Saturday , July 31 2021
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Facebook Bans Ads From Epoch Times After Pro-Trump Video Ads | NBC News Now

After an NBC News report revealed that The Epoch Times, a conservative news outlet, spent more money on pro-Trump Facebook ads than any other group outside of the campaign, the social platform decided to ban them. NBC News’ Brandy Zadronzy reports.
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Facebook Bans Ads From Epoch Times After Pro-Trump Video Ads | NBC News Now


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  1. Dumbasses.
    Epoch times is an excellent newspaper.
    Have you ever read it?
    It's a beautiful newspaper

  2. The stupid conservative and evangelicals are laughable to side with the Epoch Times. Well, The falungong’s founder, Li Hongzhi, who is behind the epoch Times, despised and mocked Jesus. He claimed Jesus was crucified because his ministry offended other bigger and more powerful deities. He claimed God’s words 2000years ago is outdated and he brings more complete, newer salvation this time. Li Hongzhi said he is a much higher deity than Jesus and created millions of Jesus and Buddha in different universe dimensions. He also claimed racially mixed children will not go to heaven as each race independently has a correspondent heaven. However some Chinese falungong practitioners married white Americans,and then claimed their children will still go to heaven as the are excluded from this race mixing curse by their master Li’s blessings. Anti-China doesn’t necessarily make epoch Times righteous, just like one punk is usually fighting against another punk. Btw, I’m a conservative.

  3. The problem with the Epoch Times is that their sales model would lead one to believe that they are absolutely unbiased and non-partisan when in fact they are conservative-leaning. How can you claim to be completely non-partisan and unbiased and at the same time donate millions to re-elect Trump? There’s nothing wrong with conservative news, but it’s disingenuous to purport to be something you’re not in order to appeal to more people who otherwise wouldn’t subscribe.

  4. You guys ant too good at lieing.. we see you!

  5. You mean, sorta like the news network Aljazeers is doing at this moment!!!

  6. If it would've been Hillary (Oh, just leave it! She represents us!)….. MSNBC just loves their rhetoric!

  7. Epoch Times is a real FAKE NEWS, brain-wash machine, its bad for your health..

  8. NBC AND FACEBOOK: you scathing, transparent, TDS, lying, fake news reporting, No Broad Casting hypocrites

  9. I thought Epoch News was satire for the truly ignorant blind Trump follower. I guess dumbing down America is thier mantra. Just look at the critics below writing such blatant trash about other trust worthy sites such as MSNBC, CNN and the main stream media.

  10. Facebook banned Epoch for reporting factual news. That's not allowed in today's society

  11. Facebook is banning them because they are a left wing activist organisation who love inequality and unfairness and lies just like NBC who lied to us hysterically for the last 6 years

  12. Youtube is pushing CNN and NBC trash on its search. I search for Epoch Times declassified (which is a specific channel) and youtube pushes 3 ANTI MCNBC epoch times videos to the top of the list.
    WTF Youtube is corporate owned and NOT representative of the regular people.

  13. This is total left wing FAKE NEWS once again. Watch the interviews on American Thought Leaders, and you'll see some of the best content available on the web. Interesting, thought provoking, and insightful. In particular, if you are really interested in the "actual" story, and not the MSNBC warped fake news version, watch and hear Stephen Gregory , publisher of the US editions of Epoch Times correct the record.

  14. I hate the liberal media. Epoch Times is a good source.

  15. Epoch Times is founded by Chinese & they getting bigger and bigger …..the Jew doesn’t like real competitions …so, they lobbied their puppets

  16. "They're not happy with our reporting". Why would that be? You call anything conservative, anti communism bad!

  17. NBC along with its MSM cohorts are propaganda machines.

  18. Of course the fascists on the Nothing But Crap network are celebrating their double standards. They lobbied Facebook to ban the Epoch Times, bc they discriminate against the outside sources that support the right, while hypocritically turning a blind eye to corporate-sponsored anti-Trump media like the $400 million that Disney sunk into VICE, followed by another $250 million from George Soros. Forget Russia, if you want true election manipulation, look no further than YouTube/Google/Alphabet, Facebook, Twitter, and the lamestream media.

  19. Its sad the founders of the Epoch Times fled an oppressive censoring communist state only to find the lefty’s in America… not much difference.

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