French President Macron faces no-confidence vote over pension reforms

French President Emmanuel Macron is facing a vote of no confidence in the country’s parliament as nationwide protests over a proposed pension reform continue to grow. NBC News’ Meagan Fitzgerald breaks down whether Macron is likely to pass the vote of no confidence and what could be next for the French president. 

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  2. I received a transfer direct to my bitcoin wallet from Maskoffaid they credited me 0.2btc today

  3. There is no democracy only the illusion!

  4. Meanwhile here in “the land of the free” if we protest, we lose our jobs, healthcare, and possibly live in the streets with our guns. Pitiful!

  5. This isn't the middle-ages or early 1900s. People live longer! Prices are up. Either voluntarily have a distopian sci-fi style life ending ceremony, or take the very slight raise in age!

  6. Dsl avec ses merdes et magouilles Aux plotttonss
    Tu n’a pas à donner de conseils aux monde povre Mac et bibi
    49.3… haine

  7. This is what the US is long since due for

  8. Why is the US paying for the Ukraine pensioners? We can't even take care of homeless, handicapped veterans

  9. Ha Ha😂😂😂😂😂Manu got owned

  10. the 2023 french revolution

  11. They’re trying to set him up because there’s a good president He doesn’t deserve this French peoples sometimes so easily tricked.

  12. A vote, either way, doesn't change the fact that the system is broken because those whom use the existing laws for their own benefit have broken it. A systemic benefit to those in power but at the detriment of the system- isn't a glitch it is a feature.

  13. They work 35 hours a week?

  14. So, WEST is going insane

  15. Guys remember they didn’t even have a vote for this. Tyranny

  16. Raise taxes on the wealthy and cooperations. The wealthy and cooperations make their exorbitant amounts of money off the backs of the working people, tax them as such.

  17. Time for the 6th republic

  18. I wonder how many of the protesters actually contribute into the social security account

  19. When the people have spoken and said no the government must yeild they are NOT an authotorian nation.

  20. Remove the satanic new world order puppet macron❗

  21. You got to get out there and carry the wealthy on your shoulders!

  22. 🌍ყველას გასაგებად ვამბობ.

  23. ბიძინას მთავრობასთან რასაც მოილაპარაკებთ ჩემთვის არანაერი ძალა არ ექნება ნებისმიერ მოლაპარაკებას, იცვლებიან. ☝️🖖🤕

  24. terrible framing, the no confidnence vote wasn't because he proposed the policy, it's because he forced it through by executive order bypassing parliment.

  25. We The People’s have no Confidence
    This system is broken Beyond Repair!!

  26. Bye bye France. It sucks that you are being manipulated by foreign threat actors so people can retire early and have less of a pension than if they worked until later in life.
    I guess France is gonna have an Elderly financial support problem in a few years.

    Aww well. They demanded an earlier retirement age, I guess they can live with the financial consequences resulting from that early retirement. I wont support any additional government financial support for those early retirees.

  27. Thanks bud for keepin us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make over $22,000 every single week. ♥️🤲

  28. Good. Show these people they can't keep forcing people to work to the death. If they want to work until they can't move, let them, but don't take away other people's pension.