Thursday , January 20 2022
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FBI to Investigate Video of Female Student Body-Slammed by Cop | NBC Nightly News

The FBI will open a civil rights investigation into why an officer violently threw a student to the ground in a South Carolina classroom, caught on video now gone viral.
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FBI to Investigate Video of Female Student Body-Slammed by Cop | NBC Nightly News


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  1. No one attack me, but I find it entertaining when she was slammed and dragged. It was so fast

  2. Thank God I don't live in America.

  3. Had to learn her lesson somehow

  4. girl: gets yeeted across the country

    everyone else: y’all hear something?

  5. When your teacher calls your mom and you’re mom comes to you’re class

  6. Im sorry but if a cop or any adult slams my daughter like that might as well clear their calendar n break their dinner plate cuz they aint going home

  7. Cop: yeet
    Me: wow your really making cops look better for the people that already hate cops.

  8. It's been 4 years now!! What happened to the FBI investigation? Just what I thought, NOTHING TO SEE HERE!! JUST ANOTHER DISCIPLINARY ISSUE THAT MAMMA SHOULD'A HANDLED AT HOME!!!

  9. You can CLEARLY SEE that she attempts to punch that cop!! GOOD FOR HIM for taking swift action to protect HIMSELF and others in that classroom!!!

  10. If that'd been a BLACK cop, this wouldn't have even been as issue. (NOTICE HOW I USED PROPER GRAMMAR?)

  11. when you get dragged across the floor by a cop oof. when you get fired mega ooooooooooooooooooooffffffffffff

  12. if you guys wanna make a difference join the police or sheriff. Blue lifes matter but not that one

  13. I will give that officer a medal. Because that student wanted to be treated like an adult. She is most likely 1 of those who think they are entitled to everything.

  14. it the polices job to protect the students but there no one to protect the student from them.

    * Yeets across room *
    The school: Oh ok Gives a good teacher award
    Me: So how many brain cells do I have left?

  16. I think he did the right. Student wasn't co-operating and had previously been asked to leave more then once. So he did what was necessary

  17. Shoot my school doesn’t even have a security guard

  18. Poor kid got kicked in the head in the back

  19. Yup that’s Richland county Greenville county and Simpsonville county are disappointed

  20. Wooowwww those classmates are like

    Classmates: ummm.. Ok

  21. It doesn’t matter if she wasn’t listening it’s not like she’s touching anyone a administrator could have came in and take her even if she didn’t leave that still doesn’t give them the right to put their hands on them and then the girl that stood us for her I wish a officer would do something like that they’ll be hearing from my parents and I hope he gets charged with a assault fired from the school and his work PERIOD

  22. Jesus, that was harsh he didn't need to drag her across the floor

  23. that is what those kids need, a strong hand and even more

  24. I hope the teacher and principal reads this your a bad person

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