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Foul play suspected in Alabama teen's disappearance

Aniah Blanchard, the 19-year-old stepdaughter of UFC heavyweight Walt Harris, was last seen on surveillance footage making a purchase and getting into her SUV.


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  1. When they find her please Dana let her stepfather in the ring with this person for 30 minutes no refs

  2. 😥😥😥 we're missing you so much tonight we're waiting for me some loved ones come by and see her and make sure she gets home safely we're looking for her please call 911 or bachelor's or numbers of phone calls and texts from her we're looking for some ice from the family. Love you Mama come home soon

  3. Prayers out for the family…. I feel she is no longer in this physical world… someone did something bad to her… this is just sad 😢🤧

  4. Feel bad for Walt and his wife. Hope Aniah is going ok

  5. I can't believe he had his Christmas tree up already

  6. She is a beautiful girl,young ladies have to be cautious.I saddened by this because the information does not sound good and it seems if she is well and in her right mind she would call and still be using her debits.I pray the family gets awnsers.

  7. So they found a body part in the car to state she was seriously harmed? Finger? And why just now found?

    With todays technology this is pathetic. Hope she is found safe.

  8. Have they started forming search parties at this point? They might want to start looking for a body.

  9. The sad thing this story probably wouldn't have gotten so much coverage if her step-father wasn't a UFC fighter. Minorities goes missing all the time but the media usually covers caucasian victims.

  10. why are we acting stupid for beautiful girl goes missing we know how this story ends god bless her family though this is the world we live in

  11. governor: $5,000
    Ufc: $25,000

    what is wrong with that…

  12. She is 19 yo she ain’t teen nomore… thank u


  14. Wtf is up wit alabama and organ trafficking shit scarey

  15. I'll check towards Louisiana Gulf.

  16. Oh & Brother Polite daughter is missing too🤔

  17. She was sacrificed! Stepdaughter of a UFC fighter 🤔 you people will never catch on to what's really going on around you!

  18. John jones added 25k extra to the reward in his recent post on ig making the total reward to 50k.

  19. Hopefully they find her 😢

  20. 30 grand? Time to start lookin for clues 🤓

  21. They claim almost all murders are committed by soneone u know already 🤔

  22. Damn.. I hope you're okay. I want this to be different. .

  23. So so sad. She is a beautiful girl. I hope she is found soon. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  24. Please always share your location with one person y’all! Take your safety seriously.

  25. It's always the boyfriend, girls wanna hang around with the "Bad boys" well this is what u get unfortunately……… STOP HANGING OUT WITH THUGS ANF FUCK BOYS. Sorry but it's the truth

  26. Sometimes I hate this world😪

  27. Damn.. man that’s tough !!! Hope shes found okay !!!

  28. I'll be praying for her. God will find her.

  29. make murder a crime in this pussy ass country. the killer dies.period. see how punishment works???

  30. Her phone she had in her hand

  31. Hope she's ok, damn ppl r just damn sick these days

  32. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  33. Its 2019 and we just started covering non-white women that are missing. Better late than never I guess.

  34. Hey Dana! Just hit up your steroid raged fighter. You'll save yourself some money.

  35. Life without possibility of Parole for Every Kidnapper.

  36. I heard that she had this app on her phone called Life360. Life360 tracks people who have the app on phone. Only people who are in your circle on the app can see you. My has the app on my phone, her phone, and my brother’s phone. The app on the girl’s phone was disabled. I think somebody helped her disable it or she looked up how to disable it because the app is difficult to disable.

  37. Praying for her to be found.

  38. We are surrounded by monsters.

  39. I pray she is found well and okay

  40. Please find this baby….

  41. wow.. so promising to see black teens disappearance on the news!!

  42. 🤔k White Police Officers!…D😏SOME GOOD!!!…FIND 😥UR SISTA!!!…Preferably ALIVE TH🙏🏾NX YOU!!!…👊🏾

  43. Prayers for Walt Harris, his family, and community

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