Monday , October 26 2020
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EXCLUSIVE: Pence discusses historic US, China 'Phase One' trade deal

Vice President Mike Pence discusses the historic ‘Phase One’ U.S.-China trade deal, Iran, and the USMCA in an exclusive interview.

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  1. The REAL pressure on CHina is their own success. They have the fastest groiwing middle class on th eplanet. The poor need the government to survive. The rich use the government to get richer. The middle class just wants the government to get the hell out of their way. As China's middle class grows, China's communist regime will eventually fail

  2. this is why the democrats shouldn't get in , next term , the tariffs must be here to stay , and the Democrats are a gamble , if you never voted GOP then 2020 is the time you should , and thank God the tariffs are back.

  3. Trump say to China, "I will blow-up world economy to distract from impeachment". "Sign here, now!"

  4. Keep America great! Watch my livestream! Lol

  5. I wonder if anyone made a screen snap-shot of usdebtclock(dot)org 24 hrs before (!) all of this versus 24 hrs after (!) all of this and compare if anything changed in a big way! … If so PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

  6. The House Democrats aren't just un-American, I believe they're ANTI-American.

  7. Glad to hear a trade deal means more than we the ppl, like drugs, illeagals, insurance, prescription prices, cause those corps are doing well. The ppl however suffer,

  8. This is a step in the right direction. It's not going to be easy to reverse the run China has had on the US. The present situation was put in place by every POTUS from Clinton onward. One of the big objectives is to encourage US heavy industry to return to the US. Hopefully, this will start the ball rolling by creating manufacturing demand by China for the US products and technology they currently need to continue their economy.

  9. This is a bad deal for us, No US tariffs reprieve, Forced to buy hundred of billions of US produce. Bad deal, Sigh……

  10. This fellow is a puppet waiting for Trump the motherfucker to die!

  11. Lev Barnes? If your a Republican it’s ok to say you were wrong. We’re human beings. This will help you grow if anything. You can still support Trunp but at least admit you can be wrong. No human is perfect.

  12. Warning.. socialist Democrats heading this comment section 8:44 a. m they have no job.. best to move on let them have their time…



  15. Trade deal! Don't get your news from these people or other news network. Go to the actual trade agreement document. Read it for yourself and then you tell me what you think. Why don't they just show the actual document????? Annex 6.1.

  16. There are two types of people in America. Americans and Democrats

  17. China has won on this deal. Xi KNOWS, all he has to do is wait… tRump will be gone… trump is a horrible deal maker. CHINA has strong armed tRumps DUMBASS!

  18. Pence IS complicit and corrupt it turns out. These devils have destroyed the GOP from the inside out. The reality star in the white house is out of control!

  19. The big problem is I need my ducking true leo

  20. Mitch Danials and Pence let an artery to the third largest city in America and did nothing. But sold a tax payer toll road for 3.8 billion. Fk him.

  21. Just absolutely embarrassing to see who represents the country…

  22. Republicans are Al-Qaeda and ISIS all rolled into one, corrupt and full of hate.

  23. Why isnt fox news reporting on the EVIDENCE about lev parnas and all the crimes they are committing? Trying their hardest to keep impeachment out of the headlines.

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