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Former Army nurse, 84, proves she is still battlefield tough | ABC News

Veteran lieutenant colonel Maggie DeSanti challenged a TSA agent to 10 pushups.

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  1. She’s a fraud. Leigh Ann Hester is the first woman to receive a Silver Star since WWII. This woman never served.

  2. And Donnie Bone Spurs had 6 deferments.

  3. 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 . . . . STOP! You are a no go at this station, recycled.

  4. I could probably do 1,000 if i used that form.

  5. That ain't no push-ups, you old hag!! Do them right and credit will b given! My grandma can do better

  6. Incredible, many teenagers can't do this and she does it with a leg injury and after living 80+ years!!!

  7. "How's it hanging?"

    "Mighty low…"

  8. Women in their prime can’t do pushups let alone grandmas… stop it!!

  9. Those are half push ups. Totally half assing it

  10. 84 and still working when she gonna enjoy her retirement maybe never …

  11. Unfortunately she should be charged with Stolen Valor. She was never in the Army there's no record of her having served. She lied about being in the military.

  12. I need her as my personal trainer lol

  13. Most people can do pushups they are just lazy to put in the work

  14. People look at the video ,that’s why you can thrust the news

  15. Adorable. I can't even get to two of haha

  16. I’m 33 and can’t even do two push ups 😹

  17. Nurses are tough!
    You go Maggie!

  18. I am glad she did not have a heart attack otherwise that could be a tragedy. Other 80 year olds please don’t try this at home.

  19. Yass go girl u are stronger than me and my mom

  20. Stronger than young transgender, and more worthy too

  21. Afterall she caps wifeeee !

  22. Thats truly amazing. They dont make them like they used eh. Girls nowadays just don't cut it for me

  23. She wasn't going all the way down; I counted cero.

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