Thursday , January 21 2021
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Fed Chair Powell, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin testify before House

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testify before House financial services committee.

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  1. The voter fraud legal cases need to look into the other offices that were voted for. Many straight republican tickets were voted in.


  3. What do you think it's all a joke

  4. Wheres our stimulus we need it people are going hungry and homeless or dont you care

  5. Foreclosing on a 90-Year-Old Woman over 27 Cents and Other Heartwarming Tales from Steven Mnuchin’s Days at OneWest


    DECEMBER 1, 2016 3:35 PM



  6. All of a sudden they want us to automatically be United with the Democratic party. Here is a response to, let us all be a “United States” again, From Joe Biden.

    For the last 4+ years, the Democrats have gone scorched earth. You have salted the fields and now you want to grow crops.

    The problem is we have memories longer than a hamster.

    We remember the women’s march the day after inauguration.

    We remember the 4 years of attacks and impeachments

    We remember “not our president” and the “Resistance…”

    We remember Maxie Walters telling followers to harass us in restaurants.

    We remember the Presidents spokesperson being kicked out of a restaurant.

    We remember hundreds of Trump supporters physically attacked.

    We remember Trump supporters getting Doxed, and fired from jobs.

    We remember riots, and looting

    We remember “a comedian” holding up the President’s severed head

    We remember a play in Central park paid with public funding, showing the killing of President Trump

    We remember Robert de Niro yelling “F" Trump” at the Tony’s and getting a standing ovation.

    We remember Nancy Pelosi tearing up the State of the Union Address.

    We remember the total in the tank move on the mainstream media

    We remember the non-stop and live fact checking on our President and his supporters.

    We remember non-stop in your face lies and open cover-ups from the media.

    We remember the President and his staff being spied on.

    We remember Republican legislators shot on a ballfield.

    We remember every so-called comedy show turn into nothing but Trump hate fest.

    We remember 95% negative coverage in the news.

    We remember the state governors asking and getting everything they ask for and then blaming Trump for their problems.

    We remember a Trump top aid verbally assaulted in two DC restaurants.

    We remember people banging on the Supreme Court doors.

    We remember that we were called every name in the book for supporting President Trump.

    We remember that Hollywood said they would leave after Trump was elected but they stayed.

    This list is endless, but you get the idea.

    My friends will be my friends, but a party that has been on the attack for 4 long years does not get a free pass.

  7. No one there. That is shameful. Thank you Democrats for taking the life out of politics!!!!!! You will not WIN>> 1776

  8. No one there. That is shameful. Thank you Democrats for taking the life out of politics!!!!!! You will not WIN>> 1776

  9. High tech IT is way beyond the grasp even on the average level of the lawmakers and the Government employees. This is similar to high tech equipment in facilities pushed through new construction facilities and systems that cannot be managed and maintained by the intelligence level of the average worker, resulting in wasted assets manipulated by the elite few companies.

  10. Create fear you loser. Covid and you are a joke. People are smart and tired of the Lawless Democrat assault on our Nation. Patriots are strong..

  11. This Waters woman is rude. She needs to listen & stop talking. As well, she needs to live in the community she represents and not in another party of the city with the "rich" of which she speaks of so disparagingly.

  12. All the Democrats did was cry 😢 about money going back to the federal reserve they have no intention of giving money to the people it’s all about Banks and college

  13. Trump Putin bank fraud Deutsch bank grifter family scheme

  14. wouldnt need any stimulus if you democrats didnt lock everything up

  15. Does Waters and Harris swap Clothes ?

  16. Well I heard on the news yesterday that the CDC said we had 25% more than we had. My State Questioned CDC on Why they were showing more than reported. I guess you Can't have those conservative states showing everyone else up!!!! If this is happening in ALL the States the numbers CDC are showing are Wrong!!! They are Trying to make us believe there are more cases then there are.
    News Media and Dems and Big Tech want Trump out because he has been fighting Globalism.

  17. If we don’t get stimulated check we might as well to shut the government down

  18. We were suppose to be getting a stimulus check for 8 months and haven’t got nothing we are struggling do y’all not care about us Muchin no

  19. Yes we do need stimulus checks y’all might not need it but some of us live on social security and are in need of a stimulus check you must have money we don’t we have to struggle

  20. Please we need stimulus checks we are struggling bad

  21. We need stimulus checks we are struggling

  22. Y’all do not care about the American people or a stimulus package would of done been passed y’all wouldn’t care if we all died

  23. We need STIMULUS Checks before we are out on the streets some of us already are do y’all ever care

  24. America has been promised a Stimulus Check for mos.We cant pay our bills,let alone buy Christmas presents for our kids or buy groceries,payelectric or water bills,insurance,etc.Please think abt us .

  25. Maxine Waters…LOL your a f***ckin Joke!

  26. viva TRUMP GANADOR ……los globalitas al INFIERNO

  27. Why we talking about this? We have to deal with the voting issues

  28. Now we know how she has stayed in office so long…..

  29. FED is hiring. They are desparately looking for lumber jacks to cut down swaths of forests.

  30. Madame Chair Maxine Waters condescending and dismissive to republican speakers.

  31. SHUT the government down it doesn't work anyway

  32. Waters shouldn't be in any position of power.

  33. We love America you guys are failing us

  34. Airlines what about the poor and stimulus checks finally

  35. Return the money to the people

  36. Simple put people money back in their pockets help build up economy an keep your jobs you give them their own money back to put back into economy keep things running truckers going stop wheels if no ppe for them

  37. Thank all whom represents the people truely

  38. This money stop going to political family pockets they no struggling

  39. Income gets lower prices go higher

  40. Yes cause rise in power bills an neccesary items for hygienic needs water rent electricity

  41. Be nice Christmas just have help

  42. Yes an including truckers in the deal cause they are back bone for all

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