Full Panel: ‘Somewhere In America, Somebody Is Being Shot’

Rep. Brian Higgins, D-N.Y., Corey Winfield, Safe Streets director, Marchelle Davis, owner of My Sister’s Keeper Defense and Allan Lichtman, political historian and Distinguished Professor of History at American University, join the Meet the Press Reports roundtable to discuss gun culture in America.

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  1. Debating on the lives now so many school shootings ,(a safe place for children in other countries 😪 )
    In America 🇺🇸 a school is where children learn how to ……..hide,dodge bullets 🙄
    Schools learning,meeting new friends, play grounds of laughter
    2nd ammendment is so wrong for today 2022
    Time for Republicans to stand for a child ……..not big supporters like NRA
    Vote blue give a voice 💙 to the children,and the right to learn,meet new friends,laugh feel safe 💙

  2. A.R. 15 does not stand for assault rifle, the constitution states that under no circumstance should a right to keep and bear arms be violated

  3. 우리 아파트에는 집안에서 마약하는
    마약사범이 많다

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  5. Somewhere in America, the second amendment is causing gun violence. Repeal the second amendment: 1.5 sentences of wilful ignorance from dead ancestors visiting not freedom, but chaos, terror, violence, and misery upon the affairs of their living descendants. Silence the second.

  6. Somewhere in America, someone is being SAVED from a bad guy w/ an illegal gun by a good guy w/ a legal gun you utopian FOOLS!!!

  7. That woman at 9:25 knows the problem. Those other two are clueless.

    Listen to her!

  8. The slave argument was silly.

    If a slave could leave the property, would he buy a gun or run away for freedom?

  9. Take guns away and gangs will just what? Disband? Awe shucks boys, no guns so we are out of business.

    Solve the gang problem.

  10. And somewhere in America, MANY MORE people are dying from smoking cigarettes and driving cars… but those deaths don't seem to matter. To the media, that is.

  11. Just look at the democrat cities. Disgusting. TRUMP2024

  12. Humans reach the divine through genetics, that is why they are using vaccines and gmo’s to pervert human genetics. That is why star market no longer uses the upward Star and uses the Baphomet star. They’re also using the school system to dehumanize your children

  13. Yep, and we all know who is doing the shooting

  14. Yeah, in the cities run by democrats and have tough gun laws. Criminals don’t follow the law, but the law abiding citizens are defenseless.

  15. ‘Somewhere In America, Somebody Is Being Shot. " probably by a criminal who should have been in prision or been kept in prision

  16. America needs to Wake Up destroy the 2nd Amendment… Shutdown the Gun manufacturers and confiscate guns off the street and Prosecute heavily these murderers who use them for violence. It sounds dumb and I know it will never happen but it has to start somewhere instead of constantly asking what we should do.

  17. Guns exist all around the world but mass shootings occur mostly in America. The problem is Americans.

    Uvalde was the 7th 2022 school shooting. 29 American school shootings with Oakland added. How f**k*n STUPID is that?

    44 Americans are shot by other Americans each day. America is the ONLY country on Earth with regular school shootings.

    9,000 Ukrainian troops died in the last 6 months of war. 7,920 Americans were shot by other Americans in the past 6 months.

  18. Brian Higgins’ hair though

  19. *Assault weapons; military history And a special license *Any firearms; 21 years old; with a firearms license and no police record involving violence of any kind . *All firearms, interim license/ 2 years then written test. * Absolutely no carry permit without law enforcement active employment. Yearly permit for all firearms

  20. Can't they gps chip guns? Just a thought.

  21. okay okay, so I'm all for gun legislation…
    But you have to fix the Police first, you cannot ask Murderous often times Psychopathic State Agents to regulate Deadly Weapons with such a broad stroke or any type of Losse Language, why?
    Beause these people are known to murder people and lie about it.
    And they would apply these laws in much the same fashion they do the Rest of America;s Laws, by Targetting Lower Class Citizens and People of Colour
    Until America fixes its Police Problem, it cannot fix its Gun Problem..

  22. hey chuck..driving is not a right..

    try talking to someone who is educated

  23. except for the black girl every one is stupid

  24. why didn't the chuckster talk to colion noir

  25. I wonder if most of the people pulling the trigger are black?

  26. The Second Amendment is absolutely necessary to defend against tyranny, like the kind that you see in Russia right now.

  27. Our fore father's to the wild west wouldn't allow guns in city limits. Now there's no limitations whatsoever!! And our population is much larger with less limitations. Isn't this all logic or am I missing something?? Everyone wants to speak for themselves. But we as in U.S. need to speak for the victims and the now forever silenced people victimized by unresponsible gun usage. Again the MANUFACTURER of the problem we as in U.S. have need to hold some responsibility for what they produce. Because we ALL agree theirs a problem. We need a Q TrumpT brand n to float out to sea and be HUNGARY. And let the best of our politicians get diplomatic and not Automatic. And get debating And find solutions. Not Just problems like a for the 5th president BLEACHING FOR ANSWERS AND WAITING for sunshine.

  28. What a great conversation! Especially to hear the two African Americans talk about their perspectives.

  29. Just the voices all at once shows you theirs a issue

  30. Certain people Skip the #1 to deal with their issues. Mental health needs #1 not #2

  31. Car ACCIDENTS happen. BUT we aren't having GUN accidents are we?? Purpose is a problem

  32. Manufactures should hold at least a 1/3 of the responsibility of WHAT THEIR product and the damage it causes. Especially with intentional unresponsible usage of their product and what it can produce! VICTIMS

  33. People that get triggered to easy by the #1. Skip to the #2 to shut the ones Up that use #1 too sharply

  34. The problem I have with this sister is that she is not coming up with any solutions that can possibly help this problem! She is so one sighted and does not see the bigger problem! The guard at the grocery store still probably would have died because the racists shooter also had body Armor on! Also everyone that has a gun is not considered to be a criminal, meaning they may not have a criminal record or have ever received psychiatric help! They are only seen as a criminal or having some mental issue after they murdered large numbers of people! Also certain groups of people here are able to buy guns no matter what the laws on the books are! Women are generally less violent then men, also because of genocide inflicted upon them, there are less then two million Native Americans in the USA! So the Native Americans numbers are so low that of course they don't have this issue! Guns, the 2nd amendment and white nationalist Supreme Court are the three major problems! Bush Jr, let the assault rifle ban lapse! He was a horrible president!!

  35. I live in MT. We worry about a Bear at our door. It's drastically different living style living in America. We shoot at trees for fun. In a City there is only people to shoot at. Because every tree in a city has people standing by it. Slow manufacturing down!!!!!! Our problem is the amount of guns around as is!! Manufacturing could stop for three years and we will still struggle to organize where every gun is. Registration at gun shows are a major issue!!

  36. …..within the black community.

  37. Somewhere in America there has got to be a better Democrat to replace Biden and Hairass.

  38. The answer is both sides don't have guns at all.

  39. Brian Higgins needs a new barber. He got the 70s Boy George comb over

  40. How would he get a gun in 10 minutes? Someone should find out how he does that.

  41. The 2nd ammendment was written at a time when people had to bring their own weapons to go to war.

  42. She is getting on my dam nerves