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Female Syrian doctor saved lives in an underground hospital during airstrikes | Nightline

Dr. Amani Ballour speaks with “Nightline” about helping thousands of civilians who were injured by bombing and chemical attacks in a hospital 65 feet below the surface known as “The Cave.”


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  1. Where ever Islam is allowed to exist, civilization instantly turns into a violent $hithole.

  2. The criminal media, always making Islamic Immigrants out as heroes, 24/7.

  3. More BS propaganda. Assad is doing the right thing. He always has been. The people that actually do these chemical attacks, are ISIS, not Assad.

  4. Well well ABC at it again you don't talk about the whistle blower on OPCW. You don't talk about EU/US soldiers who killed civilians who helped Taliban in Afghanistan. What happened to leader/founder of White Helmet, he died before the whistle blower, and that chemical attack is more like a film then anything. You have to be sheep to believe in this bs.

  5. I didn't see one real patient. this is as fair as the white helmets

  6. Correction ABC; this is not a "Civil War", this is an invasion by ISIS and funded by the CIA to knock off Assad for natural gas pipelines.

  7. Erase. Assad is killing Syria Arabs and Assad is not killing Kurds.

  8. Assad is killing Syria Arabs not Kurds.

  9. Pretty sure the women in the non-jihadi held parts of Syria can do whatever they want.

  10. turkey created Isis to take out Syria so it would be extremly easier for the turkish regime to go after Isreal which there is so much evidence that proves this enough is enough the european nations and nato need to go after turkey like right NOW

  11. Thank you to the heroes who continue to stand in the pain to help others.

  12. No matter where Al Qaeda hide they will never escape,

  13. Female whore to ISIS saves terrorists lives.

  14. Pointless conflicts and brutality.

  15. Dear Americans, do not want to pay the price to know in depth the leftist socialist misery. If you allow this misfortune to happen, remember that crying doesn't solve the problem. Venezuelans and almost all of Latin America countries was destroyed and thousands of people died because of this socialist illusion.
    Liberals-Leftists-Democrats, they are evident psychopaths, they have corruption in their blood, they are liars and murderers, they destroy every nation they take … History shows and proves that it is fact.
    As well as the people who vote for the leftists-Democrats are totally guilty and complicit because they keep feeding the establishment's, organized crime.

  16. We're honored to help bring light to Dr. Amani Ballour's story. Her courage and determination has left us feeling so inspired!

  17. That is staged, scripted and dramatically executed for affect.

  18. America supply the weapons…

  19. She should have met Mr. Epstein as a young girl. She wouldn't be in that filthy cave. Bill Clinton would have taken good care of her.

  20. And yet, Amerikkka will still call her a evil person.

  21. This should happen in America it may make them decent human beings.

  22. Remember when ABC covered up Epstein and let more children get abused?

  23. War is hell. Like Mr. Rogers Mom said when you see bad things "Look for the helpers. There will always be helpers".

  24. See… there ARE good people still living on earth!

  25. God bless Syria and save real syrians

  26. What difference does it make that she is female?!?! Dang these women need to get off there high horse and come back down to earth. Men and women are made of dust and when you pass away you go back to being dust. Your no better than men and men are no better than women. We all have different roles to play. Play them and be happy and stop trying to get a one up on each other with this feminism. It’s so unattractive when a woman wants recognition for what she does but we love the ones that just do and those are the ones that shine the most and don’t look for anything in return

  27. Strange but did ABC News report that the gassing in Syria was fake many years ago?

    Just like Epstein, they completely ignored the story. Again.

  28. Sheeple are so dumbed down they don't realize Pedogate was real, those are US bombs on civilians and the orphans will be trafficked to elite for RAPE. (ABC kills stories like Epsteine)

  29. Bing bang I'm kind of lost lol

  30. She didn't save lives….. She kept terrorist alive. So what she's actually done is get more good people killed by these terrorists.

  31. Tucker Carlson just reported that this was all a hoax. People don’t believe it!

  32. I don't believe a single word of this. Not one single word. Even if it is true stop trying to force regime change and your culture on others and this won't happen. If a one world order was a good thing wars wouldn't have to be fought to force it into existence.

    Aww they are forced to care identification. You mean like a driver's license, social security number and a state issues I.d. Aww, poor poor things. How terrible. Only the Nazis forced people to carry identification papers. (Cough cough). That would never happen in a free nation. In the land of the free and home of the brave (Cough cough)

  33. This is just sickening. I want off this planet🛸

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