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Experts break down historic meeting between Biden and Putin

The Geneva summit marks a major milestone in Biden’s presidency. Political analysts Rahm Emanuel and Sara Isgur discuss.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. He embarrassed america….what a disgrace the low IQ idiots who voted for him r

  2. Biden iis the president for functionally retarded people

  3. Stolen election, not MY pres! Both unfit,, just media whores, fake news sucks and lies

  4. Cory Chase makes a pretty good news commentary but i think her talent is wasted

  5. HISTORIC!! It'll be in the text books! Sleepy Joe and his note cards!

  6. Sinister left media is watching a movie projected in their minds only…."historic meeting" for Putin, "historic meeting" for China in Alaska. Is this the real fall of America we are watching?

  7. Complete embarrassment for our country, get real.and get rid of smopalolopalis, he is so biased.

  8. Let’s face it ,someone please tell abc that the whole world thinks and knows that biden Harris are dopes and do not know what they are doing, nore where they are.

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  11. Прекращайте это театр!

  12. Hey ABC…
    Show DC live cams and keep acting like everything is normal! Hahaha
    You people are pathetic! 🇺🇸🇬🇧
    Prison –

  13. What a disaster…biden just
    Showed how weak america
    Is under democrats!

  14. Yo…violent "community" members be shootin

  15. In historic, Putin OWNED Biden.

  16. parrotcasters working overtime

  17. Russia conducts 'unprecedented' naval exercise in the central Pacific near Hawaii while Putin shows his  disdain for
    biden at meeting

  18. Funny how they attempted to marginalize Putin and his influence when for the last four years we have heard these same fake news tell us how, 1. Russia got trump elected along with all claimed the Russia collusion, 2. The solar winds hack and the most extensive government breaches in us history 3. The theft of Microsoft windows sacred operating system kernel the puts every single windows based system in jeopardy 4. The shutdown of 40% of the east coast fuel production via the recent the gas pipeline hack 5. The even more recent meat packing plant ransomware attack… and these are only the ones we know about.

    And now we hear the same fake media attempt to marginalize Russia's power as if Biden has somehow been the strong player by "demanding" Russia leaving these so called 16 vital areas as off limits. Oh yeah, bidens is a real powerhouse of a leader. SEEMS MORE LIKE A PLEAD out of bidens weakness and desperation.

    Who were the idiot's that voted for Americas worst president EVER? It is this same group of people who listen to a report like this and actually believe the lies because its too damn embarassing for them to admit the actual truth.

    Thankfully we have elections to fix the gross inequities like this and the fascist racism and wave of hate crimes they have created across this country… this leftist fringe group is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

    And to think that so many americans continue to believe while ignoring their own common sense. Even sheep (if they had common sense) would more likely turn around and demand truth…people this ignorant or self absorbed never win at the end. I would suggest that you all stop listening to this proipoganda, it is trurly poisening your minds. Time to wake up if you can…you are being led down a path of lies and you have lost the the skills to discern it anymore.

    Remember, almost everything this country is going through is being driven by a smalll fringe socialist group of people who are blinded by hate of everything that looks like freedom and a democratic republic. They are no only trying to take the constitutional rights away from conservatives, they are your rights too. Good luck soon wake up with nothing left.


  19. I guess ABC has been infected with the same media brain disease as CNN & MSNBC.

  20. Historic!? ABC make funny!

  21. A bunch of BS propaganda. Biden has lost to Putin by lifting Trump's oil sanctions that the Democrats demanded as well as cripple oil production in US

  22. Why do they describe the events like a movie lol?

  23. ABC, altering reality 1 “story” at a time.

  24. Everybody knows potato Biden lies and stole the White House. His time is running short… thank god

  25. United States has never looked this pathetic on the world stage in its history, so ya it was a historic meeting.

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