Flight attendants push for renewed infant seat policy

There’s a renewed push from the Association of Flight Attendants for lawmakers to change infant flight policy, keeping babies off laps and in their own seats on planes. NBC News’ Miguel Almaguer has more details on what this could mean for families.

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  1. No baby can sit for 18 hours or 7 hours unless boozed like pilots and crew. Those is support are not parents or can become one. Can the airline guarantee passenger safety in case of air trouvalanc?

  2. Those airlines might be pushing for seat requirements but you know what they won't do, wave seat fees for said child

  3. Yet they put kids in a school bus. Without seatbelts

  4. Ask yourself how much good a seatbelt will do for you or your kid when you’re plummeting to the ground from 35000 feet.

  5. So you cannot sit there on a parents lap in the car, so why is a plane considered a vehicle. This seems logical af!! FAA and airlines are idiots!

  6. If you can’t afford to fly, because you can’t afford extra seats for your kids to ensure their safety and comfort, then you don’t get to travel…bottom line.

    Flights are not a human right they are a luxury 🙄🙄.

  7. I've never flown, but this and school busses without seat belts never really made sense to me.

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  9. I commend Maskoffaid for their genuine service, with them I made $10,000 successfully

  10. I agree. They need to be properly restrained!

  11. Children that young shouldn't be on planes anyway. And if the law requires you to use car seats, why are planes any different? You'd get fined if you held your child in your lap while in the car. Maybe this regulation will make some people stop and think if their travel with an infant is really necessary.

  12. No don't be stupid stupid people doing the right things is what we sets us apart from being stupid people when the time to surcure your baby is necessary logic and reasoning behind this proactive approach everyone benefits safety of all it's passagers are meet and respected

  13. I am in support of babies being secured in their own seat.

  14. They should ban children under 3 on airplanes anyways

  15. This is just a scheme to try to start charging parents for their children to fly, this has nothing to do with safety and all about generating more revenue

  16. How many babies have been killed on airplanes so far because of air turbulence?

  17. Maybe if you actually force the airlines to have bassinets that fit babies upto 2 years old it wouldn't be an issue

  18. Long time coming. Cut the crap and put your kid in a car seat.

  19. I always thought that having babies on laps was dangerous

  20. flight law is so outdated… why lap babies are allowed on planes but not in cars? babies should be in car seats on planes or in cars… only dumb parents are willing to risk their babies' lives over paid seats..

  21. Same #principles apply as to those principles of a car seat!