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Family's beloved car gets Mustang makeover by Ford Motor Co.

Wesley Ryan sold the car to pay for his wife’s medical bills; last year, his children saved up their money and got it back for him – but then Ford heard their story.




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  1. nice story but an ugly ass car lol

  2. Still a slow pos ford RUSTang

  3. I hope my kids never find out My first car when they grow up..

    1996 dodge intrepid. 😂😂😂 😭😭

  4. I cried. Like if you did?

  5. Just 3 words,
    AWESOME, just, AWESOME!……

  6. People missing the point big time here…….we shouldn't live in a country where you have to make this choice. Healthcare is a human right. We need Medicare for all NOW!

  7. Fuck off ford no one likes you

  8. chuckles in free healthcare

  9. God bless! This man deserved this beautiful overhaul!

  10. My Toyota sport rider. I was able to find and her and get her back so I understand this man completely. My dad had to sell her because she wasn't pretty anymore and my dad needed a modern car I remember that day very well one of the saddest days in my life.it took me five years to find her now I treat her like a queen

  11. I love this story so damn much

  12. Dear ford:
    Please give my crown vic a makeover too! If you do, I'll be happy 😀👍

  13. Coyote swapped fox body. I'm surprised I don't see more builds like this lol.

  14. That’s not just a fox body it’s a special fox body

  15. Another reason why Ford is better than Chevy

  16. Ford should do this for all the owners of there shit cars that have spent hours at a time sitting at the roadside waiting for recovery, Fixed Or Repaired Daily in most cases.

  17. How about fixing my paint FOMOCO that is rusting on my 14 gt you corporate thugs

  18. 15 sec ad ,reallly abc!!!!

  19. A beautiful gift from children to a father 👏👏👏

  20. And a beautiful family. Congrats 🙂

  21. Dosen't Hennessy make there own cars like the venom?

  22. My kinda videos ! Me and my dad had a teal green rag top convertible 4 cylinder that we built from a 5.0 donor car lol.

  23. Omg. I cried!!! My baby has been sitting.outside for a while now. Just deteriorating =(

  24. Yet the "helpful" Honda people, were never around to help me open my stuck trunk in my 06 Civic. What POS design to have no trunk key hole and the latches to fold down the rear seats inside the trunk.

  25. Ever watch the intro to Forza 5 with Jeremy Clarkson?

  26. Chevy is better. Mustang went downhill

  27. Wish ford would put a coyote in my old ford

  28. I have a 1994 3.8 white mustang with 300,000 miles on it passed down from father to son but its about toast still misfiring down the road tho. 🙂 love my car its at the end of its life tho.

  29. Chevrolet would never do that.

  30. How the fuck can people dislike this, fucking dickhead's

  31. Comments saying "I'm not a Ford guy" are stupid. Mustangs, challengers, chargers and camaros are all cool. You don't have to pick just one

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