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FBI raid could affect 140,000 UAW workers' contract negotiations

Detroit Free Press autos and labor reporter Phoebe Wall Howard on the FBI raid of UAW President Gary Jones and its potential impact on UAW contract negotiations.

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  1. Time for the French Revolution to visit America. Let the heads roll of the aristocratic government employees.

  2. Wut? When are they going to raid the home of Chris Wray, head of the corrupt FBI?

  3. Union Vice President told me during my grievance procedure that was conducted outside of the union hall at his private residence that I wasn't allowed to have a present union steward and that I should go work for whirlpool instead cause he wasn't goin to fight for me… Corruption

  4. Who wants to work for a uaw that victimized you and violated your rights and then wants to play things off as you victimized them

  5. Oh and that union doesn't exist to regional or national union

  6. No paid vacation, constantly harassed and stalked, forced to work two three person jobs by myself, violated UAW Constitution, human rights, and said freedom of speech is illegal and not allowed to talk to people that you work with, conducts union business outside of the union hall, while doing improper parliamentary procedure saying the wrongful conduction of business is proper business…. This is how UAW local Union 1803 out of region 2b said is legal cause that's the rules

  7. The UAW I worked for violated human and constitution rights denied me my union right to a present union steward during the filing of my grievance while doing improper parliamentary procedure, saying the wrongful conduction of business is proper business

  8. Isn't that called extortion and embezzlement

  9. Reelect nobody. Reappoint nobody.

  10. Look at his house! He probably lives in the same neighborhood as the CEOs that everyone likes to bash. UAW leadership at many levels is just organized crime and promotes lazy workers.

  11. Just like most things in the USA, unions were once needed and,of course, got too big. Now they're just part of a huge swamp.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  12. I am glad they did cause they are corrupt as hillary looks like the works need to talk for their selves and the hell with the union the union might be in jail I see the UAW unfair dealing never saw this coming,well there goes money for democrats election that they have depending on the union say they was no need well that tells me that the FBI did right thing

  13. All of these unions are corrupt. The one I am forced to be a part of collects around $20 mil a month from members of just one of the companies employees it "represents". Where that money goes is beyond me. We have fought get an accounting but always get pushback. Actually we all know it goes towards their liberal agenda. Our last 2 contracts took over a year to get signed. They won't hire professional contract negotiators to get a contract. Oh and btw, the company I work for made $12.5 billion in PROFIT last year. But they say they are broke. What is really sad is we don't even get any kind of pension payout from the union for all our dues when we retire. NOTHING. Just a thank you very much and don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.
    Unions suck.

  14. Union mobster still live on.

  15. Our local president used local dues to pay off his personal visa credit cards. A trustee had to be appointed for over two years. AFCSME, a state of PA branch. He agreed to pay the money back to the local and retired from his job. These union guys even represent supervisors who abuse the staff and suffer no penalties. Rip offs.

  16. Unions need to go and the federal Gov't needs to create a union type of amendment like the American workers amendment where it lays out all that every company needs to supply to their workers by law so the company has to supply those at a minimum. Like the employees can ask for a pension or a limited time(maybe 5 to 10 years) payment plan that would be equal or higher than their paycheck was when they worked there. A limited time payout would be cheaper for the company than a pension especially when the limited payout would be more than the pension over time so most employees would choose that people who get pensions might live another 40 years lol and would cause problems if the company is going through financial problems

  17. why isn't China involved in this I know they owe many of these factories why am I not hearing a word about the FBI investigating their homes these ones that are owned by the Chinese

  18. Let's just say this is part of the swamp system many tentacles are getting severed Donald Trump has amazing team working for him πŸ˜‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘·

  19. Unions and public pensions need to end.

  20. Unions are nothing more then organized crime.

  21. Is it the right catching the left red handed or false accusations by the left to bring down the right

  22. Union management has never been known to care about the line worker, only caring about lining their pockets.

  23. Another crooked class of people !

  24. So the FBI is raiding Union leaders fourteen days before deadline of mutual agreement? Yeah, that sure sounds legit…

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