Florida High School Class President 'Silenced' Over LGBTQ Law

Pine View School class president Zander Moricz says his principal threatened to cut his microphone during a graduation speech if he referenced his LGBTQ activism. WFLA’s Allyson Henning reports. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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#LGBTQ #Discrimination #Florida

Florida High School Class President ‘Silenced’ Over LGBTQ Law


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  1. they should leave kids alone,thier messin up everything

  2. They should censor him because they don’t know anything about taking care of themselves but promoting sexuality is supposed to be welcomed 😩 what about school work who cares about anything else during school

  3. Freedom of Speech doesn't exist in Republican run Florida!

  4. I guess that all you woke liberals screaming about free Speech also Feel that applies to All Conservatives including President Trump

  5. He never had a chance with a name like Zander

  6. If it’s a public school, why can’t he say what he wants?

  7. Support Val Demings for Senate! Extinguish Desantis ( immoral bigot,and fascist!!Vote BLUE go green support BBB and democrats!

  8. There are BETTER people to lead the state! Deasantis seems to think he's the ONLY one that can be Governor…🤣🤣🤣🤣!! There are a lot of CHOICES!

  9. You kinda have to know where your battlefields are… You usually win there🙄

    Everybody doesn't need to be included in your fight… Ijs 😏

  10. The whole class should gather directly after graduation just nearby the school , and wherever and film his real speech , to the entire class

  11. Stand tall young man it’s your right

    Everyone is supposed to be equal under the eyes of the law. Everyone should be viewed as equals in a free society. Everyone should get an equal share of the pie.
    Opportunities are for Everyone!

  13. Its Florida, nuf said. Sad he’s experiencing this. Its public school, let the public speak freely!

  14. Governor Ron does his best to make Florida dumber every day.

  15. I’m a man and European American, I’m vilified in every way. I just can’t care about this anymore ☹️

  16. What a bundle of sticks. Play the victim. Total pissy

  17. Sexualize small kids doesn't have nothing to do with freedom speech . That is abominable. You are not their parents. Crazy people. 😬

  18. Ești un idol KISSSSSS.Uno mereu în inima mea 💋 frumos, dragoste, alegere, cultural. Sunt unul dintreu cele mai bune concerte….

  19. Go up there and give all hail to satan.

  20. Would it be ok if straight, white, male teachers talked to K-3rd grade girls about their sexuality while promising not to tell their parents?

  21. Limited Public Forum and there is no right to preach to a captive crowd.

  22. LIAR



    86 THAT

  23. Did you cash your socialist check? Just because it’s disguised by the word stimulus doesn’t mean it’s not socialist.

    You cash in you’re a socialist.