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From the Vault: Ambrose bullies Aussie batters and takes six

West Indies’ fearsome fast bowler Curtly Ambrose had a day out against Australia at the Adelaide Oval, claiming 6-74


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  1. Come on man.this was his hobby,to bully batsmen of any side.

  2. Give them some time , West Indies are again getting better and at the top again

  3. Sir Curtly Ambrose one of the all timd greats my fav

  4. Awesome childhood growing up watching these legends…collecting their stamps from toffee wrappers and collecting pics from the sports pages of newspapers…….sweet memories….

  5. I can hear Michael Holding talk all day 🙂


  7. Boon hit on the arm and needs to people to pretty much carry him off lol. The commentary said boon was tough lol lol

  8. If there's a list made of the most terrifying fast bowlers ever.. Ambrose would easily top it.. Legend

  9. Jofra Archer will be the new Ambrose

  10. The three certainties in life: death, taxes and Curtly Ambrose terrorizing batsmen.
    The stare of remorse he gave Boon… Curtly had a soft side..😉

  11. Ambrose was a disaster for most batsmen in that era

  12. They don't like it up em, Captain Mainwearing.

  13. The commentary is quite impressive 😘

  14. In a pub in Germany, I met this 55 year old Caribbean man at the bar table. I got drunk and began to talk cricket with him and swore that Curtly Ambrose was the greatest ever fast bowler produced by West Indies. He was quietly sitting there the whole time listening to me with a simple smile on his face. Finally when he got up to leave, he turned around and said "True, kid! Ambrose was great. But guess who was even greater.. Malcolm Marshall".. paid for us both and left… I could only wonder..

  15. When the bully gets bullied.

  16. Inside edge my arse. That was plumb!

  17. Can you believe this? Batsmen didn’t want to face them

  18. I noticed shoaib akhtar always praise himself. He should watch courtly 's spell.courtly was nasty

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