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Flight attendant charged with being intoxicated l ABC News

Passengers aboard a United Express flight raised alarms and one tweeted a video appearing to show the flight attendant slumped over in her seat.

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  1. Don't blame her people stress you out

  2. If she was smoking …
    she wouldn’t look like that …


  4. if they were so concerned, why is reaction #1 to reach for the smartphone and film away!????

  5. A bunch of assholes just mad because she wasnt giving them any booze

  6. Drinking on the job is "Unacceptable Behavior" no matter what the "Profession" is!!!!

  7. Pretty sure her life was crappy so she decided to drug or drink alcohol to herself lmao

    Hope she gets treatment

  8. Who the fuck flies from Chicago to South Bend ?? That's a short drive/train ride from the city

  9. Omg leave the woman some dignity!! this is tough to watch..shame on the airline for not taking notice sooner only to have a scandal like this arise so publicly. Get clean mrs!!

  10. Awwe she was just having a bad day ☹️.
    Still shouldn’t be working like that honey, Self care is important. When you care about yourself you can care for others better.

  11. That was sickening to watch this how could they let her get on the plane knowing that she too drunk to do that

  12. Denzel Washington move out the way

  13. Oh for god sake!! She wasn’t the pilot. Get her some help and time off without pay. We are such a f’d up society.
    Love it when the tv reporter says “frightening!” There were other attendants on the plane.

  14. For all those saying she wasn’t flying the plane , you try to go to work intoxicated and see how that flies ? She’s on the clock , you show up to work ready and alert .

  15. They all need breathalyzer tests including the pilot . Seems like they’re notorious for this kind of stuff .

  16. Anyone ever wonder why they don't have parachutes for the airplanes themselves if the airplane is going down you could save a lot of lives definitely a conspiracy of some kind🛬🛬🛬

  17. Lmao. People frightened of a drunk lady. No ones safety was at risk.

  18. This ain't news. Theres so many other real tragedies going on worldwide than a drunk flight attendant.

  19. If only the people in the comments were her boss she would be getting a raise

  20. 5 times the legal limit for flight attendants? So there’s a legal limit flight attendants can drink?

  21. Maybe the flight crew just wanted to get her to her home.

  22. Instead of attacking or what isn't someone try to get her some help if she's maybe going through something. #noonesperfect

  23. Totally agree with main comments. Of course big companies cant have that humanistic view.

  24. She was on the soul plane & maybe she's afraid of heights

  25. "FEAR FOR THEIR SAFETY' HOW…FUKN…STUPID!!!!!!! People are such drama babies these days. The dumbass isn't FLYING THE DAMN PLANE. Safety MY ASS

  26. Have compassion for the poor lady.

  27. Y'all really have compassion for this lady in the comments I see. But let it had been a black female flight attendant though… #Yep #RaceCardPulled
    Don't @ me.

  28. She isn’t the pilot…. why the fuck would anyone be scared for their safety? She’s a waitress in the sky lmao

  29. White people doing white people shit. Nothing to see here

  30. She probably had enough of dealing with asshole passengers for years

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