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Farage on Prince Harry's upcoming memoir: 'Dreadful'

Former Brexit party leader Nigel Farage says ‘a lot of us don’t want to see’ Prince Harry back in the U.K. following news of his upcoming tell-all.

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  1. No difference than what Charles wrote about his parents.Karma

  2. Why is ours now? Didn't they send the Duke of Windsor to an island? I bet they could find one for these two people.

  3. What a weak disrespectful vile and very disparate little boy. Who would have thought Princess Diana's son would turn out to be such an hated human being when his mother was so loved.

  4. We don't want him in the U.S.!

  5. What are you people afraid of? So much dirt to talk about? Relax people l don't think it is bad. Harry will not be that bad to his grandmother.

  6. Sad harry so sad to be with wrong partner in life why did him let himself to be used and abused he sold his own blood to be slaughter in the world of fake news

  7. He’s a boring nob. Stop giving that silly boy air.

  8. Please stop whats-her-name and whats-his-name from creating any more genetic pain for the rest of us! Bloody hell!

  9. Harry don't come back to the UK we despise you, traitor

  10. Harry has become disgusting. Prior to his marriage Harry was a veteran and helping the distressed. Not now.

  11. We're hopping mad he and his wife are not welcome

  12. What happened to freedom of speech?

  13. Another good speech Nigel 🙏 I

  14. All Harry and his wife does is disrespect and embarrass the monarchy.

  15. World,Harry will say anything for money as he shows he has no loyality to anything but American Dollar😁😂🤣😃😄😆😎

  16. Snubbed by the royal reporters..looks good on them

  17. "the man I've become…"
    When did you get a balls transplant operation Harry?
    Was it before or after the spine transplant?
    A man needs balls and backbone Harry, and you have neither.

  18. Trust me, nobody is free in the whole of Europe. Nige, shut up.

  19. My Gosh, the disrespect to his grandmother at her age and stage in her life. Harry has no credibility. The publisher is banking on readers to read the trash bin.

  20. It’s time for Harry to stop trading on his ex family..

  21. Am not British but Henry is a disgrace to his Grandmother the 💜Queen his Country and his People his regrets shall be great just watch and see .Every family has problems and disfunction but he thinks he is special and complains while millions are suffering and dying he should be counting his blessings and shut the hell up ,the Royal Family is doing the correct thing answer not a fool to his folly (proverbs)
    Clearly money don't make you Happy its just make things easier, clear lesson here is he left and is still looks miserable ,that means he is the problem ,he is his own worst enemy. He needs to comb and tame that hair of his 😂🤭

  22. Everybody can write a book or including you people why shouldn't he write a story about his life Everyone else is writing stories about him ?

  23. When someone has no shame that's a different kind of embarrassment fir their family smh .sending love to HMTQ 💜

  24. Ban the book not only in uk but also other countries!

  25. I don't think Harry is mentally or emotionally stable. At some time in the future, he will break down in some way or maybe Me-Gain will get bored with him. Whatever it is, I cannot see the marriage lasting or ending well. Harry himself just comes over more and more as a bit of a headcase. I doubt very much that whatever he gets from M-Gain is helping; if anything, it is probably making him worse. God help the children, having those two as parents, one arrant narcissist and one puppet, on her string …

  26. Even I am getting fed up with Harry and his constant moaning about his life. If your family is upsetting you that much, then have no more contact with them and live your life how you want.

  27. Selling his lies to the same people who fell for Obama's race hustle.

  28. Hopefully he will expose the truth about his parasitic family of pedos and human traffickers

  29. This is a Clown, not a politician. Point.

  30. It’s an ultimate revenge for Dianna from Harry, here we go…I will be buying the books 📚

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