Wednesday , January 20 2021
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Full Cramer: 'Past Time To Start A Transition' But Trump Still Has A Right To Challenge

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), talks about the ongoing resistance from President Trump to concede the election.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Cramer: ‘Past Time To Start A Transition’ But Trump Still Has A Right To Challenge


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  1. Will American rights be only available to those who take the covod-19 vaccine?
    Please investigate and report on:

    How were/are planned goals of any vaccinations arrived at…what were/are actual results…what were/are actual general effects, sicknesses, and deaths from vaccinations?

    When and how were/the above determined?
    What are "All" ingredients in proposed vaccines, under what formats and how many "Actual" people were tested, what were "Actual" results, what were "Actual" side effects, what were "Actual" sicknesses/deaths/achievements?

    Under what law(s) will vaccines be administered?


    Beyond the Noise Biden crimes

    Fauci disobeying President on researchong covid-19 and Fauci rejection of successful Hydroxichloroquine:

    Trump rejection of corona tests in Wuhan and hydroxichloroquin.

    Beyond the Noise Biden crimes


  2. Biden and Harris is not the president elect and vp elect. Under the American constitution no actual winner is announced by the electoral process yet. Main syream media reporter is an accomplice to distributing false information to the public and there is legal accountability and consequences on this act.

    A public legal hearing is now in progress in relation to election fraud is at Pennsylvannia. Watch this instead of wasting your time watching CNN ABC etc

    The constitution does not give legal authority to main stream media to announce or appoint a president elect.

    It is the responsibility of reporters to report both sides and not make opinions and judgement outside their legal authority. That is not their role. The public hearing is there for Biden and his lawyers to prove that there is no fraud. The constitutiom and law makers are there to listen on both side. What is Biden and democrats hiding? Think about it if Biden claims are true why are they afraid to go on a public legal hearing!!!

  3. No Christmas for us! We really needed a Stimulus Checks! Thanks to Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi! No tree no lights and no gifts and maybe no home! Can Nancy or Mitch tell my kids b cause all I can do is cry ! They have hurt a lot of family’s !

  4. spoken in fear like someone who doesn't believe what hes seen or heard

  5. GOP Senator Cramer is simply another misfit in the U.S. Senate; what else is new?

  6. Old donkey stick with that S head Trump

  7. This man is as phony as Trump University.Trump encouraged sedition in Michigan.His called for people to rise up.Radical right wing armed vigilantes.Get a grip

  8. Time to pull your heads out of Trump's behind!


  10. Now many of us rely to the postal systems to deliver our mail every day and the postal service and it cant be trusted

  11. Why do these morons continue to be given a platform. Another dinosaur that needs to go. No damage? What a POS.

  12. Is this guy crazy???…He's waiting for evidence…"TRUMP HAS NO EVIDENCE"!!!
    This just sets a precedent for every election, whether it's a landslide or close, to be questioned and scrutinized by the losing candidate because they "BELIEVE" there was human or computer fraud.
    This was a disgrace…Mainly because it was all premeditated by Trump way before the election took place… and Trump even warned us what he was gonna do. SMDH!

  13. I am just sitting here thanking Trump for not encouraging people to riot!!!! 🤯😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ the bar is too low now!

  14. Dismiss tRump! Not fit to be president!

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