Sunday , August 1 2021
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Florida Braces For Impact As Hurricane Dorian Moves In | NBC Nightly News

Florida residents are rushing to prepare for Hurricane Dorian as they remain uncertain about where the major storm will hit and how bad its impact will be.
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Florida Braces For Impact As Hurricane Dorian Moves In | NBC Nightly News


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  1. It baffles me that Floridians don't prepare off season to avoid line ups and chaos? I'd invest in keeping sandbags in my garage, a generator and enough food for 2 weeks if I live in the impacted area. But then again, I'd think twice about living on the coast…. I rather stay on my hill and live safe.

  2. Man this is Florida’s 10 harricane

  3. Scientist prepared you a long long time ago. The majority human species never listens until the last minute. So don't complaint.


  5. CATEGORY 5: Know your evacuation zones, have supplies, stay safe

  6. When you evacuate take your firearms are the National Guard will

  7. 10sand bags ain't going to stop sht

  8. Category 5 now. I hope you guys will be ok as long as my family. God bless

  9. Pray for my grandma😖 she can’t fly out so she has to stay in cocoa beach area

  10. No capri that is not the rest blaky

  11. Like taking advantage of people under the influence of alchol and drugs hey bell al copitis is under seal and team as navy seals

  12. Florida man shoots hurricane in attempt to stop it

  13. 08/31/2019! BE SURE TO GO TO CHURCH Sunday! Insurance! People are going to die! It may be you?

  14. Are they ready for the zombie apocalypse?

  15. End Times everyone. Pray pray pray

  16. the worst part of it is not going to hit Florida it's going to hit the Carolinas I know you all are hoping with your hate that you spread on the media that it will destroy the president's properties because you are a completely evil and innocent people could get hurt but as long as the president is affected you'll be happy you're a horrible hate group all the media is a horrible hate group legally spreading hate but that hurricane will not hit Florida as bad as we are trying to focus it on Florida no it's going to go up and all these people in the North Carolina South Carolina are not getting warned as bad and that's a shame

  17. Hoping for zero fatalities of humans and animals. Stay safe Florida.

  18. News Channels should be advising people to put cycle helmets on kids and put them between bed mattress and other useful information that will save lives!!!

  19. .5 second given to the Bahamas.🙄

  20. Remember when it gets on land it will get a bit more weaker and it is coming from the east side (from what I heard) if you are on the east coast of Florida I advise you to be PREPARED! Because it's a Cat 4! and it will slowly weaken to cat 1 or cat 2, and I pray to you guys over there!

  21. I’m confused in a hurricane no one seems to really care they all seem calm 🤣 the YouTubers I seen at least I would be soo scared but ig it’s bc they use to it

  22. Might be a hurricane Katrina all over again?

  23. Is nobody praying for South Carolina and Georgia everybody went traveling to all the beaches well not everyone and we gonna get back and school gonna be cancelled

  24. God punishment for wicked society

  25. Trumps cut to FEMA not mentioned??? GEEZ. And they call this "news"???

  26. 😱 OMG OMG OMG ,glad I live in Los Angeles

  27. I'm not scared. I'm just gonna have me a cold beer and FHRITP.

  28. If I lived in FL I would stock up on supplies all year round just to be prepared. I mean, Florida's location is prime real estate for hurricanes

  29. Are people gonna evacuate??

  30. Friends & neighbors in Florida, you are in my thoughts. Help take care of/look after elderly & animals. Stay safe.

  31. Florida is about to go back to the stone ages lmfao

  32. A category 5+ hit st Martin in a island and were still ok and I see the comment people crying for a category 4

  33. Has anyone mentioned how similar this storm is to the path and possible intensity of the 1928 hurricane?

  34. Apocalyptic weather & heavenly signs are gathering with never before seen natural phenomenon setting records & pointing to apocalyptic disasters of the Last Days Biblical prophecies.

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