Father hit and killed while helping family of ducks cross the road

Casey Rivara, 41, had stopped her car to help a mother duck and her ducklings cross a busy street when she was struck by a teenage driver.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Why wasnt the Teenager charged with Murder, whats wrong with the law?

  2. How do you not hit the brakes?

  3. Rip. But he shouldnt have done that. No need for it your life is more precious than animals

  4. The ducks probably already knew how to cross the road by themselves anyway, they were alive for a reason after all. Such an avoidable and needless tragedy

  5. Very kind thing to do but also not the smartest. You also have your own kids in the car and you go run around a busy intersection

  6. The teen should have their driver's license pulled permanently and go to jail for manslaughter. Cops are disgusting, they beat innocent people, kill unarmed people, including when families call them when a family member is having mental health issues, or they're letting someone go that should have been charged with manslaughter.

  7. Unfortunately, this was prime example of 'Play stupid games…' until it was revealed he had his kids in the car. I feel so bad for them having to witness this tragedy. The dad made very poor choices every step of the way.

  8. I hope the driver is in prison for the rest of their lives. People do everything to distract themselves while driving, no doubt that this driver was on a cell phone. It’s time for some drastic punishments for bad drivers in this country.

  9. Lesson learned: don't help these mindless animals and mind your own business

  10. someone must of been distracted

  11. If the driver wasn't drunk,speeding ,or doing anything else to cause the accident,the what does matter that it was a"teenage driver"??? Don't try to add controversy to a very tragic, sad, and unfortunate accident.

  12. The lesson is don't help anybody.

  13. Good samaritan? They're fucking ducks. Quack! Quack! You're fucking Dad's dead but the ducks are okay! Wtf? Stay out of busy roads.

  14. Okay, I'll ask it. Why the hell wasn't the teen arrested?

  15. Where's the footage of this fool?

  16. While he was trying to help the ducks, other drivers should have stepped out and waived for other drivers to slow down

  17. It is unlikely that the 17 year old will face any charges

  18. Not arrested!?? 😐 I walk the streets all the time and the amount of ppl that don’t slow down and look for pedestrians is too much. Almost been hit before. Kid shoulda been arrested

  19. It daylight how could you not see a man in the road? if your on a phone you wouldn't speeding factor. Don't let this person demrive a car for a long time should be jail time.

  20. Of corse it has to be a dumass teenager

  21. If there is a God he is a big sick prankster. Killed because of generosity???? Rest in peace good man.

  22. Damn it’s always California lol

  23. "No good deed goes unpunishec" (sometimes)

  24. So his kids saw it happen?
    Talk about ruined lives omg

  25. Manslaughter. Period. Terrible.

  26. Our sincere condolences

  27. Trust G-d but tie your camel first. It's horrible this man suffered and died extending compassion. Meanwhile, Trump and the criminals run free and prosper. I may never fully understand this bizarre world.