Thursday , July 9 2020
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Full Mnuchin: Call With Ukrainian President Should Be 'Confidential' | Meet The Press | NBC News

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin tells Chuck Todd that he has “a problem” with any request from Congress for a transcript of President Trump’s conversation with foreign leaders, during an interview with Meet the Press.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Mnuchin: Call With Ukrainian President Should Be ‘Confidential’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Every time Meet the Press talks about Democrats impeach President Trump every word that comes out of Meet the Press with mouth is always wrong I will tell you this just so you can be right President Trump is going to win his second term by a landslide

  2. Mnuchin looks like me when my wife says I'm not doing enough around the house.

  3. Yeah, just like Mnuchin would like it to be confidential that he is on Jeff Epstein's little list of perverts to extort…..only question is: did Jeff Epstein provide Mnuchin with little girls or little boys? And if so when was the last time he had his perverted psychotic sexual desires gratified, aka when was the last time he was with an underaged? Mnuchin should resign, go home and hope nobody finds out about the little boys or girls.

  4. Every time I see Mnuchin I think B.O.,Bad Breath and Dandruff. and Reptiles.

  5. Trump is bad for America and could literally start wwiii

    Vote for morals and ethics in 2020



  8. This guy uses the same hair dye as Stephen Miller

  9. Wreaks of the economy grab of Venezuela's bank. Whats next, Claims of human rights violations , American aid for weapon dismantling.!?

  10. Translation: Administration "good"., Political opponents & Iran "bad".

  11. Bit what about stormy and Russia and mueller

  12. You people still don't get it, do you!!! ALL these so called "journalists" are lying, opposition muckrakers!!! The only reason you believe their CRAP is because they have repeated the lies so often and loudly (as instructed by Lenin, Marx, Adolph, Alinsky, etc.) that your brains are numb!!!
    Read (if you remember how and if it's not already your bible) "Rules For Radicals" to learn exactly what their methods are.

  13. Since when does a treasury secretary, have something to do with foreign policy? When? Presidential misgivings? Sanctioning countries?

  14. Mnuchin hired Monica Crowley, an OBAMA BIRTHER, this summer. What's up with that???

  15. Chuck Todd is an incompetent lightweight. He's like the rest of the Dems, spineless, uninformed and embarrassingly feckless!!

  16. I didn't know chuck todd books rats on his show.

  17. Boy is Mnuchin a steely eyed lying coward if I ever saw one. Notice how Mnuching pretends he didn't know about the additional lump sum of bribe money Trump gave to Ukraine. Talk about rampant corruption. Trump campaigned that he would not use our military to be the world policeman. But now that he has created a catastrophe in Iran, that is exactly what he is doing. And all of the smarmy smug lying of Mnuchin can't hide that fact. Notice how all of these issues with Iran began directly after Trump abandoning the Accord. Trump is a failure of epic proportions.

  18. Hang this guy too, everyone on Trump's "side" . . . . .

  19. America needs a Mass Protest! ……before the End!

  20. Lmfao your all falling for it again absolutely halarious

  21. As a latino i love the Republicans..they stay calm and friendly..while dems are hypers.and desperate like a unsecured wife😂😂

  22. Chuck Todd what a lame excuse of a human being !

  23. Anyone looking for some sort of proof of appearance journalism needn’t have looked no farther then this Sunday’s Meet the Press, where an assortment of politicians and journalists presented themselves, not one of the eight showed one hair of gray…correction, a few could have been seen on the chin of the program host Chuck Todd, and that was it…however, even those few hairs can be called into question…with me thinking of a cover up failure in progress…

  24. What a slimy reptile of a man. 🐍 🦎 🤮

  25. No, the gross corruption of the entire Trump administration is a bigger issue than how Trump is messing up the Middle East this week. In this Ukrainian boondoggle, we the people see a corrupt DOJ, a corrupt State Department, a corrupt president, a corrupt private citizen Giuliani, and an honest whistle blower. The Congressional intelligence committees need to see the original complaint and the investigative documentation, and then depending on that, the transcript of the call.

    Anything less is an impeachable obstruction of justice.

  26. The problem is Trump gets compromised Everytime he talks to a world leader without documentation. He just got compromised by the President of Ukraine!

  27. Oh my God they had to put on Mnuchin?

  28. The NSA gets to listen to ALL of OUR PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS but WE can't hear Chester CHEETO'S? HE'S A FRAUDSTER!!!

  29. How can you defend a conversation you never heard. For all you know it was a conversation that broke the law and on top of that it was so concerning someone reported it. Why shouldn’t it be released that just makes it seem like there is more to the story. Trump supporters are always believing that Trump is an angel and is all for the greater good of America. I can sit here and say Dem or Rep idgaf investigate them if their are alarming signs of corruption!

  30. Iran is a religious based country everything they do they is because they believe Allah wants them to do it,sanctions mean nothing to them,if it did we would not have these problems.You really think Iranian leaders care what happens to their people?

  31. I guess it could be worse at least Trump isn't sending Russia troops to help gain more territory in the Ukraine,at least not yet.

  32. "Two world leaders" – one from another world/planet.

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