Sunday , November 29 2020
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Expert makes hopeful prediction for Trump-China trade meeting

Former US ambassador to China Max Baucus gives his insight on making a deal with China.

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  1. Anyone seen RUDY GIULIANI since his associates were JAILED funneling RUSSIAN MONEY TO TRUMP

  2. Yes food they will trade. china is a friend of our leftists.

  3. a deal might be reached…trouble is that only Ivanka and a chosen few will benefit…lol

  4. you greedy guys it's all u care about the elitist

  5. Translation he will sell us out just to get the stock market to go up for a while.

  6. Agriculture's Sprout's and porkees takeaway's.

  7. Bloomberg reported that a partial deal has been made, and possibly a truce. That is great news for my investments!

  8. Why isn't it called a US-China trade meeting instead?

  9. Hopeful predictions are the same as wishes and horoscopes. Worthless dreams from FAUX.

  10. China is the enemy of America

  11. No Fox news on Trump what's up Fox usually always lot's on YouTube taking up for the corrupt lies he tells and fake news , You must have realised the truth!!!!!.

  12. I'd bet the deal with China will be "we'll remove the tarrifs, but first you gotta take care of these bidens"

  13. “Expert” Lmao. Anytime the News claims someone is an expert, You can call the lie immediately. Why wouldn’t they just name him instead of “Expert”

  14. If the country want's a new deal then make the deal with USMCA…in retrospect with China, "Free Hong Kong", stop undermining our country and the world, and what about human rights!!!

  15. CCP is not even a regime but a cartel of mafia. You can have signed document but CCP will continue to circumvent despicably and scrap the deal when it thinks fit.

  16. Sounds like a trade on or trade off, whatever that means 🙂

  17. It doesn't matter what China signs. America Patriots will no longer buy China's inferior products.
    We will boycott the NBA and all the other corporations that bow down to China's tyrannical psychopathic leaders.

  18. Don't you mean US-China trade negotiations….NOT Trump-China!!

  19. A mini deal will happen today ? Will the deal include the compensation to Hong Kong of all the losses on Hong Kong committed by the violent rioters who are being supported by America's Freedom and Human Right Bill ?

  20. Shut the hell up FOX! Predictions really. All larps!

  21. This ought to be good
    Trump: ok give me anything you got I'm on a time leash.
    China: I think we'll wait it out for a better deal
    "The art of the deal"


  23. Never trade with a adversary that wants to cheat, lie and steal…. NO TRADE WITH CHINA

  24. So does everyone understand how it works now?
    Help China with their censorship and totalitarian rule over whoever they choose, and PROFIT like Apple.
    Sell your country out like Hillary and the Bidens, and get rich. 💰💰💰💰💰💰

  25. Screw China quit trading with China. Bring everything back to the USA, people become traitors for money they are sick people.

  26. I'll believe it when they show us the signed document. The Chinese have been playing us and still are. Keep the tariffs and the pressure on. 😎🇺🇸

  27. China hoping and waiting a Democrat get voted in 2020! China has screwed America for years with Democrats help especially Joe Biden and his son!

  28. Justin Tadlock is the writer for WIKILEAKS DEMOCRATS HOUSE SWITCHING !!! How bout that , now that is called WHISTLEBLOWING !!!

  29. I'm against dealing with a regime trying to enforce it's will on Hong Kong and Us.

  30. I’m sorry all you Fox viewers are being disappointed by the truth and no we are not going tostop trading with China we are not going to quit the whole world and just sit in our little corner and twiddle our thumbs None of you ignorant chucks Understand how world trade works

  31. I'm no expert but I'm hopeful trade deals fall through.

    I try not to shop at places where they don't appreciate my money.

  32. sorry I don't believe any "experts" on tv … zero accountability when wrong

  33. Just Forgethat, Before Deal Please Release Mrs Meng CFO Huawei Company Chaina Country, … Thats Include On Trade Deal, …. God Bless All, …. Cheerio.🌠👍👍👍🌠🌟🌠.


  35. Please just end all trade with China. We don’t need to be entangled with them anymore.

  36. No deal will occur only chatter from a guy that lies for one reason to prop up stocks. Markets will close no deal will be in announced

  37. MAGAA My Attorney Got Arrested Again

  38. Trade war can go on for the next 20 years, while America will go bankrupt next year.

  39. it will be a meaningless deal nothing of substance will be accomplished. trump is a total fool

  40. Let’s get a deal done and then continue to drain the swamp. How about starting with Joe and Hunter.

  41. No chance. Both sides will make no new concessions so don't know where the optimism stems from.

  42. Make only good deal and forget about partial or bad deal. We doing oki now with the tariff now anyway.

  43. Do no trust Trump at the least.
    不 可 信 任 川 普。

  44. Thank goodness joe China is not making deals for us

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