Florida AG: When DeSantis does anything Newsom has to be 'relevant'

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody discusses Gov. Gavin Newsom blasting Gov. Ron DeSantis over busing migrants, V.P. Harris’ comments on the Texas governor’s handling of migrants, and why she’s leading the charge to declare fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction.

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  1. Flying them at night with no flight log Outta be illegal to but I guess otters Outta f_ _k bevers but they don't

  2. If that's the case the Biden administration should be charged with kidnapping also.

  3. I think Newsom is on drugs.

  4. Newsom is so full crap

  5. Newsom is trash just like his aunt Nancy

  6. Who wants to live under liberal rules….. crazy people

  7. Have you noticed that more than 90% of illegal aliens allowed into the country are fighting-age males, & not the alleged family units or women & children reported by DHS? My fellow citizens, prepare to invoke your 2nd amendment rights to repel this invasion of our sovereign land by a foreign army of lazy, uneducated & unskilled peasants, whose only objective is to feed off of our hard-earned & honestly accumulated tax dollars.

  8. Lock up Biden before you think about Desantis…….

  9. Newsom needs to put his male san fransicko boyfriends back in his mouth and behind

  10. Send all illegals to California to replace the smart people leaving

  11. Newsom would mop up the street with MAGA Ron in a Presidential election. Not even close….

  12. DeSantis has blundered here – using public funds for this kind of political stunt is disgraceful.

  13. Follow the UHaul's. California is out of them, Florida has way more than they need, Texas too!

  14. NEWSOM: “Watch me Daddy! Watch me Daddy! I’m a seven year old girl! Watch me daddy!”



  17. Navin Chodesome is human Ipecac.

  18. Newsom is about as relevant as teats on a boar hog.

  19. So when Biden ships them in my state that's legal???!!! In the middle of the night?!!

  20. Kinda funny watching Newsom try to dunk on DeSantis and constantly failing.