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Focus turns to lawmakers after Dayton, El Paso shootings l ABC News

President Donald Trump did not call for major gun control reforms in his address to the nation while Democrats are calling on the Senate to return from its August recess.

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  1. In the words of Ilhan Omar: Somebody did something.

  2. Say good by to a racist man trump thinks if he goes to el Paso and shows that trump doesn't care and talked more about him SELF and all we heard was what a loser trump REALLY IS!

  3. hold up you can not do anything in yhe form of fighting domestic terrorism if you cant even speak up to the head of Your party and hold him accountable for the words he uses everytime he opens his mouth how can a legistrative branch call for meaures to seak out those who are attacking others simply because there skin is different. which blows my mind you love yhe man Trump supporters but you dont push to have him be the best President he can be? as a human being You support him get angry bc people speak against him but your not helping him see that he has to do better than he has if he wants his message accepted by all?

  4. REPLACE DONALD TRUMP and REPUBLICANS! ~ FOX NEWS AND DONALD TRUMP GET OFF ON STOKING FEAR IN THE HEARTS OF THEIR RACIST XENOPHOBE VIEWERS and VOTERS! ~ PROMOTING RAGE AND VIOLENCE! ~ This time Donald Trump is right! We are going to "REPLACE" him with a better president! ~ A lot of good people are not understanding the nature of Republicans, White Nationalist and White Supremacist? Wow, so innocent. Here is the ugly truth. They have no shame, very much the same as Republicans and Donald Trump! Because of all the love, civil order and good opposing them, they resort to ruthless and shameless acts of disorder, violence and untruths (yes, they invented fake news, and then believe their own fake news)! They see this as their strength and a necessary evil. These xenophobic and evil extremist that Donald Trump has sided with against American ideals and our way of life today, are the ones that invented speak like "necessary evil". These are dangerous, ugly and uncompromising people, they don't care to understand you, they just want to destroy you and take what they want. They choose to fill themselves with hate and then want somebody to blame for having it. Pretty much the way Donald Trump approaches problem solving. Donald Trump does not know how to discuss matters and be a constructive problem solver, he resorts to destruction first, remove, block, deny and replaces with what he wants, regardless of who gets hurt or loses. Donald Trump is not a president, he is a tyrant and a dictator, Donald Trump is America's public enemy #1. ~ KEEP ON VOTING BLUE, IT'S OUR POWER AND STAND AGAINST FASCIST TYRANNY AND HATE! ~ REPLACE TRUMP ~ VOTE BLUE IN 2020! ~ I VOTE FOR "BETO, P. (his Can do and Sincerity)" & "MARRIANE, V.P. (her Love and Intelligence)" FOR 2020

  5. This is what the gov. Wants !!!Wake up Hispanic people and prepare for racial war, don't trust whites ever ever !!! They pretend to be friends til they get u off track!!! Mexican pride,👍💪

  6. The real problem with this country is our failure to understand that mental health is an actual illness that needs to be taken seriously. The guns are really not the problem. It all starts with education.

  7. Right now, it’s Congress’s fault for not doing anything, not Trump. I’m not saying Trump is a good guy or anything, I’m just saying that our constitution divided government into 3 powers. And right now, it’s the legislative branch that needs to start making laws. The executive branch can’t do anything about this right now.

  8. Trump hasn't said anything racist… Thats everyone else making every subject and issue a race issue … When it has nothing to do with race!! It's honesty!!! Baltimore IS Infested

  9. 🇲🇽 we are not cowards we will never surrender…. viva Mexico

  10. Every one of these mass shootings is Democrat-organized. They are so desperate to control the population that they go around shooting people so they can turn around & say "Look at this terrible thing that happened. We need to ban guns" it's a disgrace & democrats are a threat to humanity. We have the right to bear arms, You should be able to walk into a store & buy a gun like you buy milk or eggs. Also the whole point of Background checks is to make a record of who has guns so when they take everyone's guns, it's as easy as reading names off a list. Democrats should be sentenced to death for their crimes. All the libtards out there think what I'm saying is BS But that's because they're mindless brainwashed people, who have been indoctrinated with the "Democrat's" communist agenda from birth, From their parents who were brainwashed by it, & the schools who brainwash them. We the people must stand up to the communist scum & vote for republicans no matter what. Otherwise in 40-50 years the entire world will be like soviet russia.

  11. A life for a life! He deserves the death penalty

  12. Hey ABC, how many mass shootings under Obama's presidency?

  13. Nothing is going to change this time. It will only change when
    1. Republicans take the NRA out of their hip pockets and contributions.
    2. Another shooting hits close to home to a number of Congressmen or even the president.
    3. McConnell stops blocking all the bills passed from the House to the Senate just because he revels in his power and self-bestowed moniker of the Grim Reaper. He is the reason Congress is getting nothing done, not the Democrats.

  14. Trump will say anything from day to day, even from hour to hour.

  15. Perhaps the reason why some people don't want background checks is because they are receiving ssdi after leaving the military claiming they have psychological mental issues, well if you have mental issues you can't own a gun to go hunting or do whatever it is they do…

  16. You really can't stop stupid people from firing at others even though mental health is an issue, its now used as a means and excuse to get lighter sentences.

    Don't be fooled by a criminal that suddenly wants help after its to late to correct anything.

    Gun control will not stop them. Its easier to point the finger and send people in circles then it is for some of them to lay down their false pride and get help. Its not as easy as banning guns…

    Or strengthening back round checks they still find ways around it.

  17. Government's (deep state) plot to ban guns in the US? brainwash an individual..send him out on a killing spree..shoot him after the job is done and start questioning his motive…a diversion from espteins case?…its an ugly world?

  18. What America need is a American native Indian as president of USA in 2020. White man is destroying America.

  19. Let me tell ya I’ve been to prison in homeless shelters for years on end
    Was locked up in juvenile from 15-18
    Before that and black people hate white people that’s all
    So before you feel bad about white people usually in the south (where theirs more black people ) hating blackpeople just know usually their hating black people in response to them hating them like I do after close to a decade of benefit of the doubt
    So white people who never actually lived among black people don’t know they wanna kiss ass

  20. These shotters should be charged with an act of terrorism. I realize they do background checks however I don't think that they should sell guns to people who have robbery charges domestic violence arson are legal distributation of guns a ex-felon should be able to own a gun to protect their family but not if they have these charges above do you know what I'm saying
    And I do believe Trump has fueled some fire with the racism and the social media

  21. Trumps gotta be careful with what he says about gun laws/restrictions. Doesn't wanna spook his voters with the election coming up

  22. Blablabla…The gun freaks are so pathetic. Why do you need assault rifles, schmucks?

  23. Lol but Obama never praised racist sentiments and hate fueled rhetoric in the case of Sandy Hook. Sometimes all you need is that little push to take that extra step into the world of insanity. For all those Trump puppets, his speeches is the extra push.

  24. The Russian[Moscow Mitch] Reaper is killing America.

  25. Always talk about gun laws, nothing about mental health when the Government officials claim these shooters are mentally ill. What will the Government do to help those with mental illness? Still remains unanswered!

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