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FBI: State capitols could be target of armed protests

Protests could occur between now and Inauguration Day. ABC’s Andrew Dymburt has the new detail

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  1. This is really a coup
    Trump supporters and trump are traitor to US
    LOCK ALL OF THEM !!!!!!

  2. U.S. Government Printing Offi ce –
    #Witness #Georgia #Testimony 'Very disturbing':
    Dozens of Georgia witnesses expose election irregularities—Pt 2 | NTD –

    BERGEN The 2020 Holberg Debate with John Bolton & Yanis Varoufakis: “Is Global Stability A Pipe Dream?”  – ¨
    #Witness #Georgia #Testimony'Very disturbing':
    Dozens of Georgia witnesses expose election irregularities—Pt 2 | NTD –

    Google Engineers Admit Bias to Manipulate Election for Biden – 
    2020 Does Google Secretly Manipulate Us To Vote for Democrats? The
    Evidence Is Flimsy. Republicans have seized on the dubious claims of a
    psychologist who thinks Big Tech is shifting millions of votes to the
    Sept.24th Lude's broadcast: 3 hard drives, provided 3 hard drives to the DOJ of America –

    POL DATA –  

    DR. CORNEL WEST Interview: Force The Vote! –
    they spy on me and make fun of they have block my health care. –
    GoldenEye Live Watch Along w/ Famke Janssen and Martin Campbell –

    Saagar Enjeti: Biden, Pelosi, McConnell Are Too Damn OLD, Historically Been A Disaster Together –
    ADL Smears Foes of Jihad Terror as ‘Islamophobes,’ Gets Canceled as ‘Anti-Muslim’ Anyway –

  3. Disarm them permanently if they show up with firearms or commit violent acts

  4. Jesus is LORD! God's will be done in Jesus mighty name. Jesus we ask you bring to light anything hidden that we can't see. Bind up our enemy and cast them out. Any plot or plan by the enemy against us we ask you pulverize. Send your hosts in full force to destroy the plots and acts of the enemy in accordance to your will Father. Your will is all that matters Lord God. I am not your slave Father but your willing servant because you are most worthy to serve.

  5. Trump shouldn't be impeached, he should be imprisoned. You can't charge someone twice for the same crime, so let him sit his 7 days and then throw him in prison for 10 years.

  6. They knew what was going on but they were making fake evidence to create a narrative to impeach Trump.
    Dems are evil..God will punish them.

  7. The drunk blood informally force because plaster conceivably satisfy except a awake horse. condemned, vivacious metal

  8. And americas enemies watch and laugh. Puttin must have the giggles

  9. Oh good. Maybe I will take the kids up to Sacramento and play, “ spot the moronic trump supporter”

  10. Hi ABC News and followers, good morning. Freedom is God's gift to all of his creatures including man. Man is God's masterpiece. He created us , He loved us and He saved us…. We all have one common enemy and that is Satan. Satan does not stop his efforts for the perdition of man. We have a huge spiritual battle right now communism, satanism, islamism, aetheism, terrorism, freemasonry, corruption and etc. I encourage every one to ask the help of St. Michael the Archangel he is a sure help in our daily personal battles and he is a protector against an unhappy death. The St. Michael the Archangel prayer is prayed like this many times during the day…"St. Michael the Archangel defend us in the battle, be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do you, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. .." God bless… God who created the world and the owner of the world is on our side we have to fight to the end and we will win…

  11. If this country gives to these demands…time to pack…the US will open the door to all types of terrorist.

  12. all thanks to the demorats! good job!

  13. When an armed force attacks a government event, it is a terrorist attack.

  14. Keep proving what your American leaders are. With your evil crimes.

    Criminals are always talking about themselves.

    Criminals falsely manipulate and make their crimes as if they were committed by their victims, and unjustly slaughter and abuse them in pain.

    By making victims look like criminals, real offenders accuse them, make them unfair, abuse them, and kill in pain.

    The United States and South Korea continue to commit these crimes. They are committing such evil crimes against JESUS and Prophet Yi and his family.

    For criminals, the saying, "There is no need for talk, only cruel punishment and retribution" comes from this.

    The crimes of criminals are easily identified because they commit crimes themselves and are exposed to people.

    The criminals are still saying the same thing.

    'If you are unhappy, have power and make money by your crime.'

    'Competing for evil crimes !'

    These perpetrators are called'the children of Satan and the devil'. by Prophet Yi /

    The important thing is to kill a person. Almost all of the officials and security at the Capitol were following the orders of the House Speaker, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. They left the spy-like mob murderers they put in and killed them by aiming and shooting the pure American people. (1 member from a female soldier) In addition, 3 others were killed. No more victims are coming yet. Please search in detail. It will be the decisive thing to be able to mobilize soldiers. /

    This seems to be the democratic party's own play.

    It is the crime of Democratic Party criminals who intentionally stay with the protesters and induce and proceed with the assault.

    It seems that Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States, has heard good news from the former President of the United States, Bush. He seems to have heard the good news that, like Biden, he could become president in the next presidential election. It seems that Bill Clinton and Hillary, as well as Obama and Biden, have heard the complete news that they will work together. Just as Bush's father had previously agreed with Bill Clinton and Hillary. /

    – Check the these links for truth ;

    Why do you close your eyes?

    You have to talk about criminals South koreans and Americans and murderers Bill Clinton and Hillary. You know that those who know the truth and close their eyes will face more cruel punishment. You know that it is a divine law and a divine order.

    #CNNTapes: Jeff Zucker Labels Donald Trump A Bigger Threat To National Security Than Voter Fraud (2020. 12. 2)

    Kayleigh McEnany

    미국과 한국의 TV와 라디오 방송국을 비롯을 한 모든 언론들은 이미 그 본질과 책임감을 파괴를 시키고 오로지 자신의 출세와 돈을 위해서 경쟁을 하는 범죄자들의 소굴이 되어 있습니다. 1993년과 1994년부터 즉 빌 클린턴과 힐러리 그리고 김영삼과 김현철이가 백악관과 청와대의 자리에 올라가서 자신들의 치부와 범행들을 숨기기 위해서 저질러 오고 있는 모든 범죄의 만행들이 그 시작이라고 할 수가 있을 것입니다. '화이트 워터', '섹스 스캔들, 강간' 기타 등으로 난처해진 빌 클린턴과 힐러리는 직권남용의 국가보안법으로 모든 언론인들과 종교인들을 사찰을 하였고 비밀리에 수사를 하였으며 협박과 회유로 모든 범죄은닉의 범행들을 진행을 시켜 왔습니다. 또한 한국은 군사정권이 끝났다고 스스로 말을 한 김염삼이 자신의 아들을 안기부를 관리를 하는 자리에 올려 놓고 청와대에서 자신들이 비난을 했던 군사정권 보다 더한 직권남용의 만행들을 일본이 아닌 미국의 밑에서 두려움이 없이 그대로 저질렀습니다. 그 때가 바로 1993년과 1994년도 입니다. (그때 당시 미국의 대통령들이 하지 않았던 행동들을 미국의 대통령이었던 빌 클린턴은 사람들에게 보이기 시작을 했지요. 다급해진 빌 클린턴과 힐러리는 상상도 할 수가 없는 일들을 개인의 일들처럼 진행을 시켰습니다. 미국의 대통령이 청와대에 한국의 대통령과 함께 조깅을 하는 일들까지 있었으며 또한 한국의 대통령을 미국에 국빈으로 초대를 해서 공개 기자회견까지 하는 급상승의 대우를 하였으니까요. 뉴스 자료들을 확인을 하면 쉽게 관련 뉴스들을 발견을 할 수가 있을 것입니다.) 그 악에 진행이 지금도 연결이 되어져서 이루어지고 있는 것입니다. 방송인들과 프로듀서들 (제작진들, 자칭 '망원' , 노무현 정권때에 국정원 x파일 사건 참고) 그리고 기자들과 보도국의 아나운서와 앵커들은 오늘도 오로지 자신들과 자신들의 가족들에 범죄은닉과 출세 그리고 돈을 위해서 언론 방송국에서 범행을 저지르고 있는 것입니다. 악의 1%를 위한 나라와 언론 그리고 종교들과 기관들은 이제까지 한국과 미국을 파괴를 시켜 왔으며 국민들을 악의 학대에 고통들 속에서 죽여 오고 있습니다. 나라와 국민을 혼란 속에서 멸망과 파괴를 시키고 있습니다. —- 중 략 ——

    Rationalization of crime. Abuse of authority and abuse of law (exploit the abuse and the law) / They broadcast crimes of falsehood and manipulation, making criminals heroes, rationalizing crimes through religion, and concealing crimes. In addition, they live a luxurious life with the power and money of abuse of authority and live with the benefits of crime. The time for the criminals of Satan and the Devil is over. Kill the murderers of South Korean and American ('Mang Won') more brutally. by Prophet Yi Jung-Yon ( David of JESUS )

    There is no hope for the dead. Only work for living people.

    Find what JESUS said to the disciples in the BIBLE. Also, check the same in the Old and New Testament. You know what to say for living people. Tell the truth to people. There is no national security law in the BIBLE. / Cierran temporalmente sede de funeraria por velar persona que habría tenido COVID -19 en…/status/1276312988115521537/photo/1

    Corona virus 19 will not go away until these things are released.

    Murderers of South korean and American must be disclosed.

    Also, must be brutally and openly punish all crimes of them.

    Naturally all families of them, too. by Prophet Yi /

    From Continue

    BREAKING: The U.S. hits a record number of daily coronavirus cases — over 37,000 infections — topping the peak seen in April during the initial outbreak…/status/1276351993775296512/photo/1

    After the Obama Reveals (US Democratic Party) 'CIA Torture Report', Why criminal Nancy Pelosi <US House Democratic >Majority Leader visited Crimminal South korea government?! (It has advised the US Congress dimensional cooperation on key issues between South korea and the US) For what?! Repetitively 'Mang Won' (They) More brutally kill and destroy JESUS and Prophet Yi and family, Alternately in 24 hours, <Even now, after 27 years> by Abuse of authority and Assembly Bill for crime. /

    “I’ve been very clear that I can’t support Donald Trump,” said Carly Fiorina, a former 2016 Republican presidential candidate and CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

    Don't worry. be happy. Always like criminals on TV and radio stations of South korea and USAmerica. Just got a News without evidence. For intervening in the presidential elections in the United States. South Korea's evil murder massacre criminals (Mang Won) are committing torture ….. Continue

    In conclusion, Biden, a Democrat of the United States, cannot become president with evidence on the crime of corruption in the presidential election.

    TV, radio, Hollywood, and all those involved in crime

    Groups and criminals are open, thorough and frightening punishments

    You must receive.

    In addition, by applying the Patriotic Law, the Broadcasting Law, the Religious Law and all the laws, criminals must be thoroughly punished, and they must be made so that they can no longer engage in activities in society.

    American criminals have sufficiently confusing and destroying nations and societies, and killing people in the pains of life. In addition, criminals in the United States are committing crimes along with murderers in Korean broadcasting stations, influencing crimes of evil power in the United States and Korean society. (The criminals 'Mang Won')

    The United States can no longer be the world's leader unless the punishments for criminals are immediately implemented, and it is not entitled to speak not only of democracy, but also of basic moral and ethical lives.

    Naturally, common sense is that all Democrats and Democrats, including the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the House of Representatives, must be subject to ethical and legal investigation and punishment. All criminals who are connected to criminals must also be punished.

    Unconditionally, the Democratic Party's Biden was defeated by a criminal presidential election, and naturally Republican Trump must become president again. There is no need to run the presidential election again. That is common sense and law. There is no need to speak any more.

  15. Sure got traitors inside Army, Police, FBI and CIA. If not why those hours no backup from this Agencies? In every America Movie, if this situation happen to White House or Capitol, SURE ALL THE America patriot from Army or Police force will come out in force to stop all this madness. BUT during that day, all this rioter can do whatever they want. Where is all the Patriot from this agencies? No TV? Or sleeping on their job? Only one reason to explain. Got Traitors.

  16. Russia, China, North Korea and Iran: LOL..America is a joke…it can not even defeat its own domestic terrorists? Yet, America wants to police the world?

  17. Biden Did Not WIN.

  18. I do know what kind of security measure they should do. Anyway, check out some Nike walking sneakers. Nike Men's Air Monarch Iv (4e) Cross Trainer As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  19. Make sure you make ROE-rules of engagement very clear. They come to any 50-Capital with weapons…they automatically receive bullets..period. They are at this point Domestic Terrorists and treated as such; Enemies of the State. Simple…you want to Live..don't commit an armed Coup.

  20. Quick someone! Get Chester Bennington!


  21. A day to late national guard arrive to the capital…

  22. Stop the Coup! Stop the Coup! American Justice! Federal Charges for every one! First Drumpf!

  23. Antifa and BLM burned, looted, tipped statues, stole for months an months and what was done?

  24. Just to be clear. Why do the American people give billions of dollars to Homeland Security annually that results in no security at home? What a useless organization, which needs to be dismantled due to INEFFECTIVENESS. Full Stop.

  25. The republicans impeach Clinton for lying about a blow job but can't bring themselves to impeach a president who lead a coup that invaded our National Capital….🤦‍♀️

  26. A lot of these cops are working from the inside to help these right wing groups carry out these attacks.

  27. Violence is never an option.

  28. It isnt over. If you heard Trump he spoke like he did nothing wrong. These people will continue to do such things until Trump aka Jefferson Davis and his kids and the enablers are brought to Justice. These are crucial days to stop this madman and his followers

  29. Could be armed that's my god-given second Amendment right by the founding fathers United States of America !
    When something or someone gets cancer it doesn't start on the outside it starts deep inside !
    And it started for decades ago
    It's time for chemotherapy and kill that cancer

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  31. This is what you get after years of "fine peopleing" neonazi, neofascist, and rebranded kkk proud boys. While pretending the anti fascists that stormed the Beaches of Normandy were not the reason why America is great. Resisting Fascism is as American as apple pie. So is democracy and resisting tyranny of lawless trumpanzee seditionists.

  32. This is why Trump must be charged with treason. As long as there is ANY hope of following him someday, these lunatics will remain a danger.

  33. On February the 5th 2020 fifty three G.O.P. Senators had the opportunity to stop the Chaos of January 6th 2021.
    Instead they chose their Party over law and acquitted Trump without calling for witnesses and examining evidence.
    One said that " He had learnt his lesson."
    It appears to me the lesson taught was that he is immune from consequences by holding onto power, lying and gaslighting.
    Now Trump's supporters have murdered a policeman whilst trying to stop the certification of the Electoral College vote that Trump told them to do.

  34. [3:18]
    Allah (Himself) is Witness that there is no God save Him. And the angels and the men of learning (too are witness). Maintaining His creation in justice, there is no God save Him the Almighty, the Wise.

    Lo! religion with Allah (is) the Surrender (to His Will and Guidance). Those who (formerly) received the Scripture differed only after knowledge came unto them, through transgression among themselves. Whoso disbelieveth the revelations of Allah (will find that) lo! Allah is swift at reckoning.

    And if they argue with thee, (O Muhammad), say: I have surrendered my purpose to Allah and (so have) those who follow me. And say unto those who have received the Scripture and those who read not: Have ye (too) surrendered ? If they surrender, then truly they are rightly guided, and if they turn away, then it is thy duty only to convey the message (unto them). Allah is Seer of (His) bondmen.

    Lo! those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah, and slay the prophets wrongfully, and slay those of mankind who enjoin equity: promise them a painful doom.

    Those are they whose works have failed in the world and the Hereafter; and they have no helpers.

    Hast thou not seen how those who have received a portion of the Scripture invoke the Scripture of Allah (in their disputes) that it may judge between them; then a faction of them turn away, being opposed (to it) ?

    That is because they say: The Fire will not touch us save for a certain number of days. That which they used to invent hath deceived them regarding their religion.

    How (will it be with them) when We have brought them all together to a Day of which there is no doubt, when every soul will be paid in full what it hath earned, and they will not be wronged.

    Say: O Allah! Owner of Sovereignty! Thou givest sovereignty unto whom Thou wilt, and Thou withdrawest sovereignty from whom Thou wilt. Thou exaltest whom Thou wilt, and Thou abasest whom Thou wilt. In Thy hand is the good. Lo! Thou art Able to do all things.

    Thou causest the night to pass into the day, and Thou causest the day to pass into the night. And Thou bringest forth the living from the dead, and Thou bringest forth the dead from the living. And Thou givest sustenance to whom Thou choosest, without stint.

    Let not the believers take disbelievers for their friends in preference to believers. Whoso doeth that hath no connection with Allah unless (it be) that ye but guard yourselves against them, taking (as it were) security. Allah biddeth you beware (only) of Himself. Unto Allah is the journeying.

    Say, (O Muhammad): Whether ye hide that which is in your breasts or reveal it, Allah knoweth it. He knoweth that which is in the heavens and that which is in the earth, and Allah is Able to do all things.

    On the Day when every soul will find itself confronted with all that it hath done of good and all that it hath done of evil (every soul) will long that there might be a mighty space of distance between it and that (evil). Allah biddeth you beware of Him. And Allah is Full of Pity for (His) bondmen.

    Say, (O Muhammad, to mankind): If ye love Allah, follow me; Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

    Say: Obey Allah and the messenger. But if they turn away, lo! Allah loveth not the disbelievers (in His guidance).

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  36. HOW ON EARTH did someone greenlight the website for this segment? Hahahaha

  37. The Deep State contrives¹ to advance its agenda. Citizens may yet prevail upon the commander-in-chief² to continue in office. This recent incident on Capitol Hill is a prelude of the fury that a leader must deal with when 40 million Americans lose their benefits and millions of businesses permanently halt their operations.


    ¹ Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee: yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them, even them that contended with thee: they that war against thee shall be as nothing, and a thing of nought. For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. — Isaiah, ch. 41, v. 10-13.

    ² The commander-in-chief does not take orders. He gives them.


  39. Trump has doubled down on his recent incitement to an insurgency that caused the deadly assault on the Capitol! That should “incite” a few (just one?) GOP Representatives to vote for his impeachment. GOP Reps and Senators should remember that he put their lives at risk without showing the slightest regret!

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