Thursday , January 21 2021
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Full NIH Director Interview: Vaccine Accomplishment Is 'Astounding' | Meet The Press | NBC News

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Dr. Francis Collins, Director, National Institutes of Health, talks to Chuck Todd about the vaccine rollout.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full NIH Director Interview: Vaccine Accomplishment Is ‘Astounding’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Look these electoral college votes are done remotely….trump people are going to say this is illegal. they're not going to count these votes…..Supreme Court, here they come again…keep suing until 2022.

  2. The only thing that I hear is bragging. We haven't see the long term side effects yet, maybe shut up for now.

  3. No one remembers what happened to the military men and women when they rushed the vaccine for anthrax.

  4. Where is the scientific data that shows what T-cell and antibody response occurs following the vaccine? There is no data in the published literature or the FDA documents. We talk about science and then you present no science. Add to that the risks from InflammoThrombotic Response (ITR) to the vaccine, the gain-of-function the vaccine represents, and the only purported benefit being a reduction in symptoms which can be obtained with tylenol and motrin, and we are left with the fundamental question – What is the benefit and what is the sale pitch? Why is the scientific literature on treatments that will actually save lives being covered up? Is it because the FDA cannot issue a EUA for vaccines if treatments are known or is there some other nefarious reason?

  5. If was developed last January ? Could the virus had come originally out of a trump bio lab? Not a Chinese lab?

    Immortal legend.
    No matter Flourish or Depression, always common peoples suffering difficulty………

  7. Dr. Collins said we should leave "conspiracy theories" behind and "looks at the facts." OK, fair enough. Where can I find the facts on the long-term side effects of these vaccines? Oh, that's right, you have no data since you rammed this through, skipping the long-term studies!

  8. I used to watch all the MSM News I could, for the past 6 decades. That's who I was. I literally stumbled on TVs last repeat of Meet the Press. They reminded us, that today is Mon, of the vote by Electoral College. I could see the Leftist game plan. PRETEND EVERYTHING IS A NORMAL EVENT. BIDEN IS PRESIDENT. PRETEND ITS REAL. Then my mind started to think of tragic scenarios. 78 Million Americans didnt lose election, but must PRETEND they did. I saw many many tragic figures, being picked off in the streets. PROMINENT Dems, SCOTUS mbrs UNABLE TO GO OUT OF DOORS. CELEBRACIES GALORE !
    I suppose there was no other way, but to expect scores of millions to act violently when it was so apparent the Devil won. The question is…. What's Next! The entire Army cannot police such carnage, imagine …78 million victims, waiting to grab any Democrat they can find ….. TRAGIC.

  9. Off topic question…..why is Dr. Collons being labeled as Chevy Chase? Am I missing something??

  10. "Stop playing games start saving lives" that's rich coming from Trump I dread to think of the number of Americans who will have died due to his political stunts

  11. You are being played for fools. The hospital employees don't listen to the media, because they know exactly, what is going on. They take Vitamine D, C and many of them will take Ivermectin. Google for FLCCC and Dr. Pierre Kory. Unlike the bureaucrats at the NIH, he is one of those heroes, who watches every day patients dying. There is a very powerful low cost treatment (MATH+ protocol and Ivermectin) , which is being used in countries lacking the insane expensive health systems like we have them in USA and Europe.
    But the NIH rejects to look at data proving how powerful it is, because it makes other expensive ineffective patented drugs they approved look very bad.
    The low cost treatments would make the big pharma loose billions, billions they are eager to extort from the gueliable government, selling the vaccines.
    Imagine to get a handful of pills, for less than 100$ and cure any symptoms of COVID within 5 days. Worse, this drug cures those who suffer from long term effects after the infection. There is no current treatment for those people and the vaccine can't help them. Countries like Bolivia has made Ivermectin widely available and there is no 2'nd wave. The virus has been contained. Not gonna happen here. Greed beats human lives.

  12. Brace yourself for compulsory vaccination.

  13. We will be prisoners to this for years to come. It's so disheartening that this will never end in the near future. I guess we have to get used to no family at holidays, no weddings , no school for my kids , jobs lost , poverty , and
    total destruction of our economy.
    2021 will be worse than 2020.

  14. Someone here said, what I would argue the worst, wrongest, ugliest combination of words resulting in the sentence of "It was a good year for science, but a bad year for the world." It is not the fault of the person for saying something like that, but the system and of the science used to hold up such system. If I were to take the very sentence worded so easily, and somehow make any type of animals used as guinea pig in science, would sound somthing like this. "It has been a good year for science, but a bad year for apes, said the apes union representative." Think again what I mean by saying continually science fascism. The apes in this hypothetical situation, would be somewhat suspicious of the science always being tested on them, and that definition/description being the only console of the apes being part of science, or making any science themselves. Some of you will say, yes but they are only apes, and to that the apes should promptly answer back with "Science fascism."

  15. Have you personally taken the vaccine? Has President Trump? I think all the Senators and representatives should have to take it first and we'll see how safe it is

  16. Maybe he can tell us why the NIH isn't recommending Ivermectin as a prophylactic against covid.

  17. Such lies surely no-one in there right mind would believe anything this man says .please wake up to these lies

  18. Yes the Dada says that it has HIV in this vaccine. That is what the evidence says. You lie just like your master Satan the devil. Jesus is coming for you.

  19. Do not took advantage pandemic to defeat Trump . The Covid died persons it and are following the trickers day and night to claim life .

  20. Just actors on television reading off a teleprompter mocking your intelligence

  21. When people use flash drives to up load fake votes, stuff ballots and use machines that change Trump votes to biden, they are spitting on our wounded warriors and the sacrifices they made for our freedoms!😱😞🇺🇸

  22. Before asking/requiring Public to take any Approved covid-19 vaccine… Make Public vaccine pretests and participant data as follows:

    What are:
    1. "All" ingredients in each proposed vaccine?
    2. Under what formats for each vaccine test?
    3. How many "Actual" people were tested in each test?

    For each Test:
    4. What were "Actual" results?
    5. What were "Actual" general side effects?
    6. What were "Actual" Sicknesses
    7. What were "Actual" Deaths/Causes

  23. Funny how the clinical trials for the Sars-Cov vaccine started in 2007, RESEARCH GEMATRIA EFFECT NEWS

  24. Thanks to President Trump's Operation Warp Speed. I remember when MSM and Democrats were bad mouthing Trump about early vaccine.

  25. Hi doctor thank you so much and God bless you

  26. I think we better wearing mask all the time.

  27. why the crap is my name not on here

  28. Fools rush in where the wise fear to tread. Healthy skepticism has saved countless lives.

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