Full Panel: Chief Justice Roberts ‘does not have a team right now’

Laura Jarrett, Nina Totenberg, Joan Biskupic and Dahlia Lithwick join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss the ethics scandals surrounding the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts’ leadership of the Court and the growing calls for ethics rules.

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  1. The Harlan Crow Supreme Court is corrupt. Irreparably so. This is a huge threat to American democracy.

  2. The extreme court has zero credibility. The right wing authoritarians cannot crush the hearts and minds of the free people so they take over by machiavellian means…

  3. The panelists don’t seem to be commenting on the fact that justice Roberts’ wife is not above reproach.

  4. Very impressive panel.

  5. These are not true judges… they are political appointments that were picked entirely for partisan politics instead of judicial experience and expediency.

  6. "The system is broken" – Dear American friends, that the 'leading legal body' in the country can be 'packed' by presidents is WRONG, plain and simple ! That is at the heart of the problem. And that the judges can themselves adopt, openly, a political stance with decisions made along an extreme political ideology means that the whole system is not fit for purpose. It has to be dismantled, the current judges fired, (some SHOULD be for lying under oath in their appointments hearings!!!) and a whole new justice system rebuilt from the ground up: With a legally-binding Code of Conduct for them. With an apolitical appointments body (that takes the decisions out of the hands of politicians)…. With a term limit created – And, with retrospective implications and responsibilities: i.e. recent decisions made by this bunch of hacks (mainly the extreme right-wing lot), has to be carefully investigated for political bias and if found, nullified and reconsidered. AND corruption has to be investigated by the Attorney General with prosecutions handed down – Anything less will mean that forever the laws of USA will be wholly suspect and… not valued/respected by the public and not worth the paper they are printed on.

  7. Talk about a leftist panel. First it’s a good thing to have 9 different opinions. If justices are suppose to align themselves, this creates the impression they are one sided which democrats will do to maintain party lines and not remain free thinking.

  8. As Americans, we need a court we can trust.

  9. Funny (not) how the little guy always gets the crappy end of the stick and the guy in government goes home with giant bulging pockets stuffed with taxpayer cash

  10. Yeah, as with all government officials, THEY investigate THEMSELVES…"Hey, we check and we found that we did nothing wrong!" Kinda like asking a drug dealer to put himself on trial – "I gave myself a fair trial and found myself to be not guilty!"

  11. I have always believe that the Supreme Court should be made of 9 justices 4 liberal, 4 conservative and 1 judge that leans neither way, but is truly independent. This would be the ideal "fair and balanced" court.

    I've also believed that there was a time you could depend on Congress to truly be bipartisan when voting for judges. But because of the way politics has evolved, you can't anymore. Amy Comey Barrett got into the Court strictly on a partisan vote from Republicans.

    No Dem agreed with her confirmation and its because of the way she was jammed through. Its incredulous that you need at least 60 votes in the Senate to get a bill passed through (which is a way to ensure that the minority party always has power) but you can get in a lifetime judge on a simple majority vote.😒

    Regardless of what ANYONE says, Republicans violated the Constitution when they refused to even give Obama's pick, Garland a hearing.

    Mitch McConnell and Republicans should NEVER be taken seriously again when they start railing on obeying the Constitution. Sorry GOP, but you don't get to selectively choose what parts of the Constitution you want to obey, demand be enforced or respect.

    If Republicans really respected the Constitution they wouldn't have stolen a Supreme Court appointment from Obama. They did something that had never been done before in the history of the Senate. If the Supreme Court is broken as most people believe it is, then Republicans had a hand in breaking it it.

  12. Our system is broken because of the previous president pardoned all the crooks in the previous white house

  13. GOP corrupt, no nothing judges. They rush all their judges because they are incompetent.

  14. This court is crooked.

  15. For darth ncconnell & the federalist society, the ends justify the means. Ideology over the rule of law.

  16. From my understanding, Alito does not respect Roberts. It has been long rumored that Alito resents Roberts as chief and thought he should be chief instead. Robert’s was first nominated to replace Sandra Day O’Connor but then chief Ranquest died and so Roberts nomination was elevated to Chief. Then Alito was nominated to replace O’Connor. So in terms of time on the court, they have had the same time but Alito felt he was passed by wrongly by timing of Ranquest death.

  17. All Roberts wants to do is whine about nobody likes us. Well don't be a criminal and we might like you.

  18. IT'S funny right (?) that we don't have a law that prohibits Anti-American ULTRA RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS from becoming judges in America. Weird, huh?

  19. Wasted segment ! Court doesn’t care about public opinion. Cares about who’s bought and pimping them out like cheap wh@r€$

  20. we have a supreme court akin to a third world.

  21. When Democrats exert as much time and energy into holding their own to a higher standard of ethics, instead of going after those who don't agree with them and try to destroy them for political reasons, then justice can be fair and we can interpret the law based on the Constitution. Why do you not examine those justice's that do agree with you and who they associate with and accept gifts from?

  22. Once the Debt Ceiing is passed, imo President Biden should focus full-stop on lawsuits such as the one to block Texas redistricting by GOP. American voters are being disenfranchised. It's hard enough on Americans with oligarchs bankrolling candidates and campaigns since Citizens United. GOP-led gerrymander takes the biscuit.

  23. The American people sure as heck aren't on Robert's team. We all want Supreme Court ethics rules, but Roberts thinks he's Saint Peter of the golden gates with the only keys to the kingdom.

  24. Roberts volume of 5 – 4 decisions show how weak he has been. He has been an utter failure.

  25. African got to say it

  26. Cornelious Audrey vaughn has to admit he's a child molester with an e.b.t. card on father's day

  27. Supreme Court is a total joke

  28. Cornelious Audrey vaughn

  29. African child molester called me a crack addict without my food stamp card in mexico

  30. If he's the Chief – just tell them – they are not the Chief Justice !

  31. The court isnt in crisis….it isn't a team its 9 justices that have different opinions as they are individuals….. more lies and propaganda right here.

  32. Roberts has millions of dollars because his "conflict of interest" wife reps lawyers who stand before this court. Roberts has ethical problems and no, a liberated woman who marries a person and then undermines this court is not ok, not now, not ever. Then there is Ginny. Unelected, unethical extremists, 3 appointed by the criminal Trump should really get kicked out of this court as Roberts and Thomas either undo all the fraud or disappear.

  33. We all want to go home everyone in the world and church

  34. Supreme Court SUCKS!!!!!

    JOHN 3:16👈
    👉👉👉2 PETER CHAPTER 3 👈👈👈

  36. Cornelious and Cornelia vaughn

  37. 🌟🌟Trump/Carlson or Scott or Lake 2024 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Trump is GOD.🕇🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  38. There is no honor among thieves. The justices of scotus are as criminal as any politician in D.C.

  39. Clarence Thomas is the unethical and corrupt leader of the Supreme Court.

  40. When you get a bunch of compromise candidates you get mediocrity. None of them seem like towering intellects. This is not the Roberts court. It is the Thomas court. That's a joke, but the joke's on the American people.

  41. The liberal media loves them, when they get the decision they want.
    Then its in crisis when they dont like the decisions.
    Same goes as the conservatives

  42. He has a team of far, right, corrupt 'thomas-es'.

  43. he is a ;member of the team run by the right wing billionaire?federalist society ……..not the supreme court. If you watched his cofirmation hearings, that was clear from the get go. HIs team is "Bish" League puppets>

  44. supreme court is clearly corrupt