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FESTIVE GUIDE TO LONDON // The Best Places to Visit at Christmas // Fashion Mumblr

A FESTIVE GUIDE TO LONDON – I am SO excited to share this video with you! Here is my festive guide to London – my favourite places to visit at this special time of year, a Christmas guide showing the best shopping areas and a Winter lookbook.
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❤ What I Wore ❤

Outfit 1
Cream nordic jumper –
Leggings –
Boots –
Bag –
Earrings –
Ring –
Watch –

Outfit 2
White flute sleeve jumper –
Skirt –
Boots –
Bag –
Sunglasses –
Earrings –
Ring –
Watch –
Bracelet –

Outfit 3
Jumper –

Outfit 4
Asymmetric Jumper –
Leggings –
Boots –
Bag –
Earrings –
Ring –
Watch –
Bracelet –

Outfit 5
Embellished Jumper –
Pink skirt –
Pearl heels –
Pink bag –
Earrings –
Ring –
Watch –
Bracelet –

❤ The Best Places in London To Visit At Christmas❤

Carnaby Street
Regent Street
Burlington Arcade
Old Bond Street
Forest on the roof Selfridges
Natural History Museum
Hyde Park – Winter Wonderland
Dalloway Terrace



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  1. Happy hump day darlings! I am SO excited to be able to share my festive guide to London with you! All of my favourite places to visit at Christmas and a Winter Lookbook! I hope you enjoy 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. CHINA russians buy everything

  3. I loved this video ! So dreamy and good to find its all real ,, would LOVE to spend my Christmas in London !🌸

  4. How are you walking around without a coat? It’s never that warm here 😂 I wish I was this brave

  5. Uhhh I want it to be Xmas again

  6. Great n festive video! Thank u for sharing

  7. Well it's the most festive time of the year and the busiest .
    People will be out buying for and spending on their loved ones .

    I wonder what atrocities the Muslims will have in store for us this year ?
    Will another 🚚 be ploughed into people ? Will another 💣 go off ? Or will people be run over on their way to buy a 🦃 ?

    Please ' please be careful this year BRITISH 🇬🇧 people

  8. Menudo truñazo sólo enseñando su ropa , que quiero ver Londres señora

  9. I was hoping for more of Christmas in this video, but their was nothing, only posing.

  10. Beautiful Video I love Christmas 👍👍👍👍👍👍💖🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅

  11. Lovely video…love the clothes☺

  12. is it possible to make a gf on Christmas night ??

  13. So beautiful!!!! Really wanna go there during christmas time in the future!

  14. Loved this video so much!! I found it so helpful!!

  15. I find myself looking at your Christmas videos over and over again! Love them and God bless you! –Gwenda

  16. I use my son's iPad, but I'm Gwenda!

  17. I love this video, the music and seeing London, your accent, your decor and clothing! I'm older and will be 65 Christmas Eve Night! I love the makeup and fashions suitable for me. Your mother is cute! I saw her in a video with a baby blue sweater and scarf tied around her neck…I believe all of you were in the airport! She also looked so lovely! Merry Christmas from Gwenda in the USA !!! God bless you!

  18. What filter do you use to edit your pics?

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