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Fact Check: Are Video Games And Mass Shootings Linked? | NBC News Now

In President Trump’s remarks on mass shootings, he said video games were partially to blame for inspiring people to carry out violent acts. NBC News’ Jane Timm takes an in-depth look to see if there is a link between gaming and mass shootings.
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Fact Check: Are Video Games And Mass Shootings Linked? | NBC News Now


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  1. I've played animal crossing so now I must shoot a school Lmao

  2. Dang shouldn't of played farming simulator

  3. If video games make you violent, spoons make you fat

  4. American brain is a size of jellyfish brain

  5. God NBC and Fox are so stupid 😂

  6. I broke my diamond sword
    Welp time to blow up ma city

  7. Also aren't violence caused by family violence

  8. Gosh you dont talk about amazon

  9. Oh this is such bullcap!!!!! Oh sure trust the guy who said to nuke a hurricane!! That makes a whole lot of sense!

  10. Finally the news getting it right

  11. Thats like blaming hot wheels for car crashes

  12. Bullying causes shootings

    Video games cause shootings

  13. Hey guys, sorry. Minecraft is banned. You might start killing animals with swords.

  14. Media about video games: AAAAAAA DIE GAMES DIE
    Media about the amazon on fire:….. nothing happened.

  15. Video Games cause violence :
    Me building a wall to protect the villagers and creating a farm to feed them"

  16. I punch my friends because of bullying and I play video games

  17. I don't know why they say that videogames cause violence, I only slapped everyone's face with a squid after playing Splatoon


  19. Lol nice on targeting video games.

  20. Doesn’t Pac-Man make you want to shoot down a school?

  21. If you are a true gamer, you’d be triggered

  22. Minecraft parrot dancing meme.

  23. For some reason they think America is the only country with video games.

  24. This video just makes me angry.

  25. The absolute gore and horror of Moshi Monsters: Easter Island lead to all of this. Wake up, Earth!

  26. Then just ban guns and unban kinder what is rong with you USA

  27. 0:36 where is it the easiest country to go out and buy guns or other weapons? The US is, thats why the levels are so high

  28. Media: video games cause shootings
    Me: playing Dora the game on the leapster.

  29. Oh violent video games are more serious then the Amazon forest on fire!!!!!

  30. My grandma after playing candy crush:🔫👵

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