Friday , September 24 2021
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Founder Of Electric Truck Company, Nikola, Charged With Fraud

Trevor Milton, the founder of the electric truck company Nikola, has been charged with fraud. Milton is accused of misleading investors by inflating the company’s stock price on social media while receiving millions in personal benefits.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Founder Of Electric Truck Company, Nikola, Charged With Fraud


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  1. All NBC does is make false statements.

  2. Elon musk do that too but no one care

  3. Here in Australia a company has developed a self driving truck no driver needed and the system can be retrofitted to current trucks on the road it’s a cool idea no need for drivers less truck crashes

  4. Hmmm, anybody else remember Theranos? 😒

  5. Neee=cooo-la ? Um was this for a cough drop commercial at first. ?

  6. They almost made it through the whole story about TREVOR MILTON and his obvious fraud without taking a shot at Elon Musk. 🙄

  7. Meanwhile, his competitor, Elon Musk, that does all sort of the exact same stuff, has Billions of dollars in US Federal Contracts, including classified ones. Connected power at the top now going after competition. Remember when Elon claimed cybertruck had unbreakable windows, and they literally broke on the stage where he tried to demonstrate?

  8. LOL, they couldn't resist mentioning Elon's name…pathetic.

  9. I had 63 shares of this stock. I sold at a high and didn't look back. Once I started to hear about all the issues they just mention…it was time to get out. The pulling the truck up the hill…that was funny. I hope he goes to jail for a long time because people did lose a lot of money.

  10. next guy will be Robinhood CEO

  11. Worked for guy last named Milton on his farm didn't get paid

  12. This is why journalism is important. So many bad actors, get ready for more smoke and mirrors as we move forward electrifying transportation.

  13. Nikola – It’s a comedy show 🤣

  14. Trump organization to the T

  15. Never trust a Whyte man in a suit! Do we not learn from history??

  16. This points to the problem of outrageous CEO salaries and incentives that encourage such fraud. And if Milton doesn't go to prison, it's further evidence of our broken two-tier justice system.

  17. He must have read trumps book.

  18. looks like a 🦆 walks like a 🦆 … 😆

  19. NBC wow it’s so obvious, yet it was obvious 6 months ago as NBC participated

  20. What is going to happen to you people? You might get sick with the long haul version, have health issues all the test of your life? Or what if you don't even survive?
    Further more, what will you do when your children get sick and die? Is it fair for you to decline a treatment that could keep them from getting sick, or from dying?

    What will you do if they find out this new vaccination is the break through to curing thousands of diseases? You are always so sure that things are going to hurt you. Wow, why D O you think that half the population wants to harm you? Most people don't even know, or care, that you exist! At this point you are just stopping progress.

    I'm really angry that you people keep this disease, as well as the spiteful rhetoric rolling.

    It's time those if us who are protected should be able to go out and work and live again. But No, we can't! Because of the unvaccinated.

    If you really think the world is so devious, why would you want to participate in it? Just, stay home, or accept the consequences.
    N o r m a l people are done trying to help you. You are on your own. Just quit dragging the rest of us down with you!

  21. When does Elon get charged?

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