Wednesday , August 10 2022

Full AOC: ‘The Supreme Court Has Dramatically Overreached Its Authority’

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) talks about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade says that recent Supreme Court nominees lied under oath, which may merit impeachment.  » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full AOC: ‘The Supreme Court Has Dramatically Overreached Its Authority’


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  1. dis.gusting.crazyeyed.witch.yuuuck!!

  2. It would have been more appropriate for the senator from Arizona asking "can you define perjury?" instead of asking a candidate to define a woman.

  3. How about it ladies…

  4. Great. Except please inform " Ms. Aoc ", as a Member of the House, she has absolutely no power or authority over what the Supreme Court does. They are part of a completely separate branch of the government.

  5. Well if she ain’t just a sack full of hammers

  6. Prosperous future ahead of AOC in politics!

  7. Alexandria might be the only female Democrat who would have a decent shot of getting knocked up, most of the others in the party look feral or look like men.

  8. No, the supreme court authority back to the states.

  9. Obama and Biden had 8 years to do something about this and did nothing.

  10. Wasn't Bill Clinton impeached for lying to Congress?

  11. Reading the constitution isn't that difficult. AOC and the triggered left should try it sometime.

  12. AOC should b in porno's-not politics.

  13. There's NOTHING left to respect as for government and politics.nothing at all.this is the result of a nation turning away from the Almighty Lord God.

  14. AOC.the ONLY waitress who brings NOTHING to the table..I'm just gonna say it like it is:demo[N]crats are vile,repulsive, malicious, deceptive,abrasive,ignorant, narcissistic,delusional,selfish, arrogant,immature,Godless,immoral,hateful hypocrites.

  15. The state of Arkansas isn't forcing any woman to carrying out their pregnancy. She can go to a different state to get one, if it's a matter of life and death for her. She can move to a state that allows it or not get knocked up with an unwanted pregnancy. Since when is it that a woman will die 100% of the time when she gives birth? The way she says this implies this is true.
    The Supreme Court hasn't over reached it authority. It allowed the states to decide whether they want to allow abortion. She is so off base with her statements.

  16. Planned Parenthood was founded by Eugenecists who believed that blacks and other "undesirables" should not be allowed to have children. Now these Democrats want to act like they are helping black people? Yea right.

  17. I love how everything she said is facts and that’s not good enough for pee brain republicans clearly these red voters are remedial

  18. A waitress talking about the legitimacy of the US Supreme Court justices! 😂😂😂

  19. The reverse is the case. The Supreme Court has limited its authority to what the constitution specifies it must do: to interpret the law. The original decision of Roe v Wade was the court over-reaching its authority. It has now been sent back to the states.

  20. um all these politicians lie under oath, they should all go to jail then.

  21. I'm so Sick of people that have little better than seeing Black people as Shadow People until they want to Capitalize on their/our Hardships. All of a sudden with the overturning of Roe, Interracial Marriages Rights with be Overturned. Rights that were fought for as always, by, Blacks, Whites and Jews. Not LGBTQ or People or Color. There is Only Demographic whom numbers are continuously increasing under Roe vs Wade, For English press 1. If we are to abide the rule of Law, If you knowingly entered America illegally, you are subject to Deportation while your American born child has a Right to stay. America must Protect it's Defenseless Citizens so if your country of Origin puts the child's Life in Real Danger, it stays in it's Country. AOC should not think her Opinions do not have far reaching Implications.

  22. Just because you use big words or have a high pro job DONT MAKE YOU SMART!!

  23. Can't stand this(AOC) cancer on America. Please make me a salty dog and have a seat and I will explain the constitution to you.

  24. I love how this bartender thinks she's qualified to interpret constitutional law.

  25. She needs voted out, what a clueless doofus. Democrats blame everyone except themselves when these things happen.

  26. I'll give her a bit of a pass, given that she has no clue about the Constitution. That said, AOC is wrong about this Court's actions. The Supreme Court actually overreached its authority in the Roe decision. It doesn't take a genius to see that the Roe decision was legislating. They created a trimester based rule that no parties to the litigation (or amicus, for that matter) ever proposed. That alone is legislating. Further, they departed from precedent when weighing the various rights at interest in Roe – seemingly dispensing with the states' interests in the matter. Plenty of Constitutional law scholars, including Ginsberg, openly recognized the problems with the Roe decision. Now legislatures can do their job and craft laws to address the issue.

  27. I love how people buy this garbage of freedom while rights are being stripped away. Red states really are as dumb as they act.

  28. Oh Boy….Here we go again….AOC Kardashian has something to say! hahahahah

  29. How can she not make a single sentence?

  30. 2 people are involved… and 1 can’t live without the other. Not right to have someone mooch off of another person for 9 months

  31. A bartender from NY is definitely qualified to be a congregational representative… A powerful woman I am in favor for, a woman with disinformation, personal opinions to represent the US citizens, and a far radical left playbook, I am not in favor of…. Friends of mine praise AOC as if she is a goddess..