Friday , November 27 2020
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Family Of Markeis McGlockton Addresses Michael Drejka: ‘I Will Never Forgive You’ | NBC News

Michael Drejka, the Florida man who killed an unarmed black man in front of his family over a parking space dispute, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Before his sentencing, the family of Markeis McGlockton, the man who was killed, addressed the court.
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Family Of Markeis McGlockton Addresses Michael Drejka: ‘I Will Never Forgive You’ | NBC News


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  1. Hey, so I just rewatched the video & I was wrong about the cane. He doesn’t have one but you can clearly see the girlfriend get out of the car and see her standing there. As I’ve said numerous times it’s a tragedy that should never have happened. Also in watching the video It looks like he shot the other guy once ? As he flees the gun is still pointed at him but the guy doesn’t keep shooting. Again not a justification just seems like the guy was defending himself. If he kept shooting or went after the guy I could understand the sentence more. Also in these comments and on the news nobody seems to want to discuss the fact that the guy came out of the store and attacked,assaulted, the other guy. The question is if the 2 guys were both the same race would you feel the same ?

  2. He does not have to forgive an enemy that is not his Nation of people. The Bible was speaking to the Israelites regarding the Israelites, so if he did die today that would not be a reason to keep him out of heaven. The true Israelites have been brainwashed into loving their oppressor in their enemy which is bulshyt.

  3. Raise your sons to communicate with words before they learn to "handle" themselves. This case is proof of that.

  4. Anybody who disliked this video is a ……. 😂😂😂 iont even need to say it. They know who they are ✊🏾💪🏾

  5. Black people shouldn't do this. It makes us look weak as a race! …He don't care about your tears. In fact, he's probably ELATED that you are crying. Racist white men like him LOVE to see black people in pain. You're giving him what he wants!!!!!

  6. This wicked nation of hateful racists murderers will have their awful day of judgement!!! And it will be terrible!!!

  7. Once You Pull That Trigger, You Can Never Ever Take It Back

  8. Michael Drejka can take his white nationalist views to prison for 20 years.

  9. I continue to find highly unlikely that a white top student of some Ivy League college murdered in the streets by an “unarmed” black criminal would receive 1/100 of the media attention this case managed to gather. Probably, the criminal would receive the same sentence or even less.

  10. No forgiveness. Good job!

  11. The victim had a history of 23 recorded criminal charges, was high on ecstasy when he attacked Drejka, and had a history of beating previous girlfriends. Can we stop pretending he was sweet and innocent?

    This father should be ashamed that he raised a son who battered a stranger in public and had such a long criminal history. He screwed up badly.

  12. They should’ve made him look in their face!

  13. Good that sommabitch should of got more than 20

  14. If Judge Tammy was there she would have hugged him n gave a Bible n a prayer. Maybe less years. SMH.

  15. If he would have minded his own business, he would be walking a free man with his dog and his wife but he wanted to be a tough guy. Now he's gonna have to be careful not to drop the soap.

  16. Thank god they didn't say i forgive you

  17. I will never ever forget.

    Jason Paul was worth more than ten criminals like Markeis and he got zero people on the streets demanding justice for him. Things are getting so dark, so dark, that people can’t see anything. The darkness that kills, rapes, beats and steals is blinding people.

  18. I hope his children run the same fate.

  19. I've come to the realization that white people cant physically fight. They're generally tough when they have a gun and a Black person dont or they outnumber Black people. They're looking at trouble when Blacks lose the fear of consequences for self defense.

  20. That's what I'm talking about, forget that forgiving crap, this man took the life of a man who was only protecting his family….

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