  36. “I am not part of whatever drug deal Rudy and Mulvaney are cooking.”
    Well, that explains why Bolton got fired.

  37. I'm amazed at just how dumb some of the people in this country are. People please read, think, ponder, ask your self questions about what's going on and try to think outside the bubble you live in. All these gut reactions and spewing of theories that don't add up or make any sense. We have a long way to go. Research from 2018 states 32 million Americans can't read and 50% of the population can't read a book written at the 8th grade level. So please If you haven't done the research don't spew the garbage.

  38. Behind closed doors….then how did you get the information?

  39. Puny desperate liberals are no match for Teflon Don's superior intellect, tiger blood and Adonis DNA.

  40. Faux impeachment inquiry.False. Trump is our DULY ELECTED sitting President. His accomplishments & results in under 3 yrs are extremely impressive. The results our 93% Democratic donor & voter media refuses to acknowledge or report. It's easy to research them on White House websites.

  41. Sounds like Bolton is mad cuz he got fired

  42. The Orange POS is on his way out. Finally.

  43. Fiona Hill is a Brave, Patriotic American.

  44. When I typed in “news 10/15/19, the ONLY news that came up in the search was FOX.. anyone else find more FOX posts than the other news stations when doing a general news search?

  45. Why not subpoena Tillerson, Bolton, Kelly and find out exactly how many times responsible people attempted to stop Trump from breaking the law?

  46. Trump thought by winning the eelction it just became one of his one of his busenieses and he was free to do anything that corssed his moind. . and the 40% of americans that elected him agreed. There was just one problem the 60% that didn't.

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