Thursday , November 26 2020
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Facebook CEO Zuckerberg says no one deserves to be a billionaire

Media Chairman Steve Forbes encourages Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to be proud of his wealth, not defensive about it.

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  1. The wealth of tech billionaires is largely due to laws that control patents and copyrights. These laws are defined by our government, and thus somewhat arbitrary. I have a hard time believing that talented, innovative ppl in tech would be any less motivated by the prospect of making say 200 million, instead of 30 billion.

  2. Give up all your money Zuckenburg

  3. Many fake account in facebook

  4. it makes sense for her to want to take other people's money..she cant make it any other way

  5. …Zuck…then give it to people that need it…In this country…Just don't let Communists like Warren do it for you….

  6. Raid he fuckin' oraface alreaday via elexion medlin'.

  7. Saw the title and had to come here for all the REEEEEE conservative commenters.
    BTW, we're still coming for your toothbrushes

  8. So start giving money away. I’ve been trying and working so hard my whole life and can’t catch a break. I would love to own my own business but it’s almost impossible given my other responsibilities such as paying my rent. Im responsible, I don’t have any kids, but it’s not easy. We all wish we had a rich aunt who can help us out. These billionaires can really do a lot on a small local level. Is $150,000 too much to ask for from a billionaire?


  10. And we are millionaires for people living on the streets . We are living their dream and how many of you have exactly helped any single one of them huh?
    Then how can you question these billionaires or millionaires that they have so much and they don't help others huh?

  11. If you don't think anyone should be a billionaire, how bout you give up all your money

  12. Zuckerberg is also very concerned that Microsoft has made deal with democrats. They help democrats win, and in return they get very lucrative government contracts. Billion dollars of your tax payer money will go to Microsoft, and in return you get buggy apps that dont even work. This WILL happen if you vote democrat in 2020.

  13. Well give it away you moron. Don't complain about it and try to stop people from looking after their family but stopping conservatives trying to help them.

  14. Melissa is so gorgeous!!!!!

  15. Billionaires are pure excess. Billionaires have become modern day emperors. You can still have capitalism with cannibalism billionaires are usually sitting on their hands not investing btw (unlike most millionaires).

  16. What he really means is: No one else deserves to be a billionaire!


  18. Every person on earth:
    Tell the lizard zuck to give me the money.
    I'll do better with it anyway.

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