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Festive Fun at Clivedon House & Shoe Shopping in Selfridges! | Fashion Mumblr

A festive day at Clivedon House; Wreath Making, a Wrapping Masterclass & More – PLUS getting spendy on designer shoes in Selfridges!
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❤ Mentioned in this Video ❤

Pandora Charm Necklace :
Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes (flat, gold sparkly) : http://bit.ly/2fI3O4V
Gianvitto Rossi Gold Strappy Shoes : http://bit.ly/2gCyjO3
Gianvitto Rossi Rose Gold Shoes : http://bit.ly/2fIiqkR

❤ What I Wore ❤

Jeans : http://bit.ly/2fAQAGX
Jumper : http://bit.ly/2gB7kT9
Coat : http://bit.ly/2gBfef9
Joules Coat : http://bit.ly/2gttMe5
Joules Wellies : http://bit.ly/2fyPUqC

Gucci Bag : http://bit.ly/2gyA3p4

Shop my Outfit Favourites in the Fashion Mumblr Shop:


Necklace : http://go.pandora.net/299Rawc
Rings : http://bit.ly/2aDBkbD


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  1. Love the shoes! Watched to the end. Purple Heart!!!

  2. I've never gotten the big appeal about Pandora…

  3. Are you able to save any money.

  4. Purple heart. Love your vids, Josie. xoxo

  5. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  6. #PurpleHeart The Vlog was not that long darling. I enjoyed it. I loved those silver loafers with pearl detailing on the heels, looks very festive yet elegant for night parties or outings. <3

  7. You film at the best locations! I love everything Christmas. I would have loved to be with the Pandora group I have their bracelets in rose gold, yellow gold and silver.
    Your heels are stunning wish I was shorter!! Thank you for sharing. Another beautiful video! 🎄🎄🎄

  8. Hey, I love your work and I am obsessed with your videos, vlogs and your Insta photos… great effort put by you…. lots of love.. & I love Dexter and Dickens…💜💜💜💜💜💜

  9. I and my two daughters in the San Francisco Bay Area love your blogs Josie. They are such mood lifters. I’ve been admiring the person who mixes the music for your installations. I’ve heard many songs I love but have never heard before. Would love it if there is any way you could leave a list of the music along with your lists of clothing and makeup. Thanks so much for your delightful style and best of all, your voice.

  10. one again this is the 20000th time i say this if you want to show us where you're staying try not to be in the middle of the shot we can't see anything it's not the hard to flip the camera and film it i hope you will do that next time anyway i love your videos

  11. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  12. Fantastic vlog Josie, so classy xx

  13. Pls show us how to make a perfect bow! Thx:)

  14. Josie, I would love it if you would mention the shade of lipstick you are wearing on the desc box. 😙 Love you!

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