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FAA demands answer from Boeing after it waited months to disclose internal message | ABC News

The jet maker’s CEO agreed to testify before a Senate committee after newly revealed message showed test pilots expressing concern about the 737 MAX.

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  1. The reputational damage cannot be calculated.
    Even if they fix all the bugs in this machine, which self-respecting, life-loving being would ever board it willingly?

  2. When Money is More important than Life!!

  3. They should investigate the fraud Boeing did by not building the 737NG to certification specs. Reference :

  4. The top management should be charged with manslaughter: lock them all up for life! They are MURDERERS!

  5. ….. More lawsuits. They should have fixed it earlier.

  6. DISGUSTING how corporations know their products are unsafe but don't give a shit!

  7. and then amercians want even more de-regulation.. even though these crashes are a result of de-regulation.

  8. Something tells me this plane is not flying again .. nor should it

  9. Dennis Muillenburg, the Boeing CEO is a bean counter and as such put wallstreet firmly in charge of everything that happens at Boeing. Tyhat was a big mistake. Wallstreets greed destroyes everything that it touches. In this particular case, Cost cutting turned the MAX into a killing machine. Step one, get rid of Muillenberg! Step two, put an engineer in charge of Boeing.

  10. I think Boeing should give up and start to build a brand new jet at all cost

  11. Bloods is on your hands Boeing! Damn you!

  12. Law makers?… They made it possible for corporate giants like Boeing to get away with this sort of thing… Capital Hill = Kangaroo court

  13. This CEO single handily destroyed Boeing’s good reputation.

  14. I dunno. Mainstream media has lost so much credibility now, I don't know if I can believe anything that networks like ABC tell me. For all I know, some corrupt democrat politician or Airbus corporate head are behind reports like these.
    So many lies. It's hard to trust mainstream media anymore.

  15. The Fate of all Greedy Companies , losing credibility and irrepairable public damage , Shame.

  16. The CEO'S OF Boeing are Savages …jail is what needed- but will never happen. PROFITS PROFITS PROFITS.

  17. Schedule pressure trumped safety – bad call. It happens when project managers are allowed to rule by fear.

  18. Good CEOs need to go to jail for once

  19. Schiff made up a whistle blower out of thin air the same way he lied about what was said between our POTUS and the POTUS of Ukraine. He is full of shit as is abc, Kentucky firing range is really turkey attacking Syria. ABC is as pathetic as Schiff

  20. I will simply NOT fly in a MAX 737.

  21. Never flying Boeing ever again. Immense ignorance or malicious intent at play here. Either way, I’ve lost all trust in the company.

  22. Hillary must be running it behind the scenes.

  23. Don't believe ABC news. They proved how fake they are showing military training footage in Kentucky and saying it was Turkey bombing Syria. Fake, fake, fake! Ban ABC from your home. They will fill your head with lies and rage just like CNN does. I banned both from my home.

  24. The software to correct the problem has been available since the first 737 MAX sold. It was considered an upgrade to the plane and Boeing was charging extra for it. Simple fact of the matter is that plane was not safe without it and Boeing HAD to know that.

  25. Boeing was one of the best, as a Boeing fan, I can safely say that it's screwed now. Airbus 🤘🏽

  26. Let's see… a reason? Hmmm, this is a really tough one! I'm kidding, it's simple… MONEY!!

  27. Its the usa of course its corrupt.

  28. Airbus sales just skyrocketed. Never flying on a 737 Max … ever

  29. TRUST…. Something important that Boeing has lost.

  30. That's what you get for "superior" MADE IN AMERICA products.

  31. Boeing called profit and loss safety is not there priority faa must have been asleep

  32. FAA sounds like it is run by kindergarten students.
    FAA allows Boeing to do it's work, FAA took Boeing's word for safety?
    Now trying to scapegoat.. Why was the FAA run in such a stupid way?
    Everything I do is totally safe.. I can verify that. LMFAO

  33. I wouldn’t want to fly boeing after this… ever.
    they don’t even fix the problems they find themselves.

  34. This is just getting worse and worse.

  35. Loool faa under scrutiny then they actually start working and investigating Boeing.

    Faa was found partially responsible

  36. We still wanna know what happened to the malaysia flight

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