French President Macron: ‘Nothing has been ruled out’ on sending tanks to Ukraine

During a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron commented on the possibility of sending tanks to Ukraine, saying “nothing has been ruled out,” but Scholz did not comment on whether Germany would agree to provide its tanks, instead stressing what his country has already supplied.

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  1. Send the darn tanks. Do your part.

  2. france can send only 10 tanks Leclerc to ukraine ! or 50 tanks Leclerc but we would have only 100 working in france. We have only 150 tanks Leclerc working in france in 2023

    It 's not because we don't want to send heavy tanks. Since 15 years they have stopped the production and don't invest in heavy tanks after cold war. They prefer to invest billions dollars in a new tank 4 th generation linked to a new complex warfar system with germany for 2035

  3. In any case france has already given 30 light tanks Amx-10 to ukraine and 220 others Amx -10 can be sent .
    France has only 150 heavy tank Leclerc working in 2023 because 50 are in upgraduation for 1 or 3 years and 100 are out service for pieces and +/- 100 are in long term storage almost for pieces or need 1 year minimum to work again.
    Conclusion france can send only 10 tanks Leclerc ! or 50 tanks Leclerc but we would have only 100 working in france.
    It 's not because we don't want to send heavy tanks. Since 15 years they have stopped the production and don't invest in heavy tanks after cold war. They invest in a new tank with germany for 2035

  4. are you kidding? " firstly, that it will not escalate the crisis.." ?? how can you ignore that without the good help, it will worsen ukranian position and extend the war, thus escalating the european crisis. putin has already threatend with "escalating " even with nuclear.. promptly, you will turn to blame the ukranians. shame on you

  5. France your nukes wont save you from rapeing mexico

  6. What's France sent so far? Words?

  7. Do not trust the German when there’s a war

  8. Are they screwing around because they think there's not going to be any real push either direction until spring? Send them, Ukrainian crews can start training now.

  9. So billionaire Macron is going to send working peoples money and equipment to far right Ukraine.

    I hope the French people burn Paris to the ground.

  10. Scholtz is sill hoping that things will get to business as usual with russia, that this war will somehow stop gas and oil will flow again. It just shows that you can`t rely on Germany for any emergency response it takes them months to make any decision

  11. The world is rallying behind Russia and Putin to liberate Ukraine from the claw of Puppetlenskyy and Soros…🇷🇺🇧🇾👍..h

  12. Hey🤠 does anybody know French in English🤠🤪🤭❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  13. The only way they would send tanks is if the United States of America paid for them.

  14. 141 countries stand with the Nation of Ukraine.

  15. Bla Bla and this two is really something. Scholz forget world war 1 and 2.

  16. Big important cowards. Ukrainian is dieing and you play games.

  17. Yeah, Ukraine is winning on twitter… Real life is a completely different matter. Ukraine already lost most trained and motivated soldiers along with almost all hardware it had before the war plus hundreds of tanks and IFVs it got from Eastern Europe (to understand the scale of losses it had 1 990 tanks, 1 212 IFVs, 1 112 heavy artillery systems, 354 multiple rocket launchers) . Its army is a shadow of its former self at the beginning of the war. Zelenskyy is catching and forced conscripting mostly people with zero motivation to die for him, who never served in the army, often disabled. When such people are in the trenches, it means that the front can collapse at any moment.

  18. how France could sell atom reactor to the Irag saddam ?