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Friend of Dayton shooter charged with lying on federal firearms forms

Prosecutors say Ethan Kollie bought body armor and ammunition that Connor Betts used to allegedly kill nine people. Officials said it does not appear Kollie knew how Betts would use the equipment.




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  1. Don’t fuck with the Feds, they will come after you, they don’t play

  2. Ffs if you have to hide shit like that and buy that shit for a friend that should tell ya something! You fucking idiot !!!!

  3. They are seriously going to lock this guy up for 15 years for smoking weed and using shrooms. Are you fking serious?

  4. SOOOOOO the "White Supremacist" theory just got demolished or is that the token black friend.

  5. That nigga with the glasses talking into the microphone has a huge ass fucking forehead

  6. MORE BACKGROUND CHECKS, right?!?! Clearly, that’ll stop these doped-up, criminal ANTIFA thugs….

  7. that news reporter eva looks like shes high on marijuana herself maybe even possibly some psychedelics?? hmmm… WHO reallys knows jus sayin" but i still doubt shes going to go shoot up a school, mall, or etc…. blowin it a bit out of proportion.

  8. 15 years for lying to the feds, wtf kinda shit is that, he need about 30 years

  9. ya sure he bought body armor an enough rounds to have a shoot out with the police in 2019, an yet didn't know a thing…..

  10. Are they trying to give this guy a dark hue or what?

  11. Old Boomers rambling about Video Games being the cause. LMFAO😂 Reason why them old folks were so easy to lie to and manipulate in those times. They believe the dumbest shit without facts to back it up. No research done or they end up going to get life advice from Fox or Trumps dumb ass. Reason why America is a Shit hole country now. Them old folks fuck up everything they touch.

  12. If he's not black he's a Arabian kill him before he smokes more pot and comes after everyone

  13. is it just me or is the fbi foul for throwing the book at the buddy? they could put him away for life it sounds like.

  14. Dam that dude coulda fucked people up if he wasn’t killed ASAP

  15. This logic is screwed up. If I sell my car to a buddy and he drives drunk and kills someone, do they come after me? This logic is insane.

  16. The key part buried in this story is that he wasn't charged for the body armor or the magazine, but for previously lying on a form of a firearm he purchased.

  17. Those darn white guys look like their from the middle east.

  18. Oh no, not weed! But it's fine to be a drunk or for doctors and other professionals to be coked up or getting thousands hooked on opioids. People dont smoke weed and then go on mass killing sprees. Only thing they killing is that bag of doritos and whatever is cold to drink in the fridge.

  19. Also taught him how to shoot the weapon,and hid it in his apartment,not store..hid!..

  20. Gotta hang corn outside your door to prevent the little vampire bloodsucking girl demons from entering the house. They'll place brewed witchcraft substances inside your house. These sneaky demons can cause a whole lot of damage. Don't let em suck your life force away or drive you mentally insane.

  21. You've gotta be pretty smart to grow mushrooms. That to me seems to be the best evidence that he's not a retarded tRump supporter. I thought you tRump trash said blacks aren't smart enough for….. Now hang his ass

  22. A friend of the Dayton schooter is Elizabeth Warren.She is racist and BECAUSE of her PREJUDICE rants she is responsible for the dead bodies.She should not be allowed to run for president.Hell she should not be allowed to run for garbage collections
    TRUMP IN 2020 Pense in2024

  23. I feel so bad for this guy. Weed and shrooms r like, the most beneficial drugs u can possibly do, and they're dragging him for it. He's just a dumb kid who likes cool stuff and helped out the WAY wrong person. If he's not also a psychopath, i really hope he doesn't get charged with connection to the shooting

  24. YOU LIED TO ME!!! IM GOING TO THROW YOU IN A CAGE FOR 15 YEARS!!! Oppressive laws and one more thing, Fuuuck this country and the feds

  25. If you have a medical marijuana card you can no longer buy a gun.

  26. Heard they are trying to ban all sales of body armor. Good luck! A 4×10 1/4in. sheet of cold-rolled steel is under $100 and you can make like 20 of them mamma jamma's lol

  27. Yellow Journalism at its finest. Feds didn't get Kollie for armor and parts because they aren't regulated. They got him for perjury on the Form 4473 when Kollie bought a pistol. The feds are being misleading as well because in 2017, the prosecuted 12 people for such violations. They got him on the Weed loophole.

  28. WTF did he think he was going to do with 100+ bullets and body armor?

  29. Can't lock him up. I might as well go buy ammo, in case cops come knocking on my door over sold private firearms…

    I'll kill as many cops as I can too. Honestly I'm more easily to talk too when I'm high. I'm a threat as fuck when I'm out.

    #(ck) common knowledge

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