Saturday , August 15 2020
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Former CDC director on the coronavirus: 'This is going to be a long war' | USA TODAY

Dr. Tom Frieden, former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warns of ‘catastrophic scenes’ in New York.
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  1. a flu is a long war…???? .yes it is war long time is war around us.. and why you dont report us this here …and he is bill gates donated like 100% of the who … it think war is true but a viurs is the anemy 650.000 die every year at the regual flu every YEAR this year world wide not ine is more died then last year no less people dies this what will be the problem you make with this viurs ..? and pl make a report about this who " chef" thank you very much ..will it be the who chefs war as long as he did make war with panamics in äthiopia he killed there thousends pof people we have in europa so many realy best educated dr and speciallist they if they here you talking .they think they are in a movie and they ask loud what is going on hrere but only this kind of panic…is asked not the others and stop this panic…unbelivable what the name of this man he interviewed.. here…??? and stop giving tamilflu to patients with a flu as it is killing…event201 media. why only the same are taling here not thoose that cannot share your point of view and also are more then specialsits in there medical ecucations.

  2. The first hotspot was in China Wuhan, not America, the first case i remember hearing about was a woman dying in a ER waiting to be seen unable to breathe back in February on the east coast. Close to home was a teacher few towns over west coast, then it was everywhere. Now we are all partly lockdown down our country at stop while fat cats fight over money. 😞

  3. Fake he is a terrorist of mankind ..

  4. We in Suriname are getting pills from Cuba to safe is from corona on april so what s wrong then contact us in Suriname we wil help you get some from Cuba to safe the world

  5. Best case scenario over shipment and supply of vitamin C, and correct knowledge of how to treat germs and bacteria. Being more aware and conscious of your health. Seems like a perfect time to reiterate and educate on the benefit of being Tobacco free; as well as other harmful products that may hinder the respiratory system. "Educate and Implement proper steps on how to stay healthy", and Lead by _ showing through the media calmness and intelligence as your _ councilman and physicians search for the remedies; instead of _ overdramatizing "causes" _ focus on remedies and solutions. Not just "social separation or isolation."

  6. How much did big pharma and WHO pay this man

  7. The healthy care in US it's a big mafia!

  8. Isn’t it more like a planned war?!

  9. if trump doesn't do something or if jesus doesn't come back and rapture us were fucked

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