Tuesday , January 18 2022
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FBI Agents Raid Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Caribbean Island | NBC Nightly News

While the federal trial against the accused sex trafficker will never happen, the Department of Justice sent an unmistakable message today that the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein is far from over.
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FBI Agents Raid Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Caribbean Island | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Nothing but grand standing and corruption. Money and politics has no law or morals

  2. That island was fun to raid

  3. The little temple with the gold dome is where he would sacrifice gentiles to Yahweh

  4. Start with Alex Acosta you hypocrite.

  5. Who did they serve the warrant on ? ? ? It is still private property – when you die your estate belongs to your heir .

  6. Plus FBI murder makes the agency dangerous definitely dangerous ok its over basically just like everywhere it’s Always understaffed yup I seen it happen shuts down the whole place till it’s cleaned up Ask a few times forgot

  7. "Love Your Country, But Never Trust It's Government"

  8. FBI removing all evidence that could incriminate their bosses.

  9. They waited till just now to raid the island. Oh I forgot they had to remove all the incriminating evidence on the global elite mainstream media and politicians

  10. You do realize the Epstein owned 2 islands , Little St James , and Great St James

  11. Where is Jonny Gosch? He needs to come forward if he is physically able!

  12. So you mean they didn't search it before? Why not search island after arrest? Why wait 2 days after his death to actually look for evidence? Incompetent/neglegent card again?

  13. I wonder if they'll have dogs out to the property. I wouldn't be surprised if they found missing girls buried out there.

  14. Christopher Wray ordered by Hillary via lying James Comey to destroy evidence.

  15. They should’ve raided the island longgg ago

  16. They probably raided it to get rid of any evidence that might point to Drumpf or others.

  17. Is the FBI collecting evidence or destroying it?

  18. Why do you continue to guess the incompetence of jail staff? They lie and, yet again, and you believe them. Who's the fool? drjimxlaw64@gmail.com

  19. how many bodies of little Thai girls are buried on his islands ?

  20. India is about to land a rover on the moon, making India only the FOURTH nation on our planet to do so along with the USA, Russia, and China, so… as our country's kids head back to their classrooms for the 2019-2020 school year,
    why don't we spend more time on the GOOD "teachable moments" of our lives and move away from focusing on such deviant garbage !
    YUCH !

  21. @ FBI Epstein book of ball


    Hey you!

    Out there in the cold

    Guarding Epstein’s book of ball

    Can you feel the pineapple?

    Hey you, don’t try to bury underage girl

    Don’t you ever try it

    You will be dismantled.

    Hey you!

    You need to be retrained

    to develop common sense

    in order to understand

    that you are in payroll

    of taxpaying citizen

    not to guard the Pedo den

    in Epstein’s private island.

    Hey you, don’t try to call people terrorist

    Don’t ever do it

    You will be thrown in fire from the bridge.

    We are not your fantasy

    To put us in your suspected list of terrorists

    In order to steal millions from IRS

    to make your future secure and safe.

    Hey you,

    Don’t try to cannibalize taxpaying citizen

    To please the prison filling corporations

    Don’t ever do it

    You will be fried in auditor’s frying pan.

    10.12AM 13/08/2019

  22. what took so long? it would seem this would of been the first place they went.

  23. why are they raiding his house now

  24. The Clinton's got him killed, those pedos will never have to confess now.

  25. Hes Probably There In A Private Bunker

  26. Who really cares anyways, he's lucky he didn't get the death penalty in the first place.

  27. If they left the cadaver dogs behind — grave mistake.

  28. This is a joke! Straight up embarrassing! Do they think we really believe this! Keep making the cover up look good….

  29. Actually Jeffrey's suicide is not going to be beneficial to anyone ..
    Now that he's dead his deal
    Stating that his co-conspirators will be immune to any future prosecution is now void
    And the nondisclosure he made everyone sign is also no good…
    If there is anyone worrying about anything
    They got good reason to now..

  30. Back in 2015, candidate Donald Trump called this. The media hates to admit it, but Trump is always right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vh0AklSXkU

  31. They raided it to look for the dirt on the presidents and x president he said he how they had him killed and now trying to find evedince …and get rid of it. who raids a dead man home . Trump!!!! Smh

  32. Epstein was higher up the food chain than the Clinton’s. He is/was Mossad.

  33. The law is the most fuckt up thing.
    We need to destroy the law in the future.
    Let pepole live free. At once when a humean is born its told what to do whit out any saying. We get vaccin at once when we are born. Mabe the person dosent want that. But it dosent have any saying. And gets a scare for life. Welcome to the painful world. Now we gonna scare you for life. We can have a government. But it can not say what a person needs to do. Thats way we have pepole moving out of the shiti society.

  34. she has been to the island how old were you or are you a pedo woman
    not only guys are sick in the head dont let prejudice fool you.

  35. Clinton’s clean up crew….. “ok we clean out everything, come raid the island now”.

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