Friday , November 27 2020
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Fmr. Bush adviser: Trump has been 'a victim of leaks'

Brad Blakeman, former senior adviser to President George W. Bush, discusses the impeachment inquiry. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Maybe adam the liar told Pelosi his version of the phone call and so she opened an investigation and now she stuck (the liar's friend punishment)

  2. If there was a demand and consideration in the conversation with the President of Ukraine is it illegal? Are there no requirements and rewards in intergovernmental negotiations? Should there be a candidate who is suspected of corruption, should the corruption he committed be ignored, and wait until he is elected president, and then oust him? If there was a demand and a consideration, was the demand clearly personal good, or can it be said that it is a demand for public good, that the President is obliged to demand for the benefit of the people and the country?

  3. Is Fox to lazy to say "alleged whistleblower"?

  4. Take away Adam Shits Security Clearance**********

  5. WHEN are the DOJ and Republicans going to do anything????????????????

  6. Jail time up for Democrats traitors liar make up wrong story trying to impeach President, they doing nothing for America for last 3 years since President Trump got elected!! Drain all Democrats corruption swamps out of Government!! These traitors corrupted Democrats betray America!!  Must flush Democrats politicians down to the toilets, they smells like sewers!! Never forgive any traitors sell our country United States to China!! God Bless America & God Bless President Trump & his family!! 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

  7. A MUST WATCH–Dr. Robert Epstein: How Big Tech’s Algorithms Can Impact Opinions and Votes—and the 2020 Election

  8. Send in Joe The Plumber… President Trump can give him a job too. He has a big scary wrench. It looks almost as scary as a Walmart Assault Rifle. Oh no !… that would spell "WAR". Another attack on us using WORDS…. And Walmart has NEVER EVER sold assault weapons. Just assault kitchenware. And weaponized junk food.

  9. President Pelosi😂😂😂Triggered much?

  10. Trump should've fired all Obama hold over .it was known they were all liabilities

  11. Trump hasn't drained the swamp .. he has created a sewer ..

  12. jail the orangeman! jail them all!

  13. They fight for the president because they have stupid brains that can
    easily be brainwashed by a crooked con artist sitting in the white house.

  14. I appreciate him appearing on TV to make his point. However anyone who does not already know this has been living under a rock up in the far north of Alaska. For three years now.

  15. Tired of hearing the term whistle blower can you say cia plant to further push an agenda

  16. if you ever needed confirmation that someone is not part of the establishment!

  17. IG agreed with the complaint, that's the story!

  18. 'It' isn't the leaks as per se, but the political use of the leaks by extrapolating data as wished for from the leaks. As evidenced by Schiff every time he opens his mouth. To put it in such terms, a 'leak' that Trump needed to go to the bathroom often gets the Schiff treatment, ' Trumps has bad kidneys!!!'Without a 'leak' extrapolation cannot occur with a basic truth.. Trump went to the bathroom more often than others… in a time frame, during a time frame… when the time frame was chosen…. another way to put it is fake news generated by leaking.. in the bathroom.

  19. Breaking News: Whistleblower identity released.. he’s a French guy named Jussie Smollett! 😂

  20. This Democrat party is finish they have lied to the people they are criminals

  21. Hmm.. she seems pleasant 😍

  22. The demo socialist shout be working for Americans instead of working for themselves and doing things to set up our president for illegible thangs that they are doing. This is working against Americans citizens and for themselves

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