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'Fight for $15' denies reality of low-skilled workers: Former McDonald's CEO

Former McDonald’s USA CEO Ed Rensi comments on the new “Fight for $15” being pushed at highway rest-stop fast food restaurants.

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  1. Burger flippers do not deserve $15/hour. They rather get better skills in IT sectors or health care sectors for better jobs.

  2. This mans white all I heard is I’m privileged

  3. Hell you get a car ! You get a car ! Why not it makes sense 🤔

  4. Unionize, go ahead morons, $15 hour minus union dues = mental retardation

  5. What kind of skill-set do you need to flip burgers or pour drinks? Management is something entirely different, yes, but making McDonald's food isn't hard. I'm not saying it's enjoyable either, but what do you expect?

  6. Solution- Acquire a marketable skill that pays more. Hate to burst your millennial bubbles but there really aren’t participation trophies 🏆 given out in the real world.

  7. You can't have $15 an hour when our politicians, judges and media have been advocating, aiding, abetting and facilitating the illegal alien invasion. The purpose of the invasion to displace Americans and drive down wages. If we did not have the illegals the wages would have naturally risen a lot higher than it is now.

  8. At some point it will become more cost effective to use Automated robots rather than humans. Fast food workers need to learn a lesson from the auto industry before they price themselves out of a job.

  9. Never heard of raising a Family working at a fast food joint. Hell they don''t even want kids. Much less get married and move out of the house.

  10. Sorry, but the McDonalds I worked at expected people to know everything without hands on training. I believe the min wage is pointless but them saying they train is a bit farfetched for me.

  11. When the school systems do not teach real skills in the high schools let alone math and science and how to read then you are screwing the kids. They cannot do anything other than work at low paying jobs. Not everyone can have the newest cell phones and most expensive designer shoes

  12. When he said there's a lot of waste and fraud he is directly addressing the problem of Employee theft. It's very hard to hire good people these days for these type of jobs. Get ready for serious automation.

  13. Mexicans get 15.00 an hour 7 years ago in Southern Jersey! !!!

  14. So if minimum wages goes up, does the ppl that makes 20$ an hours goes up too? If not that would sucks because cost of living goes up. Everyone just want a handout and ppl that suffer is the ppl that work hard to get to where they're at. Pretty much Socialism

  15. What an unbiased opinion from some greedy crony capitalist shill! Some real credibility right there, folks!

  16. Leftists are ignorant losers.

  17. Illegal labor would do it for less as they do all the other jobs Americans feel they are too good for. Ironic that.

  18. The ledites return,
    adapt or falter
    Low skill is no skill

  19. I'll take 15 an hour, and bring nothing to the table. Just to do a shitty job … or, I'll gather a lot of different skills, be valuable and never have to whine about what I make. Unless I find out a less skilled lazy worker is also in the same pay range.

  20. Same work – same wage from a global, it has to be, otherwise you're just saying that some hands are dirty.

  21. 15 is ok, but then half the workers will have to work twice as hard and the other half will lose their jobs!

  22. Remember when minimum wage jobs were held by teenagers who sucked at the job? Now minimum wage jobs are staffed with adults who suck at their job. More often than not the adults barely speak English. Typical Democrats: attack the wrong problem and make it worse. Wages have never been the problem its always been greed. That's simplistic because there are too many factors to list.

  23. You guys think licking ice cream is bad.
    You have no idea…

  24. "Learning wage" and "living wage" are 2 different things in my opinion just like entery level, apprentice level, master level jobs. $15 is far too high for entery level at a fast food restaurant. You would drive the businesses that our young can easily work at right out of business, just like some of the things they may be known for. McDonald's always contributed a lot of what was earned to the well-being of children and families …

  25. Paying a minimum “living wage” takes away any incentive to stay in school and graduate. So, any broom pusher can raise a family? Any burger flipper? Anyone with a pulse gets a “living wage?”

  26. Automation will take over if $15 is the new Minimum Wage. After all, a McDonald's Computer won't get your order wrong, and a human worker will get your order WRONG 50% of the time. As for it already being rolled out, along the Interstate between Utah and Colorado, they are already in place. You place your order with an automated touch screen.

  27. Federal minimum wage never was and never will be the solution. When unemployment is low companies compete for employees by offering better compensation. It's market driven like the man said.

    Unions are part of the problem and always will be. I used to contract out and hated union job sites, takes twice as long to finish work, if it sprinkles a little they punch out which meant I had to as well. When your bidding jobs they drove the cost through the roof.

  28. This is designed to drive to automation, which means they end up just getting FREE EVERYTHING from the GUBMENT.

  29. Of course. These fclng morons think McDonald’s is a job you build and raise a family on. These jobs were ONCE filled by welfare rats and teenagers. That’s EXACTLY who SHOULD be working there.. not Jose Gonzalez with A wife & 5 kids (who already get free housing, free phones/internet, free food, free school, free healthcare, free cars, etc etc)💰🗳🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

  30. So he just said you're not worth the money. Call- in and let the owner run the place tomorrow; that will settle it.

  31. Americans attacking each other so the rich can get richer, how not surprising you were so easy to divide and conquer.

  32. Minimum wage goes up so does everything else in the end we all pay more for everything

  33. That's a lot for cooking pre-packaged processed food from the freezer and fridge. It's not like they actually "cook".

  34. Don't care McDonald's is a disgusting hog waler

  35. There is no moral justification for a legally imposed minimum wage at all. If a worker and an employer are both content with a labor agreement, then no third party has any right to interfere in that agreement.

  36. When social programs like section 8,public housing, subsidize housing, food stamps and daycare assistance was provided.. people could work for less and get by..
    But nooooo! Not my tax dollar attitude! Take my tax dollars out of the economy and give it to Israel man, yeah! Pay up or shut up!

  37. A federal minimum wage is a joke when you have a cost of living discrepancy of about 150% from one coast to the other.

  38. Anyone who is stupid enough to join a union for fast food workers to try to get a $15 an hour wage for flipping a burger or salting fries or mopping a floor is an idiot that deserves to be fired! We do not need $15 an hour burger flippers or cashiers at supermarkets or average floor help at a target! Businesses that rely upon unskilled and uneducated workers cannot survive a $15 an hour wage. What will happen is franchises as well as mom and pop type stores Will not be able to stay in business. They will start closing up the businesses and people that rely upon these bottom dollar on skilled uneducated jobs will wind up unemployed.

  39. Why are people fighting for 15 why not 12 or some kind of middle ground

  40. Let me for the folks that hate the minimum wage tell me how much should we get paid for if there are no federal minimum wage

  41. Right: State by State; County by County; District by District !!!!

  42. I am a McDonald's drive thru cashier. I love my little job. Teens get hired in the summer. The unions need to leave us alone. We get many customers from all over the greater area because our minimum wage is lowest so therefore so are our prices.

  43. It's all illegitimate crack money, you genocidal land thieves. Make yourselves comfortable in a stolen land. Natives are still impoverished but your concern is the opportunistic land thieves? Opportunity for everyone except for the original inhabitants, huh? You will never be welcome after what has occurred and you should have the decency to leave.

  44. $400-$500 dollar training omg . $15 is minimum living wage and less then that is starvation wage .

  45. How about his 40 million paycheck

  46. My local McDonald’s replaced the cashiers with touch screens

  47. I had to stop going to McDonald's because I couldn't afford to feed my family there. What you get is not worth it.

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