Saturday , October 16 2021
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FDA Recommends Cutting Salt in American Foods

The FDA issued new guidance to cut the amount of salt in processed, packaged and prepared foods, hoping to cut sodium consumption by 12 percent.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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FDA Recommends Cutting Salt in American Foods


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  1. "why did it take so long?" um maybe cause there's actually no science that shows a direct link between high salt & any health problems. There's certainly links to low salt & issues in some people (like myself) but to my knowledge there's still no actual evidence of problems with high salt intakes. No different to potassium, or even water, the body just self-regulates & rejects what it doesn't need

  2. When you going to get rid of all the sugar

  3. You do get used to lower salt. The problem is: all prepared foods start tasting too salty so you have to make more home cooked stuff. Home made tastes better anyway, so no big loss.

  4. This is an insane paid statement by meds to fda, sugar is the real problem not the salt, those who follow other people's views are like animals, at least be rational, make distinction between right and wrong

  5. They need to start with lays potato chips. Why lays? Why is there so much salt in your potato chips? 😩

  6. Meanwhile highfructose syrup, hydrogenated oils, and especially Soy

  7. I will now double my salt intake because the FDA told me not to.

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  9. I have avoided overages of sodium most all my life, and STILL… it's everywhere and in everything.

    Processed sodium is the biggest issue, too. Such as MSG. Sea salt isn't so bad (just like natural cane sugar compared to HFCS).

    Oh well. 😕

  10. We eat bad food all day. 24 7 a day.

  11. If the FDA.really cared about our health, they will put warning labels on process food. And warning labels on everything that has sugar

  12. How u going to track how much salt a person uses outside store

  13. Whats his age again didnt say

  14. sodium is good for health, should be cutting oil, not sodium. sodium with fish. dried fish and then smoke it

  15. Salt isn't good anyways. Putting salt in your water is not healthy.

  16. The Salty Army is legion
    Let's go Brandon!

  17. Salt isn’t the problem. Chronic high insulin effects the kidneys ability to regulate salt in the body. Seed oil and high carb diets are to blame for heart disease! Oh, wait that’s My Plate! Excess salt in the body is a symptom not the main problem. The FDA refuses to take on the food industry and instead will throw millions of tax dollars to start yet another fruitless campaign this time against salt. Yikes!!!

  18. The salt must flow!!! 🧂 🧂 Let's go Brandon!

  19. Ease up on the 🍔 & 🍟 !

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