Friday , January 21 2022
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Full Castro: ‘Toxic Brew Of White Nationalism’ In America | Meet The Press | NBC News

Former HUD Secretary and presidential candidate Julián Castro joins Meet the Press to talk about the massacres in El Paso and Dayton.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Castro: ‘Toxic Brew Of White Nationalism’ In America | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. NBC = Nothing But Crap.
    Dear NBC,
    Just to unmuddy the waters, the term "Nationalist" simply means the opposite of "globalist." I favor my nation first, America first. This means I am a Nationalist, and there is nothing evil or wrong with that whatsoever. Since I am White, this could be used as a weapon by the Anti-Whites to smear me as an evil racist "White Nationalist."
    These Anti-Whites at NBC, and their allies, are simply playing "Word Salad" in their failing attempt to demonize Whites, to further divide us. Of course Whites are not the ONLY people who self identify as "Nationalists." There are Nationalists of every race, people who simply oppose Globalism, and prefer Nationalism. There are "Black Nationalists," yet the leftist media like NBC doesn't ever mention them, because that would shed light on the fact that being a Nationalist does not mean one is an evil racist.
    I am a Nationalist (As opposed to being a Globalist), and it is as simple as that. My race is a non-issue when it comes down to embracing Nationalism or Globalism.
    The Anti-Whites at NBC, and allies, are losing the battle of words, despite their continuous efforts to blur the lines and long-held definitions of what words mean. They have tried to blur the definition between male and female. They have tried to blur the definition of what borders are for. They are losing. They have already lost.
    There is only one candidate who could put the left back into the White House, and I support that candidate. But the truth is that the left would rather lose to the right, than allow the peoples pick to become the nominee. So, in 2020 nothing will change. We will see the reelection of the current administration. By the time 2024 rolls along, the left will have nobody capable of regaining the White House. So, no matter how many word salad names and insults they call the current administration, the left is preaching to the choir. Their words, like NBC's, are empty, and ring as hollow as the echo chambers they dwell in.
    Edit: More than 75% of all mass shootings are committed by Non-Whites. Mass shootings are defined as shootings where three or more people are shot or killed by gunfire..

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  4. Mr. Castro is in desperate need of a breakthrough moment. Once considered a promising candidate with some limited potential in the Democratic Party — he was the first Latino from EL Barrio to give a keynote address at the Democratic National Convention — he has been outshined in the ever-expanding field by brighter more talented stars and non-stars alike. While he has many fans in his hometown ( many illegal immigrants), San Antonio, where he once served as mayor, he is NOT well known on the national stage. And with the sudden rise of the former El Paso congressman Beto O’Rourke, Mr. Castro is not even the most well-known candidate in his own state.
    A former mediocre housing secretary under President Barack Obama, he is the sole candidate with cabinet experience. And he is from a border state full of illegals that Democrats hope they can one day flip into their column.
    Earlier this month, he was the first candidate to introduce an immigration plan, with detailed proposals that included decriminalizing unauthorized border crossings, in other words violating the border is not illegal according to him ! creating a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants so that more of them keep coming to our border and establishing a "21st-Century Marshall Plan" to aid and give more money than before to corrupt Central American countries that have a high number of migrants, hard core criminals, drug traffickers and MS13 criminals. Is this guy for real?
    Though he has drawn some recent notice, including for being among the first of the candidates to support a congressional bill to study reparations, he is in many ways a 2020 afterthought and ignored by most registered voters: In a Monmouth University poll of Iowa Democrats conducted recently, Mr. Castro came in twelve place in a field of 24 announced and potential candidates, with a very low 2 percent support. Clearly his substandard performance is noticeable.
    Many Democrats believe that Mr Castro's moment has, if anything, already passed – that his best shot at national recognition occurred after his divisive mediocre speech at the 2012 convention. Some wonder whether he is too quiet, too slow, too inexperienced, too Latino from the Barrio and to obsessed with illegal immigrants having a free ride. He needs to get noticed even if he lies and distorts the truth on his way to stardom and success.
    While Mr. Castro tries to brush off the inevitable comparisons to Mr. O’Rourke, whose questionable challenge to Senator Ted Cruz last year turned him into a temporary celebrity, the attention drawn by Mr. O’Rourke — who speaks fluent Spanish with a bad accent, and whose hometown is on the border with Mexico( he used to play with illegals in his youth ) — has cast something of a dark shadow over Mr. Castro’s substandard low profile candidacy.
    When he left Washington at the end of the Obama administration, Mr. Castro returned to Texas but resisted entreaties to run for statewide office. He finished writing a book that most people don't read, did some teaching at the primary public  school mentally challenged children level and spent time with his family ( most of them illegals with low level of education ), but some Texas Socialist Democrats believe he missed an opportunity to advance his mediocre career and gain the kind of political profile that could have fortified his presidential run, his was only counting on Obama's legacy which is now fading very fast, and his well known last name, the last name of his dear idol Fidel Castro, a great anti-American hero ( in his twisted view ).
    Because Mr. Castro never ran for statewide office, he has not built up a big email list of supporters or Twitter followers, and he still has not met the 65,000-donor threshold to qualify for the first Democratic primary debates. In the first three months of the year, he raised only $1 million only good for Tacos for his campaign staff (though his campaign said it had raised over half a million more by mid-April across the Mex border church donations).He has less support now after he published a list of Trump's donors, some of those happen to be his donors also but they changed their minds recently and they declared that Mr Castro should have never violated their trust and privacy. They said he has NO INTERGRITY.
    Youthful and soft-spoken, with hair parted on the side Sicario style or Pancho Villa style, Mr. Castro describes himself as a socialist first and progressive second — his idols are also AOC , Omar and ( Jihad Squad ), and AL Sharpton, and Raul Castro he supports agenda items like "Medicare for all", Unlimited Food Stamps for all, $20 per hour for all, free pension for all, free vacation for all, free haircuts for all, free Fiestas for all, FREE Tacos for ALL and universal and free higher education, he is a truly GENUINE FREE FOR ALL Candidate — but he is not blazingly deep thinker so, Friends describe him as methodical, boring, compassionate, romantic, revolution idealist, siesta lover and disciplined when it comes to getting free stuff and naming others racist when he gets frustrated

  5. Corporate capitalism upholds white supremacy via genocide, slavery, exploitation, incarceration, poverty wages while waging war against third world brown nations.

  6. While these fools attack our president,ICE just rounded up over 650 illegals @ a chicken plant in Mississippi!

  7. President Castro,that's funny,TRUMP 2020!

  8. If this was a major threat to Americans,they would have all these mass shootings everyday with more than 1 person involved,these are mental young people who are weak minded,don't blame the gun,blame the shooter!

  9. Castros! Members of the "National Socialist American Workers Fasicst Nazi Party". Make no mistake America- the MSM is front and center to BLAME for these mass shootings! They Love them. The use them to smear, politicize, manipulate and stir frenzy and hatred as well as the next young male psychopath with mental illness and a life of total neglect to do the next one. Disgrace. They have buckets of blood on their hands and they could care less.

  10. This guy is just another far-left clown.

  11. White nationalism is as big a hoax as the 3 year Russian collusion delusion ,its nonexistent

  12. Mr. Castro you are a racist. Stop dividing our Nation's citizens by color. If the border was secured decades ago, this wouldn't have happened. If you're here illegally, you are an invader. You don't want all muslims condemned for the actions of 'radical' muslims yet you utter White nationalism without hesitation. STOP! Stop breaking people down based on pigment. It's assanine.

  13. The Dayton, Ohio shooter loved Antifa and the Democratic Party. He also loved Jared Holt, a self loathing White guilt syndrome Jewish supremacist who spreads Anti-White racism and violence against Whites.

  14. More fake news propaganda, most mass shooting, which is defined by the government as three or more people is caused by illegal guns purchased on the street from Black and Latino gangbangers. Blacks make up 13 percent of the population by commit over 50 percent of crimes. #Blackterrorism

  15. So, being white and loving America is a toxic brew? That's the most racist thing I've ever heard!! What a racist Castro is!!!

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