Saturday , July 24 2021
Home / News / First Images Of Hurricane Dorian-Ravaged Bahamas Shows Devastating Destruction | NBC Nightly News

First Images Of Hurricane Dorian-Ravaged Bahamas Shows Devastating Destruction | NBC Nightly News

Above Abaco, image shows an island paradise turned paradise lost, with debris fields for miles, houses surrounded by water and boats littered across the island.
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First Images Of Hurricane Dorian-Ravaged Bahamas Shows Devastating Destruction | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The cruise ship industry makes plenty of money shuttling vacationers to the islands year round, wonder why they can't, or won't send some cruise ships down there to house the people temporarily? It's not like they wouldn't get paid to do so, plus surely their tax wizards can find all sorts of ways to write off depreciation for usage and whatever else they can come up with. Not to mention, it could be used as great public relations.

    They're missing a perfectly good opportunity to bleed the U.S. tax payers or whatever countries tax payers for an actual good reason. Our greedy Capitalistic movers and shakers have been bleeding the U.S. tax payers with the private detention centers and prisons for quite some time, charging $750 a head a day in some instances.

    This being an international event, and considering vacationers from all over the world visit the islands, the U.S. tax payers shouldn't be the only ones paying to help.

    Population of the Bahama's 2019, roughly 391,000, a good bit of people who could afford to leave, probably left the islands before the storm hit. 45% of home destroyed, so fortunately there are still over half of the homes still habitable. Cruise ships can hold anywhere from 4K, 5K, and 6K people. Say 200,000 people need shelter, divided by 5000 ship capacity, roughly 40 ships give or take Even 20 would certainly help.

  2. Not unprecedented; amid known prone historically vulnerable region affected by tropical cyclones & Hurricanes. Bahamas has plenty of funds to support own recovery. Beside part of UK, even Canada. An offshore financial corruption & criminal haven indulging kleptocracy, corporateers, drugs & criminals.

  3. Engineering is a serious problem in the Bahamas. The buildings should be better designed to prevent this type of problem. Building standards needs to be improved in that country.

  4. Perfect. That’s what people want. Troubles. I predict an increase in turnover of the construction business of 500%. What a beneficial event. Millions of dollars income!

  5. Isn't the Bahamas a UK protectorate? Send the refugees to Britain not the USA. We are full and already have enough.

  6. Hey NBC News…please do a segment on how much time CNN spent talking about Trump's errors while the people of Bahama is in ruins. CNN has their agenda, which is 100% anti-American, anti-Trump,…truly the enemy of the people. NBC not much better.

  7. It stalled over the Island….looks like GOD almighty had something in mind. When the righteous rule the people rejoice, when the wicked rule the people mourn. Wanna bet?

  8. Omg these poor people how terrifying it would be to have to survive this…

  9. My heart goes out to all these people on this islandmy hobby is CB radios I have a friend of mine out there named golden carhe lost everything but he has faith that they can get the island back together someday but it's going to take years and years months and months days and daysit is so bad that the island can't take anymore if it had never had the island is almost gone your radio hobbyist a few nurses your radio station CB radio station state of the shooting star state of Virginia on a citizen band CB signing out

  10. Such a terrible tragedy prayers and love! For all people and animals

  11. Wish i could go with red cross and help

  12. Don’t worry…..big bad “racist “ America will help you out……even though the demonic left will continue to bash trump 24/7/365

  13. Dam..that is real Decimation by Inundation.

  14. Hurricane Maria revealed that Puerto Rico was overthrown by the USA. Hurricane Dorian revealed that the monarchy has overthrown the Bahama Islands. Neither of these islands are Christian. They are being gainsayed by Islam. The Battle of Armageddon, which is the Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty, is the Battle which ends all battles. It is where CHRIST SLAMS ALL RELIGION.

  15. St. Luke 12:2
    “For there is nothing couered, that shall not be reuealed, neither hid, that shall not be knowen.” 

    1611 King James Version (KJV)

  16. This is so sad makes me 😢. Publix is accepting donation money for those affected by the hurricane.

  17. Paradise Lost. This reminds me of the Flood. Have you ever seen a storm as strong as this? The storm
    causing so much life and power and lasted three weeks? Ladies and gentleman were nearing the end of the days we know. Is anyone building an Ark? I will help you with the blessings. The weather nation are looking at another two storms. Also there's another storm in the lesser Antilles. His name is Emberto . Boys this isn't climate change it is by design. Also a cyclone is approaching Japan. Have you notice the lack of news about possible war with, Argentina, n. Korea, Afghanistan, talk's current yet bombing continue,ECT boring e CT. This storm is going to hit CANADA. DEMONIC EXAMPLE. DON'T BELIEVE LOOK UP CURRENT EVENTS. THANKS ROSARIO

  18. PRAYERS to the Bahamas…It reminds me when Puerto Rico was hit with a Hurricane…Climate change is destroying our earth's precious jewels….That means anything that God created….

  19. Well, we are already seeing effects of l8mate change, if trump isn’t convinced then it’s only going to get worse!!!!

  20. Bahamas will recover like Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  21. Well I have no right to complain about anything.

  22. It's amazing NBC can even say the truth. It's amazing there's still real truth in you instead of fake pictures fake news


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