Saturday , February 27 2021
Home / News / Full Fauci Interview: 'It's Stunning' As U.S. Nears 500,000 Covid Deaths | Meet The Press | NBC News

Full Fauci Interview: 'It's Stunning' As U.S. Nears 500,000 Covid Deaths | Meet The Press | NBC News

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, talks about returning to schools, vaccine efficacy for pregnant women and the impact of weather on vaccine distribution, during an interview with Meet the Press.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Fauci Interview: ‘It’s Stunning’ As U.S. Nears 500,000 Covid Deaths | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. I see the boomers have found the comment section.

  2. NBC "Disinformation" has 5.21M subscribers? That is itself is faker than Biden's victory, the staged Capitol "invasion" and the flu Shamdemic. These filthy, stinking, rotten bureauracrats are empty husks. Filled with their own diabolical stench. Nobody buys any of this anymore.

  3. Quack Fauci is pushing more science fiction than Steven King

  4. 500,000 Covid deaths is a LIE. 500,000 people did NOT just die from covid. Most of the people who had died had major underlying medical issues or died from a heart attack, a stroke, a gun shot, a car accident, cancer or even just old age, etc. The numbers were padded by hospitals to get Government money. I know a man who had stage 4 lung cancer and was sent home to die. When he died at home the hospital put on his death certificate he died of covid, not cancer. He never had any or showed signs of covid. These numbers are just another way for the Democrats to keep our country shut down. Everyone doesn't just die from covid as these numbers show. We have been nothing but lied too by our Government, the news media and Fauci about the virus since it was started. Its time to expose the truth about the virus to the world.

  5. Terrible that instead of states being on the same page on COVID, they will rather be divided on it. That’s why opening up the economy WITH precautions was the right way to go, it’s sad that red and blue states had to be in their bitter corner.

  6. Dr Christine Grady Fauci is chief of bioethics for the NIH so she oversees Ethics of vaccine trials and her husband Dr Fauci is also part of NIH and is pushing the Covid vaccine. Ethically that is Very WRONG!!!

  7. Stunning that he still saying anything when he told us not to wear masks

  8. Dr. Ezike – "even if you died of clear alternate cause but you had covid at the same time, it's still listed as a covid death."

  9. Am I wrong? I am not a virologist. Please explain why I am very wrong, hopefully. The fact that the South African Covid variant and other variants, with very distinct death rates, etc., have evolved in only one year, is too disturbing. This is almost like a much less deadly Ebola evolving regularly like the common cold.

    Certainly, the Pfizer vaccine can be supplemented (probably with RNA from the portion of the new variants' different, genetically distinct, spike proteins.) Unfortunately, as you have realized from the scientific literature, new, distinct virus variants (Covid V3 then V4 then V5 then V6, etc.) will keep being created in the millions infected in all countries of the world each week or each month or each season, etc.

    This will continue forever or until absolutely all are vaccinated and Covid goes the way of smallpox. If we are lucky, that may be in 2025 to 2030.

    Thus, I think that we are now in the same place as in early 2020, when I predicted that by closing only the border with China but not closing all the borders of the US and also imposing mandatory quarantines, the original virus would spread and predicted that there would be hundreds of thousands of deaths based on the math, rate of deaths, and infectiousness of the original virus variant.

    If these new variants can arise so quickly and evade the immune system so rapidly as the South African variant reportedly has, the government must again (1) close all borders with any countries that do not have their own, carefully monitored, quarantine procedures for their inbound travelers, (2) perform mass, exhaustive, random Covid testing to discover (and create vaccines for) all potentially problematic, natively-created and imported variants, and (3) also impose mandatory, carefully monitored quarantines on those much fewer travelers still allowed into the USA, presumably only US citizens and their immediate family, e.g., in prefabs in some desert area of Nevada, away from population centers. See nature's "Fast-spreading COVID variant can elude immune responses."

    Otherwise, we may have an unpleasant surprise later this year or in 2022 or 2023, etc. (US variants might naturally mutate and may give us such a surprise even if all borders were completely closed.) This will be a continuing race that we may just barely win or just barely lose: e.g., even though the vaccines can be supplemented with RNA for V3's spike protein, can we really be sure that the modified vaccines for V2 then V3 then V4 then V5, etc., (with modified RNA for the new variants) will be safe just because the original vaccine (with only the RNA of the original variant) was perfectly safe?

    What about the next modifications of the vaccines (for variants v3, v4, v5, V6, etc.) that will be needed with the RNA of the later variants that likely will evolve while we are currently preparing a modified vaccine (v2) for the S. African variant? There is already a California variant, which it was just discovered, mixed with another variant! See "Two coronavirus variants have merged – here's what you need to know" in the new scientist.

    At what point is the new vaccine modification so different that we need more year-long studies while people are dying? We surely do not know all the variants that are loose even currently in the USA, because the prior leadership did not invest in exhaustive, mass, random testing in all states, like the UK and other countries reportedly do.

    While most of the world remains unvaccinated, more and more variants will be evolving in each country each year. They will eventually come in with travelers to the USA. Who knows if an RNA vaccine created with the RNA of a new variant might not mess up our cell's basic functions?

    I am not a vaccine doubter, in general. I hope to get injected with the current RNA vaccines ASAP. Nonetheless, remember that the RNA from the Covid virus's spike protein is what gets inserted into a dormant virus and then into our cells via the RNA vaccine. All other non-RNA vaccines take much, much longer to develop and test.

    RNA functions in our cells as a computer's operating system's basic instructions and as the codes of computer programs "running" in our cells, all of our cells. RNA codes for the functions necessary for the survival of the human cell, such as the production of particular proteins, and is normally created from the DNA in the cell nucleus (which functions as a data vault apparently) and then travels to the cytoplasm outside the cell’s nucleus to "specify" to that more functional part of our cell what proteins to make, etc. (Once created from the DNA, the RNA travels from the nucleus through the nuclear membrane to the part of the cell called the cytoplasm. It stays within that cytoplasm, serves as a template to make proteins (etc.) and does not travel outside the cell's outer membrane.)

    If enough of the RNA of a vaccine gets modified to deal with the variants, from the original RNA that was actually tested in 2020, I am not sure how it will interact with our existing RNA. Can they really assure us of its safety? Its efficacy/safety will become very theoretical at some point.

    In short, if anyone has political influence, given the mutability of this virus, strictly monitored quarantine procedures for all travelers and ideally, closure of most borders to humans (and even possibly, various potential animal carriers) should be temporarily implemented until the scientific studies about these issues are done. Most scientists are apparently currently operating blindly and by informed guesswork as to these variants and new ones will surely be arriving.

    If not, this national disaster may continue for a long time as a new, variant "surprise" comes into the country regardless of the mass vaccinations being diligently given. I sure hope that I am totally wrong.

    If lots of fully vaccinated people were to start dropping dead in late 2021, for example, the loss of faith in vaccines, etc., would be catastrophic, including by inducing new, panicked, lockdowns and economic devastation thereby. (That was a cathartic experience: I shared my insomnia with you now, maybe now I can sleep and stop reading scientific articles with growing dread!)

  10. This Fauci should rather focus on hemorrhoids. This is closer to what he knows best. Thirthy years of doing NOTHING. A true Biden supporter.

  11. Retire he is always changing his mind
    1 year he needs let someone else try

  12. Fauci is another political evil…he always gave negative news and has never talked solution. He is a complete useless political moron.

  13. Just ten more years to flatten the lies.

  14. It’s “stunning” idiots like you exists.

  15. Zionist Illuminati human sacrifice offering to their satanic god Molloch in the Torah it’s called qorbān. Just like 9/11.

  16. It is a global achievement. 500,000 deserving deaths of hypocrite lawless morons is nothing. Just a deserving Karma.

  17. Regarding to the pople who just got aware and the negative coments about this manipulator ,parrot,fiddler talker and pawn.thumb up!

  18. A lot of people are being killed by by vaccine

  19. america needs utilitarianism and minimalism to address poverty.

  20. Let's celebrate the absence of many deaths from all other causes. It's amazing how well we have done not dying from the flu, cancer, the common cold, accidents, suicides, ebola, measles, small pox, heart disease, diabetes, strokes, HIV, kidney disease, and hemorrhagic fever.

    Well done us!

    We need to stop being so impressed by the number of deaths continuing to go up. Numbers like these always only go up.

    Whether its deaths from the flu, homicide, suicide, accidents, cancer, the common cold, ebola, or natural causes these numbers only go up. These kinds of numbers cannot go down. People never stop being dead from these things. Stop being so impressed with these numbers going up. People die.
    Stop all this nonsense!

    How we live is what matters.

    "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery" – Thomas Jefferson

  21. I wonder how many millions Fauci has made from this con

  22. Covid = the biggest fraud in American history

  23. lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies

  24. Imagine using a wire fence to protect yourself from mosquitoes and when it doesn’t work you double or triple fence….that is Fauci with masks.

  25. 100, 000 have died since biden has been president so should we blame biden for those deaths and call him a murderer like the dems did trump?

  26. This genocide is to be payed. It's not fair to tolerate this incredible number of deaths without punishing the governors who may be surely held responsible for that. We brazilians are on the same path due to irresponsible measures from our President as well as from his blind supporters who used to call this tragedy a "harmless flu". We have only promisses for vacination. The worst, here, is yet to come according to what W.H.O advised one year ago. How many deaths must come before some people understand their stupidity represents such a very terrible fatal poison?

  27. dr hitler saying stay inside sheep so i can make millions for years to come

  28. Things that I trust more than Dr. Fauci:

    • A rattlesnake with a “pet me” sign
    • CNN
    • An elevator ride with Ray Rice
    • A deflated football
    • Gas station sushi
    • A confessional with Edward Snowden
    • A Native American treaty signed by the US
    • John Oliver
    • A Somalian cruise line
    • Chris Christie's exercise equipment
    • A test fart in bed with the flu
    • NY Times
    • A prostate exam from Captain Hook
    • A boko haram promise ring
    • My blind grandma's new cat
    • A Josh Duggar Daycare facility
    • Anthony Weiner with a free data plan
    • A styrofoam gas can
    • Bristol Palin teaching an abstinence class
    • Pinocchio
    • The Boy that cried Wolf
    • TIME magazine
    • A Nigerian inheritance email
    • An unconscious pilot alone in the cockpit
    • A factory packed parachute
    • A North Korean trial
    • A tuna fish sandwich left on a city bus for three days
    • An alligator petting zoo
    • Playing kickball in a minefield
    • A free mattress on Craigslist
    • The Spanish Inquisition
    • A mechanic that says my blinker fluid is low
    • A straight shave from Jody Arias
    • Poking a black widow spider
    • The ingredients in a hotdog
    • Flint tap water
    • Windows 10 privacy
    • A Volkswagen smog certificate
    • A police officer selling weed
    • A suspiciously large wooden horse
    • Donald Trump's toupee
    • North Korean media
    • The Onion
    • An unlimited data plan
    • Breast milk from Bruce Jenner
    • Ashley Madison's security team
    • A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby
    • The guy that installs turn signals at the BMW plant
    • My cat with a plate of Tuna noodle salad
    • The government when it says a tax will be temporary
    • Taking a bubble bath with a piranha
    • A used car salesman
    • A new car salesman
    • ABC
    • A condom made in China
    • Facebook’s respect for free speech
    • Taking a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time
    • A blood transfusion from Charlie Sheen
    • A panhandler wearing a Rolex
    • A drunk surgeon
    • My professor when he says "This won't be on the test."

  29. 100,000 deaths since feeble old Joe’s inauguration

  30. fauchi “ the short” was the type of guy we picked last to be on our team in grammar school.

  31. Biden killed 100,000 people already!

  32. with all are modern methods were going to overtake the deathtoll of 1918(675,000) for the usa. 100 yrs of progress?

  33. I don't believe anything Fauci says. They are counting non-covid deaths as covid deaths. Plus hospitals are lying to get more federal money. I guess nobody dies from anything else since covid showed up. There is two ways to control people, force and fear. The easiest way is fear.

  34. This man has been saying nothing but the hard facts, it is shocking how many of you would prefer to hear lies. I love to hear the truth that scares me but keeps me alert and alive rather than lies that makes me reckless and vulnerable!

  35. Fauci, it's time to retire.

  36. fauci said in early 2020 that there was no need to wear mask.

  37. Permanent Lockdown and No More Public Gatherings/Schools/Universities ever again is the only route to Zero Covid.

  38. hes gonna make Hitler look like child play

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