Thursday , August 11 2022

Full Panel: ‘We Are Feeling The Consequences Of The 2016 Election’

Leigh Ann Caldwell, Katie Benner, Xochitl Hinojosa and Bradd Todd discuss the political fallout of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade on Meet the Press NOW.  » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Panel: ‘We Are Feeling The Consequences Of The 2016 Election’


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  1. MSNBC is full of Corporate tools. We see what establishment Dems do when they get power, NOTHING. Hillary wouldn't have codified abortion either, like the rest of the Corporate Dems have done, nothing.

    It was PELOSI who made it illegal for abortion in the ACA. It's Dems who also supported the Hyde amendment. It's Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn who campaigned for an anti-choice, A+ NRA rated Dem (Cuellar).

    The establishment wing of the party has been feckless and complicit, and for some of you liberals still making excuses for their weakness it has become sickening. They're always blaming someone else just like Republicans.

    What was the establishments response to this; "it was anticlimactic" – Clyburn. And, instead of being creative like Warren or AOC to come up with ways RIGHT NOW to mitigate this ruling, their answer, fundraise.

    It doesn't matter how many Dems are in office unless remove the most feckless and corrupt among them. Oftentimes the results are the same; the minority in power seems like they have more power. At this point; I think Corporate Dems are just actors pretending to be an opposition. But liberals refuse to give them the boot because woke.

    Whether it's 50, 58 or a 60 seat majority, Dems have proven they don't want to govern.

  2. Shouldn’t have nominated Hillary Clinton!

  3. Susan Collins can hush up. She's the one who ushered those three unqualified judges to the Supreme Court..

  4. thank you, bernie cultists! 🙂

  5. I’m just gonna be absolutely factual if your financial suffering.. the election was rigged

  6. @Robert DuBard Susan Sarandon should go live under a rock for making T.V. appearances claiming she could never vote for Hillary. I remember many not bothering to vote at all. You must vote.

  7. And we are feeling the consequences of the 2020 election much more.

  8. Well they better get ready for hard work because children aren't cheap and mom and dad are going to have to work 3 jobs. A woman can produce 40 children, especially since she won't have time for education. Next they will implement coverture law again, girls the age of 10 will be fair game it seems.

  9. Freedom and Privacy are the foundation of our country.

  10. Yet they won’t hold Hillary accountable for lying and pushing misinformation during the 2016 elections

  11. nope, we are feeling the consequences of 2020 "election"

  12. There really is no reason to continue to believe in America. Every governmental institution has lost any credibility. Whatever fantasy you’ve had about what America is, it has proven that it’s not. I say this as a veteran who has fought in 2 wars for this country.

  13. This is democracy – we should celebrate our democracy – watch Dems go violent – so sad – protest, demonstrate great that is democracy – turn violent not – Republicans should have never rushed the capital and should be prosecuted, as well as, the Police and FBI agents aiding people to enter the capital.

  14. It was the right decision by the Court. State Rights matter.

  15. Trump has destroyed and divided the usa

  16. I believe that Roe/Wade being reversed right intentional and ment to draw attention away from Jan 6 and the on going attempts to replace our democracy with an authoritarian government. If we let our emotions get.the better of us. This plays into the hand of the republican party's culture of personality

  17. Sadly usa democracy is in a free fall that will not end well for your country thanks to trump and his Fascist sheep!!!!

  18. Thoses females look despressed

  19. Later this year when the GOP sweeps this election, Democrats will absolutely loose their minds. I CANT WAIT!!!!!

  20. 2016. Rural America passed judgment on 8 yrs of Democrat leadership. People were so desperate that they CHOSE a reality TV signature A.hole. Thats what happened in 2016. Feel it.

  21. are you at fox news yet traitor?

  22. Maybe the crazy libs, lefties and dems who live in pro-life red states can finally leave and go back to the blue states, where cost of living is high and you don't know how democrats are spending your taxes. You lefties come to red states that have lower cost of living, then ruin those states by trying to make them turn blue. Get out of the red

  23. They're seriously going to try and get people to vote for democrats during a financial, food, gas, and illegal immigration crisis brought on by democrats themselves? Hey, who's up for poisoned Kool-aid?

  24. Elections matter…those idiots that voted for Traitor Trump can be blamed for all this hate, violence, woman’s rights to be taken by the Extremist Court and for our massive deficit!

  25. Elections have consequences- Hillary Clinton
    Don't like her but she was right,

  26. Idiots. No more any-blue. Excited? Biden really stepped in it. It’s all happening on his watch.

  27. Do you know you can get rid of any kind of disease with natural root and herbs,I was able to cure my HIV completely by the help of Dr Osaba on YouTube,he is a traditional man he has cure for all kinds of chronic diseases..

  28. Never trust GOP. Ever again. VOTE Democratics

  29. Forget 2016 liberal cupcakes. The supreme Court is only following the Constitution. Now we are felling the it is after that occurred in 2020. Gas price have doubled. Inflation at 9%. We are in a economic disaster. Well Uncle Joe Biden fiddles watching the country burn.

  30. The have a human and make it grow requires a lot sacrifice and work. In today’ global economy women have to work, most abortion in committed by women that already children, because they can afford to have more children, young women do not want to have children, because they needs to build a way of living. The Holly Inquisition (Suprime Court) did it because they do not care about women, they care about they political partners. We are in the XXI, global economy, robotics, uncertain future. Wait for the first woman in jail because of abortion. Vote Democrat.

  31. We need trump again,he did the great administration failed,we have inflation,crime every where,border crisis…

  32. If people want abortion federally, pass a law or a constitutional amendment. If its written into the constitution none of the justices would be able to oppose it.

  33. That for the first time in resent history. The supreme Court is following the Constitution.

  34. Where abortions are illegal there are more of them so banning abortions doesn't stop them it just stops safe abortions.

  35. Late term abortion is murder and Americans see the truth about the murderous far left.

  36. Don't let this distract you from the fact that on 11/9/1970 The state of Washington blew up a beached whale.

  37. Why can't women take responsibility of their bodies and new life

  38. Regardless of what happened 6 years ago it’s time to change the future. Start focusing on what we can do better!

  39. 2016-2024,you haven’t seen nothing yet…

  40. You are feeling the consequences of following neo-con, middle of the road, republican light doesnt work.
    Its not where dem voters are.
    Thats why you have the Manchins of the world are empowered to sink any popular policy issue.

  41. Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?

    The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the Lord and against his anointed, saying, “Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.”

    The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. He rebukes them in his anger

    and terrifies them in his wrath, saying, “I have installed my king in the Supreme Court.

  42. Good decision by SC of USA Catholics win over non believes russian china faith. God prohibited to children just by the fear of food. Stop throwing food and waste money in club culture life in the name of freedom which converting human beings into animals.Now american has to learn how to live poor life.

  43. I'm so glad we are feeling the effect of the 2016 election. Thank God

  44. Poor liberals can't murder their babies in red states

  45. whats next for christian america
    parents deciding who their child marries
    women in christian america are treating at the same level as children in america they need some one else in this case the state to make their most important decisions for them a woman in america is a child the husband is the only real adult in this christian nation

  46. If you want your state to legalize abortion, you’ll need to vote in state legislators to pass the laws

  47. I’m not sure how “significant “ the gun legislation is.